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I recently played through Alex Kidd in Miracle World and thought it was a barrel of trash. I was surprised to find a lot of recent reviews that hail it as a classic. Does anyone here like the game? What did I miss that makes it so worthwhile?


I wound up completing Dragon Warrior IV, and now there's a review of it up on my blog. Hopefully, that satisfies my Dragon Quest cravings.


Do you play games in chronological order?

You could’ve warned me all you wanted, but finding myself sitting here, playing Twisted Metal III, was an inevitability after I decided I wanted to re-experience the series. As I fought a monster-truck-driving grandma outside Santa&rs...


It brings me great joy that the most clicked link on my whole blog is this one from my Daggerfall review.


I'm taking a stroll down memory lane with my review of Clay Fighter. The simpler days before the series turned blatantly racist.


My latest review is sure to get your metals in a twist: it's Twisted Metal. Haha! Does that make sense? Did I make a joke?


I'm returning to the dodgeball... court (?) today for a review of Super Dodgeball Advance, which oddly doesn't involve Kunio-Kun.


Today on my blog, I talk about the glory of tactical nukes in my review of the N64's Battletanx.


Pretty proud of myself. Successfully recapped a Sega Game Gear. I've breathed new life into what was once dead. In your face, mortality.


Got a review up for Dragon Warrior III today. I told myself I would give myself a break but then immediately moved on to Dragon Warrior IV, because I apparently hate my spare time.


I got into Legacy of the Wizard after watching the episode of Game Center CX featuring it. I've got a soft spot for it, and today I've got a review of it on my blog.


What games are you glad you played, but didn't enjoy?

You'd have to be terribly boring or adverse to trying new things to have never played a game you didn't enjoy. That’s just the way things are, and it’s not always the game’s fault. Sometimes the situation you’re in s...


Good morning, Airan. There's a review of Sin & Punishment up on my blog today. Freshly imported for the N64.


I could do something productive at work, but why don't you AMA instead.


I've got a big fat review of Yume Penguin Monogatari over on my blog today. Get it? "Big fat?" Because it's a game about losing weight. Get it?


Promised myself that I'd play shorter games for a while, but then wound up engrossed in Dragon Warrior (Quest) III. I finished the first two, but not the latter ones. So, I'm wondering. What was your favourite NES Dragon Quest?


Testing out Sorcerer on Atari 2600, and I'm pretty sure it flipped me off.


I've got a hot, juicy review of Travis Strikes Again on my blog today. I also talk about my complicated relationship with Travis Touchdown.


I intended playing shorter games to rebuild my review buffer but instead started playing Dragon Warrior III. Crap. Anyway, here's a review of a shorter game: Super Dodge Ball.


Happy 20th birthday, Wonderswan

The Game Boy left many slain in its wake. From the very beginning, many have challenged Nintendo's dominance in the handheld market and all of them failed. Some of those systems made a bigger splash than others, but Nintendo would inevitabl...


Today, I've got a review for Resident Evil 2 (Remake). If you were holding off on buying the game until you heard my opinion: you're welcome, imaginary person.


TIL that Etsunobu Ebisu, former Konami employee, and inspiration for Ebisumaru from Ganbare Goemon, is the founder of Good-Feel Co. The makers of Wario Land: Shake It and Yoshi's Woolly World.


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