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So, how 'bout it, chums? Do you prefer Streets of Rage or Final Fight?


Today, I'm spreading the holiday cheer with my review of the classic Christmas game, Batman Returns on the SNES.


Just finished Snatcher on the Sega CD. That's the most expensive movie I've ever beat!


The first time I played through Mother, I cheated. Crime doesn't pay, children, so I've made amends by playing through Earthbound: Beginnings legitimately. Here's my review.


Writer's block is awful. It's like starting a conversation, then suddenly realizing you have nothing to say. It's like making a sandwich, then realizing you're out of mayo. It's like going sunbathing and realizing you're out of mayo.


Today, I've got a review for Snake's Revenge that I've delayed posting since forever. I was going to say I've been "sitting on it," but I know the kind of snake jokes you people make.


This guy finally made its trip across the pond. Densha de Go-go, baby!


Double Dipping: It's Better In Japan

It was nearly a decade ago that I imported my first game. Earthbound had miraculously managed to set a lot of things right in my emotionally rattled mind, and I celebrated my newfound acceptance of my hobby by importing Mother for the ...


I keep forgetting my own release schedule. It's Thursday! There's an Undertale review on my blog. Lucky duck! You get to hear all about my emotions!


I totally didn't cry at the end of Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. Nope, not this girl. My cheeks are just naturally damp and salty.


This is it. I'm finally free. My review of Mega Man X8 is up on my blog today. That's all of them. We made it.


Got EDF 4.1 for the hubby and me. I'm introducing him to the magic of bug squashing.


Oh, crap. It's Thursday! I've got a review of Pikmin 2 for you. Also, happy Thanksgiving to you Americans.


Thanks for the kind birthday wishes, friends. In return, I have this review for Pocky & Rocky With Becky. Yep, that's what they named it!


It's my birthday today! I got spoiled!


Dealing with a pretty vexing case of writer's block. Do you mind doing me a favour? Type at me the name of a game and I'll just freewrite whatever it brings to mind.


Today, I have a review for Pikmin for you. In it, I throw shade at early-2000's era IGN and talk about the emotional harm this game has caused me. I hope you enjoy it.


I keep hearing about the N64 Classic, but you peeps have your timeline all messed up. The Virtual Boy came out first, ergo the Virtual Boy Classic should be next.


I've braved the dreaded Bethesda beta for Fallout 76 and compiled my findings into my latest CBlog for you fine folks!


Fallout 76 - The B.E.T.A. Wasteland

Let me be upfront: I like Fallout 4. I know what implications that has. I know how a vocal portion of the fanbase has come to feel about the game, but I enjoyed it. A lot. And before you say anything, yes, I’ve played Fallout 1 a...


I've got the consumer itch to start collecting Calico Critters/Syvanian Families dolls. Unfortunately, I have neither the space, nor disposable income to pursue this impulse. Guess I'll have to try and satisfy myself by importing the Game Boy games.


I'm going to try to get a new CBlog up here every week. Between that and my blog, that puts me at three articles a week. Didja see my most recent one? It involves clowns stealing children.


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