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The back of the Street Smart box is the absolute pinnacle of modern poetry.


I wrote this review. About a year ago, but I've been too lazy to take my own screenshots for it. I've now said, "screw it," so here's Quest 64 with someone else's shots (credited).


I love how off the mark Captain N was with some of their designs. I'd totally play a remake of Mega Man with their versions of the robot masters. This was how they imagined Cutsman.


For those of you who haven't checked out my latest CBlog, I'm here to highlight the most important detail: This bootleg FDS disk.


Hold on, I've got a tagline for my latest review: It may not melt Nazi faces, but is Super 3-D Noah's Ark a religious artifact worth digging up?


I managed to finish Mega Man X6. I am so relieved...


Mega Man X6 was obviously designed by people who hate me. Listen, I don't know what I did back then, but I'm sorry. I'm a different person now. Please stop harassing me.


Console Command - Famicom Disk System

The Nintendo Entertainment System was a landmark console in North America. It revitalized a faltering marketplace following the video game crash of 1983, and it created the console ecosystem that we enjoy today. Without out it, the ind...


I just finished the first four Mega Man X games in the Legacy Collection, which is about how far I played previously. I'm now embarking into uncharted territory with X5-X8. Wish me luck.


Got a fresh review for the second installment of From Software's Gamecube exclusive card battler. It's over on my hobby blog. Edit: Link should work, now.


Spent the past long weekend (Canadian Civic Holiday) at the parents', making pickles with my mom and playing WarioWare Gold and the Mega Man X Collection.


The console version of the Urbz was pretty repugnant, but the handheld version (DS and GBA), was a fun follow-up to Bustin' Out. Review is up on my personal blog.


Band of Bloggers: Summer of Heroes

I’ve never been too enamoured with MMORPG’s, but I have always adored super-heroes. They make no sense, but they’re easily created protagonists that can be molded and crafted in many different ways; stretched in all d...


Okay, DToid, tough question. What's your favourite Doom game? Do you prefer blasting through the derelict halls of Doom 1, ripping through the monster hordes of Doom 2, the monster closets of Doom 3, or the reinvention of Doom (2016)? Or, like, Doom 64?


I've already posted this photo, but in honour of #Plushtoid, here it is again.


Today, on my personal blog, I'm looking at one of EA's dirty, filthy lies. Specifically, them saying that the Sims 2 on console is in any way related to the PC game.


Damn, Chexguy, dat booty thicc. Also, I made good on my threat and played through the Chex Quest Trilogy.


I'm thinking that I need to fit another playthrough of Chex Quest into my gaming schedule.


I finally got around to finishing Super 3-D Noah's Ark, and am now indisputably holier than thou.


I'm curious, so I need your help with an experiment. Please, answer me this: What was your favourite Wolfenstein 3D level?


I've got a review for FromSoftware's forgotten GameCube Exclusive, Lost Kingdoms, over on my blog. Spoiler alert: I thought it was pretty groovy. Edit: Link should work now.


One day, I hope to live in a place large enough to house my Steel Battalion controller.


Did you know I'm the foremost expert on 3DO's Army Men series? That's probably not true, but I have reviewed a lot of them. Check out my latest one here on my blog!


What's everyone's all time favourite Doom weapon out of any game in the series? Mine's the Super Shotgun. Every shot makes it sound like you're slamming someone's testicles in a car door.


I just love that Doomguy cares about no one and nothing aside from demon killing.


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