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My first playthrough of Undertale ended prematurely when I went through a period of, er, emotional upheaval. This time I finally finished it, dealing with a fever for the duration. It's bound to be linked with illness, but the game still speaks to me.


I've got a pretty brutal fever right now, so I'm not thinking too good, but what? Excuse me, what?


I'm sick today. I'm no doctor, but I'm probably patient zero for a deadly new plague. There's a review for Gargoyle's Quest II on my blog. Just wash your hands after touching it.

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Hallowe'en Retrospective: Gargoyle's Quest

I wish I loved the Ghosts ‘N Goblins series more than I do. I’ve completed a large handful of games commonly thought to be notably difficult across a lot of systems, but every time I try to tackle a game in that series, I s...


I'm of the opinion that Konami was at its best on the Famicom, but in the 16-bit era, do you think they had a better showing on the Genesis or the Super Nintendo?


I'm so out of it. I thought I updated my blog on Tuesdays, but it turns out it's Mondays. So, happy Monday! Here's a review of Pocky & Rocky 2. Hopefully you're more with it than I am.


Remember that story arc when Spider-man had six arms? Well, I think he had something like that going on here. Look at this mess.(Amazing Spider-man Annual 1989)


Remember when comic book writers thought that being dangerously obese was, like, some sort of sinister super power or something? (Web of Spider-Man Annual 1988)


Here's a good one for spooky month. It's Gargoyle's Quest! I've got a fresh review of it over on the Game Complaint Department.


Have you ever bought or played a game based entirely off its cover art? Aerobiz's ominously prophetic label convinced me to pick it up.


I'm back from Canadian Thanksgiving with my family, and I've got, ah geez, a Mega Man X5 review up on my blog today.


The wait is over: I've got the exclusive scoop on Mega Man 12's robot masters, and I'm sharing it right here with the Destructoid community.


Here's something a bit spookier: a review for Pocky & Rocky. It has Obake and Yokai in it, which are like Japanese ghosts only not quite?


I just discovered that Canada got a different cover for Pikmin 2 than the U.S. Normally, it's the same, but here Canada's is closer to the PAL version. Left is U.S., Right is Canada.


I need just one more robot master to round out Mega Man 12's cast. Is anyone out there a bad enough dude to out-Wily Dr. Wily? Just one day left before the deadline.


There are only four days left to submit a Robot Master design for my... thing that I'm doing. I've got three more spots to fill. If no one else submits anything, I'll just have to make something up!


I've got to do an escape room as a team building exercise for my job. If you don't hear from me in a while, it's probably because we couldn't cooperate, and I ended up being cannibalized by a colleague.


Prompt: Design the Mega Man 12 Robot Masters

Less than a week left! Bumping to try and get a few more submissions. Mega Man 11 is out in, like, a month. Are you excited? I'm excited. I'm especially excited about the prospect that maybe Capcom will start treating the venerable ser...


Woah! We're halfway there. My Mega Man X4 review is up on the Complaint Department today! Exhaustion is setting in.


My husband and I completed Pocky & Rocky last night. Do you think Natsume will still send us a Game Master sweatshirt?


Learn about my mathematical insecurities in today's review on the Game Complaint Department! It's Calculords; an icky mobile game.


Set my capture equipment back up, then played through McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure. Wow, that was quite a trip.


Japanese folklore still tends to be pretty mystifying to the average westerner, but I still find it hilarious how out of their way some marketing teams went to remove any cultural identity from the cover. Left: Pocky & Rocky, Right: the Japanese sequel.


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