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It's my second day off in almost a month! Happy Family Day, I guess. Here's a review for Cruis'n USA.


I can't look at Wonder Boy III's box art and not see him in a bathrobe.


Chulip is a very special game to me. Part of that is because it gave me a chance to drink tea with a tragic zombie and an uptight bath enthusiast. In both instances, the music by Hirofumi Taniguchi was perfectly fitting. I love you, Chulip.


Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate the occasion, I've got a review for an appropriately themed game that is pretty close to my heart, it's Chulip!


Still struggling to keep my chin up, so I need more soul medicine. I'm referring to Chibi-Robo, which I've got a review for up on my blog!


Things have been feeling pretty dark, so I've needed some cheery games to prop me up. Games like Super Mario RPG, which I've now got a review up for. What games make you feel better?


Today, I have a review on my blog for a game that doesn't need to be reviewed. It's Sonic the Hedgehog, and you probably already know whether or not you like it.


Honestly, I mainly play horror games for their often introspective plots. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows made me cry at the end, so mission: successful.


Was there any greater casualty of the early-3D era than Earthworm Jim? It's an open question. For now, I've got a review for Earthworm Jim 3D up on my blog.


Chulip's Japanese cover art (left) is so fab. The North American version (right) isn't the worst I've seen, but you just can't beat the strange tranquility of the original.


Crap, I forgot it's Thursday. That means I've got a new review up, as well. This time it's Pilotwings 64. Now there's a game I've got history with.


I stopped procrastinating and finally put up my blog's GOTY article. Really, it's more of an apology.


Today, I've got a review of Shadow Blasters which, judging by the cover, appears to be a game about exercising on the beach.


A look at the early days of regional difficulty changes

In the primordial days before your mom was on the internet, we grew up in fear of the other. In the '80s and '90s, we frequently spoke of the mist-shrouded land across the ocean that controlled most of the games we played. Whether we discus...


Only 30 more years and I'll be able to start making jokes about San Francisco Rush 2049's futuristic setting. I can't wait until we all of wings on our cars!


I've been struggling a bit, lately. I don't want to talk about it. Let's talk about Super Mario Land 2 instead. I've got a review for it on my blog today.


Happy Monday! I guess. There are worse days of the week. No there isn't. Here's a review of Earthworm Jim 2 to help you get through. We can do this. Together.


My husband emailed me this morning saying there was no running water at the shop. He just followed to say: "Someone stole the pipes. Just talked to the repair guy. Someone literally broke in and took the pipes."


I can't believe I wrote a review of the SNES Jurassic Park without mentioning how bizarre its sound design is. I didn't realize I had left that out until it went up just now.


I spent the morning enjoying the experience of public transportation. I've returned with a review for Yomawari. It's a fitting analogy for the psychological horror one experiences on a bus.


I've been nauseatingly busy these past couple weeks, and that will likely be my default state for the next while. Still, I've got a Monster Party review for you fine peeps.


Hope everyone's holidays are going/went well. To help you wind down, I've got a review of Pilotwings on my blog, featuring one of the most abrupt changes of tone I've seen in an SNES game.


M'rry Chrimbo, nice people.


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