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Today, I have a review for Pikmin for you. In it, I throw shade at early-2000's era IGN and talk about the emotional harm this game has caused me. I hope you enjoy it.


I keep hearing about the N64 Classic, but you peeps have your timeline all messed up. The Virtual Boy came out first, ergo the Virtual Boy Classic should be next.


I've braved the dreaded Bethesda beta for Fallout 76 and compiled my findings into my latest CBlog for you fine folks!


Fallout 76 - The B.E.T.A. Wasteland

Let me be upfront: I like Fallout 4. I know what implications that has. I know how a vocal portion of the fanbase has come to feel about the game, but I enjoyed it. A lot. And before you say anything, yes, I’ve played Fallout 1 a...


I've got the consumer itch to start collecting Calico Critters/Syvanian Families dolls. Unfortunately, I have neither the space, nor disposable income to pursue this impulse. Guess I'll have to try and satisfy myself by importing the Game Boy games.


I'm going to try to get a new CBlog up here every week. Between that and my blog, that puts me at three articles a week. Didja see my most recent one? It involves clowns stealing children.


Here's my socially awkward question of the day: I'm working on a pretty sour take on the Fallout 76 beta. I was going to post it on my personal blog, but should I also post it here as a CBlog? Either way, I'll have a Cblog up this week.


Thank you, Wordpress, for deleting entire paragraphs after I use italics. It's so easy to maintain flow when I have to try and piece together thoughts that I wrote down a few weeks ago. That's, um, sarcasm, by the way.


Today in Fallout 76, I cheese-jumped my way up to the top of the tallest mountain in the game. Then I had to wait for the fog to clear so I could get a picture. Enjoy.


What are you trying to say? Are you implying I have a problem?


You're all too nice to me. I feel like you don't even know me. So, go ahead and AMA. Let's get to know each other.


Spooky month is over, so I'm back to reviewing the Mega Man X series on my blog. Also, I've got a new CBlog up today, if you haven't checked that out yet.


3 Child Endangering NES Intros

Children haven't had enough experience with reality to have developed any sense of self-preservation, which is why most parents are terrified of letting them out of sight. Take one eye off the little buggers, and they'll no doubt find ...


I almost committed a faux pas by posting a blog, but then I remembered what day it is. Happy Hallowe'en! Sorry about nearly doing something unspooky on your spooky day. It'll be up tomorrow. Here's a preview.


I tend to think both Earthworm Jim and its sequel are excellent games, but I do have a preference. Which one do you peeps think was the superior EWJ? For bonus points: what console version do you prefer to play?


I've got one more review for Spooky Month. It's Demon's Crest! The spookiest installment of Capcom's spooky Gargoyle's Quest series.


I've been feeling down, so I've started a playthrough of the Mother/Earthbound series to try and cheer up. What games do you peeps play when you've got the blues?


Not only did I have a fever when I wrote this review for Super Castlevania IV, bugs ate a bunch of my paragraphs and I had to quickly rewrite them. So, ugh, hopefully it's okay.


Oh my golly. Finally! Soon I'll be able to scratch this one off my list.


Console Command - Virtual Boy

The 90's were a weird time for video games, when you actually go back and think about it. Most people in the west choose to remember the Sega Genesis' battle with the Super Nintendo, then later the Sony Playstation vs. the Nintendo 64....


I have a complicated relationship with Castlevania III. I've never beaten it. On the other hand, Akumajou Denstsu -- the Japanese version -- I have reached the end of. With the differences in difficulty, I feel like I can't judge the NA version.


I wrote this review of Castlevania: Bloodlines with a fever, so you may have to forgive the odd weird editing error, such as repetition and rambling hallucinations.


My first playthrough of Undertale ended prematurely when I went through a period of, er, emotional upheaval. This time I finally finished it, dealing with a fever for the duration. It's bound to be linked with illness, but the game still speaks to me.


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