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I'm probably the last person to find this out, but Mega Man V on Gameboy is pretty rad.


Mom found a picture of my first computer. Check this out: Pentium 486, Windows 3.1 and DOS Shell, CD-ROM, blistering 56K modem. Check out that copy of MS Encarta running on it!

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Read-Only Memories: Animal Crossing

[While Mother's Day has come and gone, it's never too late to recall childhood-defining moments regarding the person that so fitfully heaved us into this world. Our new friend Adzuken weaves a beautiful tapestry of how gaming with her mothe...


I'm thinking of taking Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix to the parents' house with me this weekend. We can't play it in our current apartment, since we don't want our downstairs neighbours feeling like they live beneath semi-rhythmic hammer golems.


Playing the recent GOG release of Star Wars: Episode I: Racer in 4K is pretty neat after becoming so accustomed to the N64 version. I mean, it still looks like ass, but at least now it's crisp ass.


I bought a bunch of ecchi games off Steam on one of the holiday sales, and now the store algorithm will forever think I'm a pervert.


The Worst Games I've Played: Ghostbusters (NES)

Out of the small handful of non-gaming franchises that I can claim to be a fan of, Ghostbusters is easily the one that I’m most enamored with. I built my own replica proton pack in high school, I’ve donned a flightsuit for ...


Kiss him, you fool!


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