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Having my article front paged has led to the biggest day of traffic on my blog to date (It isn't impressive, but I'm happy with what I get). It's nice to see a bigger reaction from people enjoying a history post than I got when I called Link gay.


Band of Bloggers: Kiki Kaikai/Pocky & Rocky

Mukashi mukashi -- as tales in Japanese folklore often begin -- I found myself sitting in front of an arcade cabinet in Tokyo. It had been a long two weeks of riding the rails across Japan with nothing but my limited knowledge of the l...


There's only 5 more Mega Man X games to review after this. We'll get through this -- together. It's Mega Man X3 today on the GCD.

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Console Command - Famicom Disk System

[With all the mini consoles being announced, both official and unofficial, it's fascinating to hear about what was essentially the NES in Japan, except not really. But don't listen to me prattle on about what the Famicom Disk System was or ...


This is my 100th QPost. The only thing I have to say is that interacting with you people has aged me terribly.


A few days ago, someone asked to see people's game collection. Mine needed reorganizing before I showed anyone, so now I've done that. Other sets are in the comments. Excluded are my handheld, Famicom, and Super Famicom carts.


You remember when Spider-man beat Venom by literally seducing the pants off him? (Amazing Spider-man no.317, 1989)


It's great to see Wolfenstein is doing so well, but when are we getting a new Blake Stone? Anyone? Bethesda? Devolver? 3D Realms?


Just a reminder that I need help designing Mega Man 12's cast of Robot Masters. A couple cool, cool people have sent their robots, but I still need a few more to fill the Brady Bunch Grid.


Today's post on Game Complaint Department is about my much needed vacation away from the Mega Man X Collection. A Mega Man Legends Review!


Do you remember when Spider-man revealed his face to his girlfriend and she recoiled in disgusted horror? (Spectacular Spider-man No. 87, 1984)


Remember when Spider-man drove his girlfriend to the brink of insanity by gaslighting her? (Spectacular Spider-Man #72, 1982)


Today on my hobby blog, I'm just re-posting a Cblog I wrote here that looks at The Legend of Zelda cartoon. So you don't need to visit my site for that, you can just read it here.


A lot of you are talking about Spider-Man's web swinging, but I'm more into brooding like a 90's anti-hero


#Unpopularopiniontoid I actually like the joy-con's non-pad D-pad. I used it almost exclusively to complete the Mega Man X Collection and prefer it to the Pro Controller's more traditional D-Pad. Reminds me of SNES Smash TV dual-digital setup.


Hey, gang. My latest Cblog is looking for contributions from you, the beloved community. Maybe take a gander and see if it's something you'd be into. I'd be jazzed to have anyone on board.


Prompt: Design the Mega Man 12 Robot Masters

Mega Man 11 is out in, like, a month. Are you excited? I'm excited. I'm especially excited about the prospect that maybe Capcom will start treating the venerable series with respect. Mega Man X9? Mega Man Legends 3? Mega Man: Power Fig...


I'm trying not to flood my blog with a torrent of Mega Man X reviews. That said, you can find the review for X2 over there now.


I have to admit that I completely misjudged Mega Man 7 and 8 when I played them last. As it turns out, they're actually enjoyable titles, and it's my loss for not recognizing that sooner.


I'm at my parents for labour day, but I've still got an article up on the blog. This one's about the Turbografx. In the far-flung future, it'll likely land here as a Cblog.


Pushed out an updated, hopefully less crappy design for the Game Complaint Department. I'm still tweaking it, so sorry for any weirdness. Any feedback is helpful, since I'm not a web designer.


There's a lot of Mega Man X reviews that are going to be trickling out of the Game Complaint Department, but for now, here's a review of a recent release. Gold! Gold! Goooold!


Who out there is nerd enough to answer me this question: Do you prefer Shadowrun on the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis? Choose wisely, omae.


Happy Monday! Today I've got a Mega Man X review on the Complaints Department. Somehow I made it through the review without suggesting X and Zero are into baloney jousting. Such strength.


Lana, that's the best picture you could find of your father? It looks like he just woke up after a decade from an alcohol-induced coma.


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