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I'm happy to see so many people discovering the joy of Paradise Killer. I just want to take a moment to say, "told ya so!"


Review: Everhood

Combat is a central feature to many games. We’re not very good at depicting conflict resolution in an interactive way unless it involves swinging a sword or firing a gun. A debate is difficult to simulate, but ballistics are not. Rece...


I get the feeling I’ll be seeing this screen a lot.


Nothing like getting up in the morning to play my Japanese N64 train game.


These 5 games deserve a digital re-release

We live in an age where you can easily download the entire NES library, fire up an emulator, and spend five minutes with one game before getting bored. The internet never forgets, which is fortunate since there should be nothing ephemeral a...


Trim your waistline in Konami's Yume Penguin Monogatari

Konami’s output on the Famicom was simply amazing. While we certainly got some good games on this side of the pond, such as Castlevania and Contra, there were a plethora of great titles that stayed in their homeland. They were once a ...


Meet Spelunker, one of Japan's most treasured bad games

While the phenomenon of appreciating bad games exists everywhere in the world, perhaps no player base is as conscious of it as those in Japan. Unlike us, they have a very concise word for describing terrible games: kusoge. That’s "kus...


How The Legend of Zelda helped free us from arcade ports

I find it difficult to travel back and play early 8-bit consoles like the Atari 2600 or Colecovision. It’s not that their primitive graphics and sound fail to capture my attention, but rather, they’re so dedicated to replicating...


I've discovered the simple pleasure of playing OutRun with the traffic turned off.


My nephew just told his younger brother "This is a classic" in reference to the Heatman Level Theme from Mega Man 2.


I find it funny that in another decade, I might have to explain to my nephews what a Paperboy even is when I inevitably introduce them to Paperboy on the N64.


I dunno, guys, I'm beginning to think the Clayfighter series just isn't very good. Take for example C2: Judgment Clay which is the video game equivalent of a shrug.


Had to go into the registry to change the resolution on this arthouse game so I could actually read the text. Also found this in there.


I've got a review for that one 3D Castlevania. No, not those ones. Or that one. No not those either. Right, Lament of Innocence.


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