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About SeanBone of us since 5:53 AM on 05.09.2018

I'd say I'm one extremely whimsical games writer.

Thankfully I make use of it in assisting independent game developers with content writing/PR tasks they'd normally consider mundane.

I've been doing so for the past three years under the humble moniker of Higher Eclectic Ground and my LinkedIn should be able to provide you with more.

I'm often tasked with creating dev-logs and similar marketing-oriented content for my clients; I don't know why it's only just dawned on me that the likes of Destructoid would be a lovely avenue to share some of these.

My articles will usually contain a short notice of disclosure towards their end specifying purpose, so there's that.

Plus can always find more of my clientele and history via the above hyperlinks. Here's my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram should you choose to suffer me any longer.