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Hey, Whispering Willow, not sure if you're interested in the game, but I thought you might like this.


Some deals I picked up this week. Never played an Atelier game, but Sophie 2 I've heard good things about, and it was surprisingly cheap. Got Live A Live through Gamefly used--they save cases and inserts for when rentals sell. It's in perfect condition.


Replayed some great games as well.


I played a lot of Switch games this year. A bunch were close to these 2 Warriors games. Something like 90 total games, though some were shorter around 10 hour titles.


Last minute #caturday. My 15yo chungus. Hopefully she's got a few more healthy years, or more. Keyword being healthy. Now I just spoil her and make her late years as comfortable as possible...by giving her the entirety of my recliner leg rest.


Sorry for the double post. Stupid autocorrect changed Moyse to Moise. Not a huge deal, but it's kinda disrespectful in a different context.


Yes Mr Wario64, I would like to double dip on this game for half price. I know Mr Moise loved this game as much as I did, and I want to support the dev team. I had a blast with the PS4 version, and highly recommend it to metroidvania fans. Great game!!


The new Mario+Rabbids game is $32 at Amazon today. Doubt you'll see it cheaper than that for a while. I'll put the link below if anyone is interested. I think it's a "deal of the day" thing.


Got a new thing. Not a great game, but it will look nice with the others on the shelf. Looking forward to RCG2 in a week or so, when it releases. I'll end up double dipping while waiting on the LR physical, but I really want to play it.


As a kid in the 80s, all I wanted was the FUTURE! It's all I thought about. "Video games will look real in the FUTURE", I always said. We're there, but all I really want now, is to go back and re-experience the things I didn't properly give respect then.


Not a bad haul for $69 (nice). The One Piece musou might be the craziest yet, with Luffy's insane move set. I only played about 30 minutes, but I'm really enjoying it. Now I gotta find time to play everything. Anybody get an unmissable deal this season?


Persona 5 Royal for Switch is $29 at GameStop and a couple other places. Even though I have the 2017 original, and Royal for PS4, I'm a maniac and couldn't pass that price up. I grabbed another game to save the $6-7 shipping. Goofy story below.


It was always meant to be...just took way longer than I'd have liked.


If anybody was waiting on Sonic Frontiers to get a price drop, it's already $39 at Amazon and GameStop. At least I saw the PS4 and PS5 versions at that price.


I'm just going to start off by saying, if you don't have a Japanese copy of Elevator Action Returns for your modded, or Japanese SEGA Saturn...what's wrong with you? It's just $200 for a Japanese copy, and you need a Saturn that can play all regions! Duh!


Never been a big Star Wars fan, but now you have my attention.


Meow! I totally forgot that i preordered this...not 100% sure when, but it was an while ago. I have the first game on PlayStation, and it's a solid indie game. I'll check out their next game, which is UDX on this compilation, as soon as Im full of Bayo3!!


I'm having a lot of fun playing with Viola. Her block/parry reminds me a little of Metal Gear Rising, which is always cool in my book. So far I'm really enjoying it, and they ramped up the craziness big time!


Happy Birthday Mr foots connoisseur.


Best Buy officially cancelled my Bayo3 special edition, but my misdelivered standard edition showed up with this pretty package. Thanks Nintendo, at least I got one of the special editions.


My no show Bayonetta 3 story has just become more ridiculous somehow, and all can do is laugh at this point. I'm obviously cursed and not supposed to play this game, lol. Not enough room so I'll post the short story below.


Not Bayonetta 3, but this finally showed up. I'm still really salty at Best Buy. The Bayo3 special edition is still marked as "delayed", which is probably code for, we can't find your preorder, piss off. Cool Raph card though.


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