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Game idea. Let Platinum make a freaking sequel to Metal Gear Rising damnit!!!!


The $200 Death Stranding Collectors Edition is $69.99 at Amazon now, if anyone is interested. I'd get it if I had room for all the stuff it comes with. Oh well.


Am I the only person that would love Mirror's Edge, either remastered or as is, ported to Switch? It's a game I'd probably overpay for, just to have it portable.


Shia got some new tats. This crazy mofo got them for his new movie (David Ayer directed, the Tax Collector), he plays a guy named creeper. I know he got a tooth pulled for Fury, but damn this is nuts. I guess they forgot to mention they could fake them.


FYI, Fangamer, which I found through an article here (thanks by the way) about the flip grip--a switch must have for shmups gamers. Anyway, they have some games that are stupid expensive anywhere else. I'll explain more below. Pic is a clue though.


I've never wanted to go to a theme park more in my entire life!! Okay, maybe the Ghibli museum, but whatever. Link below.


Behold, the greatest show EVER!! Well, actually I haven't finished the first episode yet, but it still looks funny, and... it's Samurai cat!!! What more could anyone ask for?!? Ha ha, obviously I'm just being silly, it's on Amazon if anyone is interested.


Yay, SoR4 finally arrived from Limited Run Games. It looks and plays exactly like the Xbox and PS4 version, which was assumed considering it's not really that graphics intensive. Anyway, I can finally play anywhere with my mutant Switch on a real D-pad!


I didn't watch the EA show thing they did a few days/week, whatever ago. I just don't care much what EA is doing anymore, and worry that if I pay attention, they'll announce they're dismantling Respawn to make iOS and Android shovelware. 🤮🤮


Here I go again. Found another twin-stick shooter that's pretty cool so far. It's on GamePass, which you really should have if your an Xbox gamer. Anyway, West of Dead, looks like it's straight out of a Mike Mignola comic, and that's awesome! Check it yo!


If anyone's interested, there's some old school Konami collections on sale for 5 bucks on PS4. Castlevania, Contra, and Arcade collections. Contra and Castlevania have like 8 games each. Everything from NES to SNES, Genesis, and even the GameBoy games!


If you pre-ordered Streets of Rage 4 physical from Limited Run Games, you will soon get to finally play it, yay!! They're starting to ship now--except for the super Cooper edition. I think that's a few months away still. My Switch is ready!


Considering what's about to happen tomorrow, I'll use this final post to say goodbye to everyone. I wish there was more time, and it's especially sad because I won't have the opportunity to play Ghost of Tsushima, and Cyberpunk 2077 😥. Details below.


I'm not a fan of Golf. I don't watch it, or keep up with any part of it. I know who Tiger Woods is, and I think Happy Gilmore was hilarious, but that's it. Seems like a waste of land, but that's just my dumb opinion. Anyway, not enough room so more below.


If you didn't know already, I really like twin-stick shooters, and one of my favorites of the last few years is Ruiner. I bought it on PS4, and with game pass on Xbox. That wasn't enough for me. I spent another $20 to triple-dip because now it's PORTABLE!


The PS5 price leaked on Amazon's French site, with the digital at €400 and €500 for the disc based version. From previous launches that would make it $400 & $500, in the states. This is what I assumed, but anybody else have any thoughts? Good, bad, et


Okay comic nerds, the DCU is considered crap by a bunch of people. I'd argue they take more chances--probably because except for the Nolan films, and a couple others, it's mostly crap, but they try. One place they kill it, from time to time... animation!!


Why over the last 2 days am I being told im banned and can't post. Cat pictures are offensive now? After a while it just randomly allows me to participate, but it's really annoying. Anyone else getting this?


Boxman had a post here earlier about his new experiences with Ghibli films--they're amazing and you all know it, lol. Anyway, I just happened upon this story. I thought I knew every single thing about Miyazaki--Guess not. It's a fun read. Link below.


So, George Floyd was born in Fayetteville NC. I usually tell people I live there, because it's a known town for many and easy to explain. I actually live just out of town, in Raeford, where George grew up and his funeral was today. A little more below.


I know the Sony event has been pushed back, but on the same day SEGA was supposed to have a "really big announcement". There were rumors that Sony or Microsoft have aquired them, but that doesn't seem likely. What do you guys think it is?


The world is on fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFjne0PJV%20&app=desktop


Nintendo doesn't give a shit!!! Ha ha ha!!! I remember when Nintendo was in court and their representative railed SEGA for allowing filth like "Night Trap" on their platform, (which you can get the remastered version for $1.49 on the eShop)....Ha ha ha...


Okay, anyone have an idea why it's so addictive buying Switch Physical games? I just pre-ordered Burnout Paradise, but I started thinking...I've got 4-5 games from Limited Run i'm waiting for. I also purchased Xenoblade. Just got this in the mail.........


I don't know if anyone has checked this service out, but Shudder is another video service, and I tried the 7 day trial just a while earlier. I have to say, I thought of you Chris Moyse, based on other things I've read from you. A little more below.


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