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My entire state (NC) is on mandatory quarintine starting Monday at 5pm. We can still go to grocery stores and pick up food, but all non-essential are to shut down. All these places are saying it's just for 2-3 weeks, but really? Who else is on lockdown?


So yeah, Nintendo is out of (the standard model) Switch consoles. I took this screenshot before scrolling down. These were the lower prices. The animal crossing system is, on average, $550-$600. Some places still have a couple of the lite system though.


I know I've talked about the Panzer Dragoon games many times, but it's kinda Special when it catches me off guard. I have played through ORTA on the Xbox with backwards compatibility, but for some reason, I felt the need to play it again. More below.


Tacobell is releasing the Human-Centipede of foods. This delicious abomination is the Triplupa. Human ingenuity never ceases to amaze!!!


I know everybody talked about this weeks ago, but my pspro has been upstairs... Long pointless story. So I hooked it up in the room I'm using downstairs. First thing I did was download the FF7 remake demo.........


Hello from the Spiderverse...at least I think that's where I am, I can't see shit in this mask, and it's HOT!! I don't know how Batman does it? Does he have Bat-AC? Anyway, Doc Ock is in self quarintine, so I got some free time. Stay safe, and sane.


So yeah, DOOM is fucking rad, imo. I'm not going to try and sell it to anyone because everyone already knows what it is. You've either played, or at least seen/heard a bunch about the 2016 game by now, and this is just like that, but a bit better.


You want to see my secret identity? Too bad, there's to much beer virus going on in Hells Kitchen. Seriously, Gordan Ramsey is all up my ass!!! My risotto was fine!! There's just no pleasing him.


PS5 news tomorrow. Mark Cerney is doing the breakdown. I'm already excited for the new Xbox after what they've shown. Hopefully Sony has something as good, or better.


Any Adventure Time fans out there? I loved the show personally, though I always kinda wished some of the story elements could play out with a more adult oriented framework. Well lucky us Netflix has a new show from Pendleton Ward. Info below.


Any Adventure Time fans out there? I loved the show personally, though I always kinda wished some of the story elements could play out with a more adult oriented framework. Well lucky us Netflix has a new show from Pendleton Ward. Info below.


Just got this in the mail a few hours ago from PlayAsia. It shipped out of Hong Kong, so hopefully they disinfected it before they sent it. If not, at least I something to play while in quarantine.


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but Kevin Smith is the showrunner on a new animated He-Man series for Netflix. He personally describes it as "dark and metal". Considering the live action film is always up and down, maybe this will fill the void?


Sorry, but I can't stand these ignorant children calling everyone that has a different opinion from a twelve year old, a Boomer. Your stupid asses are going to have to live in the shit world you're creating!!


This is how crazy I went over the holidays. I purchased Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, digitally for the Switch (DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THE PHYSICAL--ITS JUST A CASE WITH A DOWNLOAD CODE). It is a great single player FPS that is fantastic on Switch!


Look what came in the mail today. It came from China so it's probably covered in the Modelo-Virus. Yes, that's my cat. Some small startup company that sells novelty stuff sent me a coupon, so it ended up being around $25. My spoiled primadonna princess


Maybe it's the few shots I had talking, but damn the Xbox 1x is doing it's thing. I just downloaded Ninja Gaiden 2, which I played a decent but last gen, but damn, it looks good on the 1x. It's not even patched for it, just the system doing it's thing!!


The game looks kinda fun, plus you've got to love that sale price! Anybody play this yet? Any good? Should I sell the last 33% of my soul for it? I've been selling my soul bit by bit over the years. Couldn't get on the Dow Jones. Had to settle for Nasdaq.


I've been working real hard on a FIFA meme. Let me know what you think. Hey FIFA! Fuck you, you piece of shit!! You suck, and I don't like you!! ⚽ Stayed up all night working on that. I hope the context comes through.


I don't know if there are any boxing fans here at D-toid, but the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury just TKO'ed Deontay Wilder, in the 7th round. Crazy crazy crazy. Deontay throws lightning bolts, but his movement isn't top notch. Tyson looked amazing!! Great fight!


So I double dipped on Transistor a few months ago for the Switch version. I have played most (probably 3/4 of the game) on the PS4, but when I heard it was coming to the Switch, I thought "hell yeah". I finally tried the Switch version, and it's perfect!


Got the Bayonetta/Vanquish anniversary set today. Gotta love that gorgeous steelbook case!


Yay, most of the stiches are out. Sorry it looks blurry, those spots, or holes, are where the sutchres were. I can finally twist my wrist without crazy pain 😃 I've been all over Darksiders Genesis. I couldn't even think about playing it before.


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