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The game looks kinda fun, plus you've got to love that sale price! Anybody play this yet? Any good? Should I sell the last 33% of my soul for it? I've been selling my soul bit by bit over the years. Couldn't get on the Dow Jones. Had to settle for Nasdaq.


I've been working real hard on a FIFA meme. Let me know what you think. Hey FIFA! Fuck you, you piece of shit!! You suck, and I don't like you!! ⚽ Stayed up all night working on that. I hope the context comes through.


I don't know if there are any boxing fans here at D-toid, but the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury just TKO'ed Deontay Wilder, in the 7th round. Crazy crazy crazy. Deontay throws lightning bolts, but his movement isn't top notch. Tyson looked amazing!! Great fight!


So I double dipped on Transistor a few months ago for the Switch version. I have played most (probably 3/4 of the game) on the PS4, but when I heard it was coming to the Switch, I thought "hell yeah". I finally tried the Switch version, and it's perfect!


Got the Bayonetta/Vanquish anniversary set today. Gotta love that gorgeous steelbook case!


Yay, most of the stiches are out. Sorry it looks blurry, those spots, or holes, are where the sutchres were. I can finally twist my wrist without crazy pain 😃 I've been all over Darksiders Genesis. I couldn't even think about playing it before.


I'm really enjoying this game!! If this is ultimately Strife's game, I'm fine with it, because it's awesome, and Strife with his guns, just feels right in the twin stick shooter style. Seriously, I'm loving it so far, and if you like twin stick, get it!!!


If you have a Switch, and like me, can't have too many shmups in your life. Well, don't sleep on this. It feels like a Cave shooter, and it gorgeous, and a blast to play. It was exclusive through PlayAsia. Not sure if it's on eShop. Anyway, awesome game!!


Just got this in the mail today. Honestly, I'd forgotten about it coming out this month. As soon as I get this arm brace off, and these damn stitches out, I gotta lot of games to choose from. Why is my life soooooo difficult? *sarcasm


I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the BIG game today!?! Both teams are ready and I'm soooo excited to see who prevails. Go Calico's!!!


Surgery went well. No pain or soreness afterwards, and the wrapped plates over my left arm make it look kinda jacked. Can't play all games, but I found another reason to love my Switch. The ability to use the joycons separated, allows me to hold and play!


Getting ready to leave in about 30 minutes for the hospital. Having surgery on my left arm. They're going to cut from my elbow to wrist--shave some bone and move the nerves. Psoriatic arthritis does some crazy shit. Anyway, no gaming for 2 weeks at least


cumpleaños feliz Bill... I mean Wes.


If anyone gives a poop, I viewed 1917 today. I personally think it deserves all the accolades it has been receiving. It's a visual and aural feast! No BS, or filler--no politics, just a well told story. If you liked the trailer, you'll love the film! 👍


Maybe I missed this somewhere, but Yakuza 3,4,& 5, are being rereleased, in one full package. I read that here, but I didn't know that if you purchase it digitally, you can play Yakuza 3, on August 20--4 is out October 29th, and 5 is next year. Awesome!!


Tool is back, after a butt-ton of years, this Friday. The Darkness (I don't care, roast me, they're rad!!) has a new album, I think, in September. Highly Suspect has a new one in November. If you haven't heard of them--try it--thank me later. They're ra


This is a great year for games, though I'm realizing it's an awesome year for music as well--depending on what you're into. **


New TOOL album is out this Friday, August 30th!!! I'm pumped to play Astral Chain while rocking "Fear Inoculum".


You should be watching "the Boys", if you have Amazon prime. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go go go!


I think some words would make more sense if they were switched. Like, hemorrhoid and asteroid.


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