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Sony still loves me!! It looks like I might get a pre-order after all. I got the email earlier, and I have a specific url to go to at 10:00am. Trying to stay positive! Wish me luck!! I really want to play Demon's Souls!


Heads up, Gamestop will be doing more preorders tomorrow, online and in-store. Doesn't say what time, but I'd start checking early, if you want one! Maybe other stores will have more stock for pre-order tomorrow?


Ghibli has posted 400 wallpaper .jpg's on their site. 50 each, from 8 different films. Only a couple of Miyazaki films, but still a bunch of great images! I'll post the hyperlink below for anyone interested.


If anyone is interested, today is the last day to get Ruiner physical pre-order through Limited Run (Switch). It's been sold out at Special Reserve for a while already, but LR is selling this variant cover. I'll put the link below if anyone is interested.


Ruth Bader Ginsberg just passed away. RIP


Yay, I got one! I still want to play Hades though. Why is life so hard!!!??? *sarcasm*


Just curious, has anybody watched Lovecraft Country on HBO Max? I know it's a dumb question--it's not like I don't have a ton of free time, and could just...watch it, lol. I'm sure I'll get too it, but I'm curious what you guys think.


I had to check, just out of curiosity. To no surprise, people are selling their PS5 pre-orders, and I'm sure they're selling. Also, Mario 3D All-Stars is already going for $90, but there is one seller, with copies for $58.99, if you need a physical copy.


Wow, Hades is a lot of fun! I've been playing for hours--I only stopped because the battery was at 3%. My hands are throbbing though--rheumatoid arthritis will do that. You know a game is good if you're in pain, and still want to play!!


So frustrated with these stores. I've had the PS5 in my cart at Best buy for at least 30 minutes (I clicked it within one minute of receiving the email), but the whole site is fucked now. It's back and forth, freezing, and throwing back to the start! Uhg!


PS5 preorders at Walm... Doh!


A portuguese retail site leaked the long rumored Mass Effect remastered trilogy for ps4, Xbox, and Switch. Is it finally coming? I'd be happy to get this on Switch.


You want a keto burger?!!? I'm bragging now, I'd put this in a restaurant, and I'd put it up against damn near anything, with a bread bun, and/or any high sugar toppings/condiments!! Description below.


I just read a small part of an article, and apparently Ludacris, in an interview, teased that the next Fast and Furious film, might go into SPACE!!! What even is this series? I've never seen any of the films, but I thought it was about street racing?


If a Nintendo Switch pro (with all the upgrades you could imagine...within Nintendo reasoning) launched, with BotW2, the same day as Xbox series s/x, with...an awesome game, and PS5, with Spiderman and Demon's Souls, which would you buy? All, 2, 1, none?


Am I the only that thinks the Series S looks like the Soulja Boy system? Sorry, I need a disc drive though. Series X it is! I'm still guessing $499--same for PS5, with drive.


I'm tired of the waiting, and the rumors, BUT the word is that Sony is going to drop the price and preorders Wednesday. Uhg, these systems are TWO months from launch, and still no info. Bananas!! I'll believe it when my pre-ordered is in.


So this is a thing...that exists in my collection now. Yes, it's every bit as stupid as at looks. Thanks Mr. Tacos! That wasn't sarcasm, I'm happy to have it!


Super Mario 3D All Stars physical is available at Best Buy for pre-order. It's supposed to be very limited, so get it while you can! I'm personally super excited for Sunshine and Galaxy. Been wait a long time for these on Switch. Galaxy 2, next year?


Ruiner is for sale on Switch at Limited Run Games, and Special Reserve games. It's a variant cover at LR (shown here). It's $10 more at SR, but it comes with an art book. Just an FYI if anyone's interested.


Okay, I've had my eye on this ever since Mr. Moyse gave it an 8/10. I've read a bunch of his reviews, and he's very consistent--again, I'm talking specifically about this "old-school" genre, type of game. THIS GAME IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! Thanks Chris!!


Thank you Italy! I've got some Havarti and smoked gouda that was amazing with the salty awesomeness here 😛!!


I watched the first season of Man seeking Woman, but for whatever reason, I missed 2 & 3. Not sure why--i had it set on my DVR, but regardless, I missed the other stuff. I loved it for it's crazy, straight up slapstick writing. I'd highly recommend it!


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