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So I got the Turbo GrafX 16 mini today. I know some of this is preaching to the choir kinda duh stuff, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in the mix. First thing first, I think it's pretty great! Just like the Nintendo and Genesis, it's cute and tiny


Sorry about the previous post. Anyway, everyone's showing their food, so i thought I'd show mine. I've been trying to be sensible about my meals, instead of snacks that I'd love to eat instead. I made some chicken cordon bleu and pan-seard brussel sprouts


Anybody else have a Tamagotchi back in the day? I can't be the only person to accidentally kill one these guys.


I haven't listened to them in quite a while, but in the 90's, i was all about it. One of the OG rock/rap/reggae bands!


I've got a bunch of game shirts, hoodies, beanies, etc. If the pic didn't make it obvious, I'm kind of a Portal fan. Anybody have a favorite piece of gamer gear? #geartoid


This is how I wake up pretty much every morning... Well, except for the fact she's a bit camera shy and magically doesn't want the camera to see her ass 🤣🤣. 1 in a million shot.


Apparently I've got a duck. Everyday, 1 duck just strolls over into my yard and eats bird seed. One of my neighbors owns it, along with around 50 more, though only this 1 is smart enough to come for the free food. I'll get pictures in the next day or so.


Humans smell rain better than sharks smell blood. Also, the smell of rain (petrichor) is produced by a specific type of insect found everywhere on the planet. This is from a journal published by Scientific American. I just thought it was really cool.


I normally wouldn't mention another site, but Wonderful 101 got a 4/10 on GameSpot? I'm sure the lack of second screen causes some issues, but at least in my mind, a 4 is getting into unplayable territory. I read some, but it just left me more confused.


Polyhedrons are Super Edgy. Soooooo edgy.


BREAKING NEWS!!! Japanese sandwich game is on point. No crust!? Where does it all go? News at 11:00 #brimtoid


My girlfriend kept nagging me to be more open and honest with my feelings... so I dumped her ass! My boyfriend never gives me any of that shit! #lifetoid


"I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink a lot of it. I'm an alcoholic." - Abraham Lamar Lincoln (1987) #factoid


The best thing we have going for us, is games, and...well anything that can make us laugh! I really recommend the Naked Gun (I was watching 33 and a third),or Amazon women on the moon, maybe the Kentucky Fried Movie, Top Secret, etc.? Slapstick is great!


Streets of Rage 4!!! We are living through this crazy pandemic, but we're getting these insanely fantastic remakes and/or sequels!! You already know about FFVII, but Streets of Rage 4 is here, and it's amazing!!!


I've been trying to find these old videos from Funny or Die, but I'm missing something. Back during the Obama v McCain days, there was a series of videos that were fucking hilarious!!😂!!! I can't find them. Help! Baby vs kitten!!!


Just what I needed, some nice wholesome, family friendly, explosive mutilation. Yeah, I've been shut in too long.


I just felt like mentioning, I was bored (why? I don't know. I have too many fucking games, but I find myself challenged by what to play) so I turned MK11 on and immediately realized I don't have Spawn. Totally worth the $6. The design is fucking awesome!


Happy Birthday Occams! You make us all a little better, and I appreciate your consistent positivity when we all need it the most! Thank you, and I hope you find joy on your day, even though these recent days have been tough. Thanks again!


So, I gave in and bought Sonic. Is it a great movie? No. Is it a silly fun movie that basically delivers on what it's supposed to be? Yes, surprisingly. It's goofy and kinda dumb, but it works as a kid's film. More below.


I'm sure everyone has heard about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard by now, Butt did you know she took a shit on his bed? Can't make this shit up... literally. She officially started the #MePoo movement...with her movement!


So I hear GameStop is considering itself an essential business by selling hand sanitizer...that they make themselves. They're putting rubbing alcohol in tiny bottles, and sending it to stores. This company has gone completely mad!!


Almost had a heart attack about 30 minutes ago. I couldn't get my pspro to turn on. I triple checked everything, and it wouldn't react no matter what. I noticed the plug was ever so slightly pulled out, so I completely unplugged it--plugged back--it works


Some good shit on the Switch eShop sale. If you even kinda like shmups, you need Vacara for .99 cents!! Two arcade games--igot for free with some of my Nintendo points. seriously, check out the sale. It's got some good shit!!


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