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Got a thing today. I blame you Wes! I mean, thanks for showing me that I wanted a game I wouldn't possibly win from your widget, so I had to order it. So I did!!


At least something cool happened today. Thought it was releasing in February, but here it is. No complaint here. Pre-ordered it after seeing the article from Mr Moyse last year. Thanks!! 👍 It's all in english btw, if anyone is curious about importing.


Merry Christmas to me! I'm 100% sure this is the absolute last time I ever buy this film again... Yeah right. Comes with a supplemental guide, standard and 4k blu-ray, and a extras disc, with tons of... Well, extra stuff.


My list. Mostly Hades...by far!


I don't know why this just jumped in my head, but you probably didn't know this. Apple...is valued at $2,180 billon. Did that read strange? It's hard to fathom, though Apple is valued at 2.2 TRILLION dollars!!? Hope that extra $600 makes you feel posh!?


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this already, but Cyberpunk has an 8mb limit on your save file. If you go over, it corrupts the file, making it unplayable. So, doing the things that are encouraged: looting, crafting, etc., will break your game? Yikes!!


New Cyberpunk (PlayStation 4) update dropped very recently. I just finished playing about an hour ago, and started watching Ghost in the Shell (original, not 2.0 with the added, unnecessary CG, which hasn't aged well). I'll try it out tomorrow.


Hmmm, I guess this is a...good start? I'll say it again, but I really hope CDPR does a No Man's Sky, which was so much better at launch than this, and makes this right. Everyone knew it was weird they wouldn't allow game footage until launch. Obvious now.


Yeah, this game has a few bugs. I mean, it was barely there already, but come on CDPR, I'm not a Ken doll! It only crashed 4 times today. At least it runs at 60fps (1080p though) on ps5. I really feel sorry for everyone playing on xbox 1 and ps4. Yikes!


"It Takes 2" looked really cool imo. The idea of 2 player co-op being a mandatory feature will lose them some sales, but I have to respect that choice, and the couple's co-op genre could be great for getting the significant other into your, side piece?


#cursedmas ? #blessedmas ? All I know is I'm glad I cleared some space on the PS5 yesterday. I think this doesn't even include a patch for launch day? Yowza!!


One day, I'll learn how to read. I thought I was gonna play Eden 2, but it wouldn't start? Duh, all I did was pre-order it for the 10th. Oh well, it was on sale (about $10) and it will be a day late birthday present.


Anyone want to try and argue the SR-71 isn't the most amazing aircraft ever produced? I've been watching a documentary of it's creation. A bunch I knew (I've been a complete nerd for this since I was a kid), but some info, just made me a kid again!! 🥰


Originally cancelled my pre-order, but then I couldn't find the standard edition for less than the price of this, so I used some Amazon credit card points and got this for about $20. Oh well, it worked out in the end.


No Man's Sky is pretty sweet on PS5! 60 fps, better draw distances, and almost non-existent load times. Definitely worth loading on the new system.


"if your not paying for the product...you are the product!" That's the realist, yet scariest quote I've heard in a while. I'm sure many of you have already seen "the Social Dilemma" by now, but I'm old school. I don't have a Twitter or Facebook account.


Well lookie there, I was starting to think it would never get here. Only took 3 quarters of the year.


Me and Spider-Cat, just kick'n it!


I just had a strange thought. My PS5 is on it's side, and when I place a disc in, the graphic is facing up. Now think about that when the system is standing upright. I wonder how many people have their system upright and have put a disc in upside-down?


So the Series X and S are even more backwards compatible than first thought. Apparently, for $20 you can unlock development mode, and straight up load in RetroArch. I haven't seen it yet, but videos are starting to pop-up on YouTube.


I got lucky with ps5. I'm starting to get annoyed with Amazon (the place I luckily didn't get it from). Sorry, I have no sympathy for ANY issues with Amazon shipping that isn't specifically due to the post offices. I'm complaining--i don't get Zelda AoC!


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