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Passion Project: Project S.O.S. (Chapter 3)

(Art by rei (rei's room)) Links: Intro + Prologue + Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 - Naturally, hearing that your older sister wants to watch a porn video with you is enough to take Hikaru aback. He asks her "why, why would yo...


Which laundry detergent do you guys use? I know it's random, but I'm using a different brand and I feel like I should do a second wash... but that might be my obsession with cleanliness. I DO wash my hands five times before touching MY controller. >^<


Here's Mayuki cosplaying as Paz from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Hope my drawing doesn't spoil the game to you! — "You know, Mother Base was never the heaven we wanted it to be, but I was still happy to have lived with everyone there." - Paz


Lyrics of the day: "So please don't wake me, from this dream, baby. We're still together, in my head. And you're still in love with me, till I woke up to discover that that dream was dead." — Eminem ("Stronger Than I Was")


Word of advice to those writing a blog: make sure you give it a title, first and foremost! Apparently, if you don't, it might not show up in your blog editor at all! However, if you previewed it and remember the URL it generated, you can get it back.


Passion Project: Project S.O.S. (Chapter 2)

(Art by garnet) Links: Intro + Prologue + Chapter 1  Chapter 2 - The reason why I'm summarizing the most important story beats for these blog series is because I'm reading through the original version of Chapter 2 to remember...


I'm debating drawing an actual comic strip. I did a little pre-planning, but it's hard to gauge my artistic ability. I want to pay homage to one of my favorite scenes in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. If it doesn't make you cry, it's a failure.


Lyrics of the day — "Heard once that, in dire times, when you need a sign, that's when they appear. Guess since my text message didn't resonate, I'll just say it here." - Drake ("Too Much", featuring Sampha)


The pain of having limited money: I just bought Paper Mario: Color Splash, and I'm thinking of getting World of Final Fantasy too... but Skylanders: Imaginators' Character Creator looks so fucking dope. It's $100, but the CC alone is so worth it. >^<


I wonder if there's a psychological reason why I'm in love with being despised by women. Although ignored, I enjoy the feeling of contempt, distain, and HATRED. I would let a woman literally stab me if I think she's worthy. Maybe not on a first date.

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Comments of the Week 90

Yo yo yo, it's your boy, Dreamweaver! Welcome back to Comments of the Week, where the finest comments across the best website in the world are compiled in one place! That's right, you never have to leave this domain again! Not, not that you...


Although I'm sure it will be largely ignored, I'm very close to finishing a 18-part blog that will be posted daily (with the exception of Sundays due to Comments of the Week). That's right, that's almost three weeks! Might even start today if I hurry...


I hope, one day, I'll have a bitch wife who's into cuckolding me. I dream of her running off and having sex with strangers until she gets pregnant, and then leave me to raise her kids while she fucks even more strangers. It's the perfect marriage! <3


Working on another MGSV-themed image, and it's the first time I'm attempting to draw full bodies. It's not going well. I think the size difference between these two characters — you know who! — makes the scene look funny rather than grim and serious.


Wondering if I should apply to Destructoid as a Community Staff/ Contributor. Part of me would like to be an official part of a site I love so much, but part of me thinks it'll be a horrible idea with my kind of baggage. Wouldn't want to sully the site...


I was out grocery shopping, and I almost hit a young woman with the buggy. I genuinely apologized, and she replied "it's fine" in a very meek voice before she scurried away. I hope I didn't scare her; this would be the fastest I drove a woman away! T^T


Decided to get Paper Mario: Color Splash thanks to your suggestion@ShadeofLight - The cover is an accurate depiction of what will happen if I don't like it. Does that mean I'd smash the disc? Only if I don't feel like getting my clothes dirty. ;P


48+ hours later, still trying to decide between Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Experience vs. Paper Mario: Color Splash. I love MGSV, and I purposely held off playing it again for this. But everyone loves Color Splash. Will I need to sell my games? :(


IF I kill myself, wouldn't people be happy I died? The people who hate me will never think about me again. The people who love me will know I will no longer suffer. No more false hope, no more nightmares, no more delusions... only peace. Just a thought.


Are people enjoying Paper Mario: Color Splash? I wasn't interested before, but if C.J. Andriessen said the game is funny, then you know that it must be legit. I thought about getting MGSV: Definitive Edition, but I think I want some color right now.


Reminder that Comments of the Week may not air today due to technical difficulties involving a hurricane. So, to all of you folks waiting with bated breath for your weekly slice of me, you should probably take a breather. Or don't. Prove your devotion!


Hurricane passed. Luckily, it actually went from a Category 4 to a 2 right before it came here, so damage minimal, people safe. Power's going to be out for a while though, will either delay or cancel Comment of the Week. Need reserve to recap today.


Here's a drawing of my character, Irelia, cosplaying as Quiet from MGSV. I regret making her breasts too perky; I like a little sag. :P — "I did not choose to be Quiet. I wanted to express my feelings to you. If only we shared a common tongue." - Quiet


Related note: IF - and that's a capitalized if, by the way - Comments of the Week gets cancelled this week due to the effects of the hurricane, it'll be the first time it happened in months. Let it be known that it took an ACT OF GODDESS to stop me. :P


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If you want to know more about me, you can check out my contribution to the "10 things about ourselves" blog, that Mr. Andy Dixon asked us all to write as well as any other personal blogs here:

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I also used to write blogs about videogame themed doujinshi (yes, really). There aren't many written yet, but the few that are written can be seen here. If you enjoy these, feel free to message me on any recommendations, suggestions, or if one of the images I've chosen is too naughty. :P

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I don't just restrict myself to videogames though!

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Let's get a little (gay) hentai in here (NSFW!)

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Another one of Dreamweaver's fetish blogs! You know you want some! (NSFW)

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Behind the scenes look at Comments of the Week (Also, fuck it, totally NSFW!)

And just for giggles, here's a couple of blogs that I've personally enjoyed writing myself!

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