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I hope every game developer fills every game with women. I hope the next God of War is starring Kratosa the Goddess of War. I hope every MMO runs a special event where you can only roll women chars for a month and everyone who gets angry gets banned.


Re: Peachette, I like the simple elegant explanation that Toadette is just a lone mutant freak. Like how in Stardew abigail will sometimes eat the flowers and rocks you give her and that just makes you like her more. Toadette = a charming freak.


Spoiler: Fumito Ueda's new game is just ultra hyper concentrated SOTC. The entire 10 square kilometer game world is just one giant boss that takes 60 hours to kill and 60 seconds to cry and feel bad about killing. GOTY. Can't wait.


I'm still a long way from done I think, but as of this moment I'm feeling like DQXI is the prettiest one they've ever made, but DQVIII is still the best one they've made.


Sorry, I just got the boat and found the casino so Dragon Quest is the only game that exists until further notice, thank you.


Dedicated to everyone who is unironically upset that Nintendo cancelled the direct. https://youtu.be/8QqD1%20?t=14s


Dragon Quest is amazing and you should buy it so that Japan will send more of it for me--I mean us--to buy. Thanks!




Just put everything on the Switch. All of it.


I'm really enjoying this EARTHLOCK game on teh steamz. Appears to have middling reviews and the writing/art is pretty meh, but honestly the JRPG-esque gameplay is pretty great IMO.


Much like juggling, BeepBox is a skill set I will never use and yet I can't stop doing it. https://goo.gl/vwh4hu


I don't care about your kids. Post pictures of your cats--the only children that matter.


NMS Next continues to be great for me! I guess I must be the target demo because I don't really wanna play anything else lately. And hey, good news, I found him! I found the tubbiest boi in all the galaxy.


"Runaway" is one of Waluigi's favorite songs.


Buy Okami HD or else Ami will pee on you.




"No Man's Sky is so clunky, and the crafting system makes absolutely no sense." --Friend whose all-time favorite game is Minecraft


Taking Out The Trash: Fascist Koopas don't learn

[When I put out last month's Blogger's Wanted prompt, I thought we'd try something a little different and talk about all the games we take down fascist regimes in and the fun ways we may obliterate Nazis and those similar to them. I didn't ...


I can't dance, I can't talk, the only thing about me is the way that I walk.


Downloaded and played NMS for the first time and, I dunno, it seems fine to me. Will probably snuggle up with for a long play this weekend.


When then young people are posting memes that I don't get


Yorda vs. Elika: Gameplay, AI, and human empathy

[What's the best way to make Destructoid's Front Page? MS Paint illustrations and Shania Twain references. Obviously. Oh, and you also have to write a super kick-ass blog that delineates the difference between a gaming companion being merel...


In Defense of the Silent Protagonist

A thing I sometimes encounter among a certain selection of my fellow gamers—both civilian and journalist in kind—is a deep dislike or dissatisfaction with silent protagonists. The Links and the Gordon Freemans of the video ...


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