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Do any of you know if there's any good xbox 360 controller that I can buy new for a reasonable price?


FF Tactics just put me in a 1v1 which I can't win, so I need to grind again. Fortunately I won't, cause I'm dropping this turd. Seriously, this game made my blood boil in all the wrong ways, and I beat Fire Emblem Conquest. Loved the story though.


Persona Q 2's credits put a smile on my face. What an awesome game, so much better than the first one.


Anyone who beat Persona Q2 could help me with a bossfight? Going to post the details in the comments, to avoid spoiling anything.


After reading Nior's love letter to shmups, I decided to finally play Jamestown+, which I got from a Destructoid contest. Don't know how it compares to others of its genre, but I liked it a lot.


Ys is a damn fine video game series, and the simplicity of the combat in Oath in Felghana and Origin is what makes it addicting.


Started playing the Ys series for the first time. Hurray! Will begin with I & II chronicles, already been told that I should use a guide for the first. Any other entry with oldschool obtuse progression?


Beat Matador at my 2nd try in Nocturne. Status: ONE MORE GOD REJECTED Survived the fall from Grace.


Don't we all love stealth sections in Zelda games?


Just got to the final boss in Pillars of Eternity. I am dropping Pillars of Eternity :-)


Can any of you benevolent Australian souls take high quality pictures of Pokemon Platinum? Box and cartridge. I really need some reference to see if the one I got is legitimate or fake.


Today is not Thanksgiving. Today is FUCKSGIVING, because I give a FUCK about you all. Love you.


Playing the Trails of Cold Stell III Demo. The overall art style doesn't suit me and it has this budget-title feel to it I don't like, but the combat... Dear Lord I'm in love with the combat.


Guys, a little question: is there a way to know when a preorder for a game is going live? I've decided I want to get the a special edition of Persona 5 Royal (if it releases), but I will never give money to scalpers.


Mass Effect: Andromeda's character creator is so shitty LOL. I think it's on the same level as ME 1. I have no idea how the fuck they did that.


I like over-the-top comedy, but DmC3 is too much. I enjoyed 1's sense of humor, while 2 was bland and shitty, but 3 is just getting on my nerves.


God, the writing in the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC jumps from goofy to cringey constantly.


Saved both Quarian and Geth. It feels good. Very good.


It's kind of sad when you explain a mental issue to your family,thinking about getting treatment, and the first thing they say is that it might be an autosuggestion.


Can someone explain to me why the hell is Wrex following Shepard in Mass Effect 1? Every other companion has a viable reason.


Bought Mass Effect Andromeda. Will play after replaying the original trilogy. *sigh* What the fuck have I done. Pic unrelated


Persona Q party interaction is bad. It seems the writers have no idea of who are the characters. I can imagine the writers of this game receiving a character resume like the ones in the new Fire Emblem trailers. And Rei's food jokes got old so fast.


Thank you for the Christmas giveaway Dtoid. Got Save me Mr. Tako for the PC and Socketeer for the PS4.


Playing Okami HD on the ps3. Wish I could turn off the annoying jibberish voices, because the soundtrack is great and I feel guilty about muting the TV.


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