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One of my all-time favourite shows, Fraiser, is officially returning and I really don't know what to feel. Happiness? Dread? Without John Mahoney, I'm sorta leaning into the latter.


RIP Brodie Lee/Luke Harper Seriously, what the fuck.


Happy 80th to the man, the myth, the goddamn legend.


It cost quite a lot, but I managed to find a copy of Bomberman: Generation on Gamecube as an Xmas gift for my brother. I dread how much Bomberman 64 will set me back...


Joyous news: Cavill is back as Supes. https://cosmicbook.news/henry-cavill-signs-superman-deal


To celebrate the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Happy 65th birthday Charles Martinet!


Oh damn, next wave of Mortal Kombat 11 DLC characters have just leaked (spoilers)


So, finally got around to playing Doom: Eternal last week (was saving it for my B-day) and goddamn is it great. Definitely an early GOTY contender for me, But I have a great shame that I must confess...


Holy shit. Kingdom (Neflix show) is so friggin' amazing. I can't believe I didn't watch it sooner.


Just watched Dark Fate and I thought it wasn't too bad at all. I was kinda mixed on *that* death, but overall thought it was genuinely enjoyable. Better than stinky Genisys, at least.


Does anyone here suffer from phobias that are considered bizarre? Ever since I was a toddler and to this day, I'm very uncomfortable around buttons. Yes, the kind that you wear (continued...)


What's a great way to end Christmas day? A big-arse lighting storm followed by a 3 hour power outage in near record summer temperatures. Happy Holidays!


Re-watching the X-Men animated series on Disney+ reminded me why I fell in love with Wolverine: "I heard you like picking on smaller people, well I'm smaller so try picking on me!" Truly words of inspiration.


Derek Mears was the best Jason. Change my mind, nutheads.


Conan: Exiles is so goddamn boring so far. Making any sort of progress takes forever and the world is so bland. Are there any towns or proper NPCs in it? Why is it so hard to make a good Conan game?


Neill Blomkamp is no longer directing RoboCop. Of fucking course. https://www.superherohype.com/movies/462347-neill-blomkamp-is-no-longer-directing-robocop-returns This is why I no longer have any enthusiasm for movie news anymore.


I just woke up from a sex dream with Valak from The Nun. Is that weird?


Looks like we have our first Mortal Kombat film casting: Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero.


In honor of Banjo-Kazooie's Smash inclusion, I've been doing a series run and I think I've set new personal bests. 9 hours for Kazooie and 14 for Tooie (I'm not speed running, BTW.)


Been playing Dragon's Dogma so much, I'm actually starting to hear "Take care not to get soaked in water!" when I step into rain.


I realized I haven't been posting much lately probably due to worrying feelings of depression bubbling under the surface. I want to say I might feel a little better on my B-day (19th), but I doubt it. Everything feels so aimless at the moment.


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