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Finally saw Justice League. It was...not that big of a disaster I was expecting. It was still just your regular superhero flick, but I wasn't offended by badness in any way. Still excited for Shazam, regardless.


RIP Stephen Hawking. He will forever be an absolute legend.


I hope to see more of Darksiders 3 at E3, but at the same time, I'm kinda glad there hasn't been an aggressive, cringy, in-your-face promoting like 80% of AAA titles. I like the subtle, casual flow of info so as not to cause needless overhype.


Well, this blows. After lying dormant for about 4 years, the battery in my PSP expanded and blew the back cover off. No Ultimate Ghouls & Ghosts for me... :(


Out of all the newcomers from SFV, Rashid is definitely my favorite. Cool appearance, stylish moves, likeable personality and an actual story that had a beginning, middle and end in one game and didn't flounder for 30 years. Plus: That theme. RASHIDOOO



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