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Level up in life! Whoohoo, +3 INT! What else, fuck, -1 SPD and -2 AGI.


Just watched IT. Headed to the restroom after; on the sink I saw a tissue boat. Then Pennywise showed up and exposed me to my greatest fear, a 3DS opening slowly that gets to it's opening angle but it keeps on opening and the screen snaps off the hinge.


When I said I'm excited to get home, I didn't mean make San Francisco hotter than Manila.


Semi gaming (but a different kind) related: I'm flying to Indiana in a few hours for GenCon 50! WHOOHOO!!


So glad that the meetup was an actual thing that happened. Good luck with your trip AdmiralAckbong! You have about a year to get a Switch.


AdmiralAckbong and SF/CA people - Singapore Sling might have gotten away but there's still a few survivors in this Californian wasteland. Send a signal. We are here. But for this Sunday - some frou frou grape juice at Sonoma.


*goes to Dtoid on a Thunderbolt Display* *sees Dtoid in mobile view... in portrait mode* ... *flips Thunderbolt display sideways*


Crap, I'm down to the last episode of Orange is the New Black Season 5. One year of waiting, again! At least that Netflix trailer for GLOW looks pretty promising.


My FE: Echoes Dead Mire strategy - everyone cheers on Celica and Valbar as they slowly craaaaaawl through the map. They do cross the swamp when the coast is relatively clear but they all cower behind the front line of tanking and Blessed Sword spamming.


Good grief, that battle at Grieth Citadel. It's wading through a pool of bonewalkers. Killed so much of them Celica just capped


Wow. I'm getting the hang of ARMS. Haven't played too many games (I actually missed the first slot) but all are wins so far. Getting pretty good (i.e. annoying) at the mix-up game, I guess.


I'm already in November for P5, I got a copy of the new Fire Emblem waiting to be opened, I even bought yet another book that I think I will like. And all I did until 3am was play goddamn EverWing.


His world may have ended but here's a good song for all of us still holding out here.


The black hole sun came for him. RIP


Nioh Odachi review: Raw numbers are meh but damn it tears through enemy ki do quickly especially with the low/mid-high stance skill. Human enemies are just decimated, I 1-shotted Masamune and the guy before that the battle was so quick I forgot his name.


Why yes, I am Nioh


Wow, Shigezane hits like a truck. Thank goodness that's over with. Still deciding whether I should trouble myself with respeccing just to try the Odachi.


Holy shit, the Emperor Rank 5 scene at the church caught me by surprise (pic in comments)


Oh yeah, add one more cat to Occam's face! PS: WHY? HOW?


How the hell did I get the 'The Ultimate Strike' trophy? I'm only up to the barrier on Madarame. My All-out Attacks don't even reach 300...


Holy shit, what a pain in the neck trying to get to Palace#1 treasure in one go. Was able to fuse lots of new Persona, though. Now at the gates of Palace#2, hope it's not as long as the first one.


Just came back from an out-of-town trip and... holy shit, a lot you guys have made serious progress on P5 over the weekend.


I'm on a literary roll! Now I finished Etgar Keter's 'The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God, and other stories'. My new takeaway - I need to play some more Persona 5


I've started reading Dave Egger's 'Your Fathers Where are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?' on the way to work - it's now 1AM and I finished it. My takeaway - I should play some Nier: Automata now.


Get rekt Midir! Ringed City done!


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