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For the birthday boi, I present you my gift - TAIKONGSHENRS - "Transformers in Disguise"!


Finally finished Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask after soooooo many distractions since I started it last year. IMO it has the weakest story (Unwound Future can't be beat!) but it seems to set things up for the next iteration well


I keep rewatching that Smash reveal trailer (and the thousand reaction videos with it) and I gotta say, that reveal was perfect


I am now a Sapphire Star. I've eased up on MH playtime a bit and started Bayonetta on Switch and maybe finish 1 of about 5 games on 3DS that are almost finished. Then, Jho comes and I am a fulltime hunter again. P.S. Look at the cat LOOK AT IT


Alright, time to kill that cockblocking asshole Bazel that keeps interrupting half my hunts


Can anyone hook me up with the DTOID MHW Squad?


Happy Birthday Shoggoth! May you breeze through life the way you breezed through Bloodborne. Also, play the goddamn expansion.


To take the edge off the Monster Hunter World hype, I've been watching people get hyped with the MHW game reveal last year.



They made Plesioth Hip Check Part 2 fuuuuck


Happy Birthday to a bear, mexican food, and a real life Tekken character?


*January 19* SEGA: (steps on podium) Uh, we Senki-o for buying Sonic Forces. Prease buy more Sonic. (steps off podium)


As we exit this worn road for 2017, may we find new opportunities as we ride tow-... what th- OH MY GOD TURN THE CAR AROUND, TURN AROUND TURN AROUND


Well, I managed to do it a day shy from 2018 - I finally finished Persona 5 and I managed to earn that fucking Passionate Listener Trophy about 2 rooms from the final battle. It took me a while, but it is certainly a Persona game to remember.


Played the MHW Beta until the test period was over. The Beta was like, "Dude, stop playing, you do know this isn't the actual game yet right?"


Merry Christmas from the "Not Asian Enough" part of Asia!


Sub-2:20 with GS (also have sub-2:30 with LBG) for Jagras. I know there's sub-1:30 runs out there but coming from 8minute runs and aimless walking around looking for the god damn thing, it feels great "getting" the flow


Concert done! Encores include To Zanarkand, Aeris Theme and singalong One-Winged Angel! So happy I jumped on the chance for this concert.


They're fucking playing LIBERI FATALI!


Good to be back! My feet hurt


Can't wait for the Tokyo trip this Friday! Game itineraries include: Akihabara Kotobukiya/Retro Game Store Raid, FF Distant Worlds Concert on Sunday and visiting Capcom/Monster Hunter Cafe in Saitama! The trade-off: I'll miss the MHW Beta Dates BLARGH


All 880 moons acquired! Man, I used up my whole Saturday for this.


Uh... I'm good at video games.


Alright, Super Mario Odyssey main story finished with 430-ish Moons! Lemme cross out that item from the checklist of things to do in this game...


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