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#SiegeSaturday got some killer Twisted Kandy going on in it this morning. Big plans for the weekend folks? Apparently the better half might get me "outside". Heard the graphics suck. Also maybe a water level. Stay awesome and stay siegin'!


Nailed my excel test for that perfect job yesterday. Got a panel interview on Tuesday and if I don't fuck it up I should know by the end of the day. As long as I don't mention Siege, G-Fuel or my weird obsession with busty dominant girls I should be good.


When you're so tired in the morning you accidentally put two scoops of G Fuel in your morning water bottle; so now you're walking around work with "wanting to fight your stepdad" energy #Whoopstoid.


Well HELLO there Detective.


Life is short. Stunt it.


The moment I've been waiting for.


Alright, this might be one of the funniest articles I've ever read. It's about a man trying to replicate how the Apollo astronauts shit onboard the spacecraft, in comments.


Big shout out to Mike for letting me know these guys had a new single out. It's brutal as fuck, back to the old school. Lala-love it. Music video is a bit gory though, just be warned. #MetalWhateverTheFuckDay


Just had a call about a potential career-job. Having an excel test next Thursday to show my mettle. Fuck, I hardly know advanced excel. Time to crunch.


Went and saw Lion King last night. It was solid, decent, good even! There was one thing that I didn't account for though....


Hey Patrick, I dunno. What the fuck IS UP?!


Favorite cutscene in gaming? Since I'm limiting it to only one and I can't say every single Max Payne cutscene, I'm going to go with this one.


Hanging out with all the family, at the bar. Crowning the new fish master for the year with this view. Guys not gonna lie to you, I'm posting this to remember how good this was for when it gets rough. Thanks for being good sports. #FishOn


#SiegeSaturday you think just because I'm on vacation I would forget about this sacred day of the week? No way! Hope you're all having an amazing weekend. You're awesome!


Happy Burssday FrostyFlakes! You're one of the most pure, weird, sexy, sympathetic dudes on D-Toid. I'm sorry I've corrupted you with my ways, but you've weathered through it and made me a better person. Have a good day, you're GRRRRRRREAT!


Streaming some Apex Legends today, currently with Gus TT Showbiz himself. Open third spot to anyone with an Xbox! Get it son. www.twitch.tv/JurassicSaint


🎶🎶🎶 I don't want to write this cause if I do it might be true.... 🎶🎶🎶 (Life update in the comments, shit's not fantastic.)


Fuck Marry Kill: Torchman, FrostyFlakes and The Actual Charlton Heston.


Picking up the better half from the airport today a week and a half earlier than expected! Three day weekend coming up to chill, also me and @Frostyflakes absolutely dominated Apex last night. Hope everyone has a good one as well, you're all awesome!


Hey has anyone seen Indigit4l today? Last I heard he was going to try his G Fuel today. Just hope he's not out wrestling a grizzly or trying to punch the moon.


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