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I just got followed by someone named "Soulbow but louder". No comments yet, who's fucking with me?


Today's the day we find out ladies and gentlemen. The fuel is in the system and all cylinders are pumping at maximum output. Hop aboard, cause I'm the conductor of the poop train! BUMP CHOO FUCKING CHOOOOO!!!!




Biggg shoutout to Zer0t0nin. Been struggling with anxiety and self worth issues the last week. He shows me these guys and the persona just slipped right back on. Thanks for helping me flip the bird to the man in my head bud. #Zer0t0nintoid.


Heh. Nice.


Happy Birthday Soulbow! Wait I mean Zer0tonin... Wait no, who am I? Who is he? Who are we? Are we not the same person? Well fuck it whatever, happy birthday!


Oh my god I'm not ok.


Got my new Xbox controller today. Bring on the Division 2 baby. #SimplyTheBest. BUMP THE DAY HAS COME AND SO HAVE I.


Can someone please explain to me, an idiot in this space; what the big deal is with Epic vs. Steam? On one hand we all want developers to get more money, but people aren't willing to install another launcher because of it? Or am I missing something?


Not doing a #SiegeSaturday today cause I'm too busy drinking this and watching Hot Rod. Cool beans boys, cool beans.


I really wanted to express how happy I was that I was playing Siege with Frosty again. I think he appreciated it. EDIT: Bumping this because it appears D-Toid ate it. Or Torch did.


Good god I'm away for a few days with the flu and my entire flock is going CRAZY. What would the good lord Tachanka think my apostles? Remember, he preaches restraint as much as he preaches rattling off with an LMG. Or is this becoming #SiegeToid?


Woke up a few hours early today and couldn't fall back asleep so I thought I would give the Division 2's open beta a quick spin. Initial feeling after about an hour and a half?


Today's my one year anniversary of being part of D-Toid. To celebrate, it seems Nintendo has dropped this in Canada. Not that I'm playing it. Cause that would be totally Weeb and detract from my Siege time. Also all of you are awesome.


Feeling nostalgic today. Wish it was summer so I could cruise down the lakeside on my longboard blasting this tune. Been doing it every year for the past decade. Any tradition you guys associate a song to?


So everyone's freaking out about this "Doug Bowser" bro. However I'm here wondering, how long until Doug Bowsette?


I think I found Frostyflakes in toy form.


Welp. They cancelled the Punisher. Current status.


Me and my first matey FrostyFlakes are going to be sailing the high seas on this #SeaOfThievesSaturday. Feel free to come plunder with us. Www.twich.tv/JurassicSaint


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