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Wes, I love you man. Will never forget that drunken 2 hour conversation we had. Or how the D-Toid Dong Dudes ride or die. Keep on being you buddy. Happy Burssday.


Beat the RE2 demo in just under 18 minutes last night. It was... fine. Having a time limit really soured my enjoyment cause I rushed everything and couldn't properly appreciate it. Stoked for the main game but the demo did nothing to increase my hype.


His name was Robert Paulson.


You all are a bunch of fucking weirdos and I love it.


Well there's Hotel Dusk: Room 215 beat. I have now started referring to money as "scratch." What an endearing enjoying title.


It's extremely hard for me to say this. But Just Cause 4 sucks. Hard. It's a buggy mess even on consoles with some of the worst mission design ever made. You're better off playing 3 or the best one, number 2.


Hey, hey you. Yeah, you. With the sexy face. Are you sad cause it's Monday? Or cause it's a workday? Or just because you are? Here's something to cheer up. I guarantee you that you're the best thing that's ever happened to someone. Keep on keeping on.


Well, it's 2019 now. I should probably find a new hobby, or a new thing that interests me. I've been drinking this stuff for a bit now. It's pretty god damn alright, haven't had coffee for close to 3 months. Yo you guys G-Fuel?


Watching the T Swift Reputation concert on Netflix. Girlfriend: "that's probably the biggest crowd ever." Me, a (nu)metalhead booting up YouTube as we speak: "oh?"


Tama from World of Final Fantasy may the-be the most the-annoying character the-ever in a game.


Hey D-Toid when you enter a PSN DLC code how many numbers/letters are in it? Asking just to make sure because I have a DLC code for Xbox (I think) for my PS4 version of Just Cause 4. If anyone knows EB's return policies I need all the ammo I can get.


Pro tip. Don't buy BLOPS 4 if you want to play splitscreen. It's got black bars and is legitimately unplayable. Also Microsoft won't refund me. So that's 60$ wasted. You can't read text or anything. Also lags and hardly loads. Unreal.


Just thought everyone should know if you log into Siege today you get a pack with a free operator you don't own. I got Buck. Renaud, Frosty, I'm coming for ya.


Had a dream last night me and Chris Moyse were playing AC Odyseey but we couldn't play co op together because he said my name wasn't acceptable. "Deliberatly Destructive D-Toid Dong Dude." It was weird. Anyway, Merry Burssmas to all of you!


#RushToid I'm going to break the sandbag for a day and let you all know that Torch is a great Canadian. As is Neo, love that little weeb (<3). Renaud is actually a cool guy for a Montrealian. GetNekkid and Bass are rad AF too. Love you all! AND CELICA SRY


Seems like I'm starting to irk a few of the front page people. It's ok though, they'll see the light and true lord soon enough.


Hey you guys all remember that time I tried to buy into the weebdom and nobody wanted to keep #2BTuesday alive? So I had to look to a different religion? Good thing Siege is very inviting. Praise the true Lord Tachanka.


I've been playing with my original DS the last few days. Been murking around in Hotel Dusk: Room 215. I have Radiant Historia on order too, set to arrive Friday. What is going on with me?!


People who bitch about the wanted system in Red Dead haven't played Assassin's Creed Odyssey. One of the most broken bullshit system I've ever seen in a game.


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