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"Hey man. I'm super excited you're getting married and all. But why aren't we playing Siege right now?"


Chapter 5 of Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Shootin' 2 and I think it might be one of my top 3 games ever. It's just so....


So since Remembrance Day is coming up do you guys have any traditions you do? I personally stay away from all shooters (Siege included.) Since it seems wrong to remember the fallen while also slaughtering thousands of people. What's yours?


Hey guys remember that time when Torch said he would play Siege?


Current status:

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Finally got some pics back from my buddy's wedding. My mouth may say happy, but my eyes are pleading to go back to play Siege. #SuitToid


Yo friendly reminder from Canada here that if you don't get out and vote that's all well and good and I still love you. However, you're a weeb loving Siege player.


Chris my good sir. You are an amazing man and a true inspiration to all of us. When we both pass I hope we can hook up in paradise to finally play some Siege together. All the best brother.


Current status.


Yo Smash is great and all. But have you tried hogtying a dude onto some railway tracks, then having your horse take a dump on him right before a train makes him cease to exist in Red Dead yet? Shit's litty.


Hey all! Just thought I'd shill a bit and let you know I signed up for D-Toid's extra life event! I'll be streaming, you guessed it, Siege. Saturday, November 3rd from 8am - 3pm PST. Please come say hi! https://www.extra-life.org/participant/Soulbow


Yo you guys ever Siege so hard you Thermite thicc IQ with Dokkaebi's BOSG 12.2 while Buck skeleton key's your rectum and gives Hibana chlamydia due to Alibi dropping a deuce duplicate on hostage with Fuse charge buttstuff casual queue Maverick is best boy


Just a friendly reminder to open your hearts and accept the glowing embrace of the one true Lord Tachanka. Sponsored by Siege.


Home. Sippin' on an OE and playing some Abzu while thinking about how much I miss my better half. Do yourself a favor and listen to this, regardless of your hate for Disturbed. Think of a time when you were truly happy and cherish it. Hold onto memories.


Holy fuck Mandy was an awesome flick.


So is it just me or is Hellblade just a torture porn simulator? I'm all for harrowing ordeals but man it just doesn't quit. Also, no clue what the hell is going on in the story.


Just a reminder to you all.


New Disturbed album is out boys. Let's fucking go.


Hey guys. I think I finally found out PhilKenSebbens job title around here.


*Wakes up, decides to check the D-Toid q-posts. Sees a bunch of Nintendo and animated characters getting brazzer-fied.* Welp, I'm not going to be on here much today I guess. Y'all need Siege-sus.


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