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The Night Comes For Us is fucking redicilous and I love every second of it.


Who's someone you miss seeing around D-Toid? Me personally it's a toss up between Kristmas Kaiser (yeah I see you upvoting every once in a while, come back!) And Guerrilla. That duck was my first experience into the weirdness that is D-Toid.


Got a new phone, got a new hairdo. Life's been pretty alright recently. Downloaded this "to the moon" game on the new phone. Played about an hour last night. I can feel the feels coming but oh my god I'm not sure if I'm ready or not.


Wes, I love you man. Will never forget that drunken 2 hour conversation we had. Or how the D-Toid Dong Dudes ride or die. Keep on being you buddy. Happy Burssday.


Beat the RE2 demo in just under 18 minutes last night. It was... fine. Having a time limit really soured my enjoyment cause I rushed everything and couldn't properly appreciate it. Stoked for the main game but the demo did nothing to increase my hype.


His name was Robert Paulson.


You all are a bunch of fucking weirdos and I love it.


Well there's Hotel Dusk: Room 215 beat. I have now started referring to money as "scratch." What an endearing enjoying title.


It's extremely hard for me to say this. But Just Cause 4 sucks. Hard. It's a buggy mess even on consoles with some of the worst mission design ever made. You're better off playing 3 or the best one, number 2.


Hey, hey you. Yeah, you. With the sexy face. Are you sad cause it's Monday? Or cause it's a workday? Or just because you are? Here's something to cheer up. I guarantee you that you're the best thing that's ever happened to someone. Keep on keeping on.


Well, it's 2019 now. I should probably find a new hobby, or a new thing that interests me. I've been drinking this stuff for a bit now. It's pretty god damn alright, haven't had coffee for close to 3 months. Yo you guys G-Fuel?


Watching the T Swift Reputation concert on Netflix. Girlfriend: "that's probably the biggest crowd ever." Me, a (nu)metalhead booting up YouTube as we speak: "oh?"


Tama from World of Final Fantasy may the-be the most the-annoying character the-ever in a game.


Hey D-Toid when you enter a PSN DLC code how many numbers/letters are in it? Asking just to make sure because I have a DLC code for Xbox (I think) for my PS4 version of Just Cause 4. If anyone knows EB's return policies I need all the ammo I can get.


Pro tip. Don't buy BLOPS 4 if you want to play splitscreen. It's got black bars and is legitimately unplayable. Also Microsoft won't refund me. So that's 60$ wasted. You can't read text or anything. Also lags and hardly loads. Unreal.


Just thought everyone should know if you log into Siege today you get a pack with a free operator you don't own. I got Buck. Renaud, Frosty, I'm coming for ya.


Had a dream last night me and Chris Moyse were playing AC Odyseey but we couldn't play co op together because he said my name wasn't acceptable. "Deliberatly Destructive D-Toid Dong Dude." It was weird. Anyway, Merry Burssmas to all of you!


#RushToid I'm going to break the sandbag for a day and let you all know that Torch is a great Canadian. As is Neo, love that little weeb (<3). Renaud is actually a cool guy for a Montrealian. GetNekkid and Bass are rad AF too. Love you all! AND CELICA SRY


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