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I'm hardly an hour into Observation and I kinda hate it. The story is really intriguing but I've already had to guide half the "puzzles" and floating around looking for things with no context is zero fun. Quite frustrated ATM.


Holy FUCK yes. Let's gooooo people space pirates squad up!


New hairdo and I have to flex somewhere since I deleted all my social media. #Masktoid


Today would've been my father in law's birthday. #FuckCancer. But, I also got a raise for the next 2 months cause one of my co-workers couldn't take it and left on stress leave. So, thanks for the gift, Dad. Now to make you proud.


I'm level 26 someone send help I can't stop.


I'm starting to realize when I first started shilling G Fuel I should've given my reference link. Probably missed out in about 300$ worth of referrals from all of you. Oh well, my bad. Glad everyone's enjoying it. Stay safe, stay Siege.


UwU what's this?


Realized my last post was my 420th post. So I'm retconing that and stating this is my 420th post. Ooo yeah, Xx%20


#depressingbutbeautifultoid I'm going full white girl on this one. Can't wait for the new movie either. Probably the best bond song in my opinion, though live and let die is a close second.


So how long do you reckon before Ubisoft goes fuck the feds with Siege and starts incorporating their other IPs? Sam Fischer? Sure. Buff dude from Ghost Recon? Do it. Fuck it, throw in a Rabbid as an attack operator.


Yo JetterMars where you been at bro? The sun's still shining so you didn't punch it into oblivion.... #Flextoid in hopes of summoning you.


Happy birthday Torch, you're a real good guy.


I prefer my shit physical too.


Holy fuck I love Modern Warfare 2.


#SongCoverWednesday me and the better half debate which is better all the time. She prefers the original, but this has slowly grown to be my preferred version.


Besides FrostyFlakes, this is the best thing America has ever given me #restock #fuelup


Morning 'eerone. I laughed way harder than I should've at this and now feel inclined to share.


Whoever invented the platforming in Kingdom Hearts 1...


Final Fantasy 13 looks stupid good on the One X. Screenshot doesn't do it justice. Also, FF13 has the coolest opening cinematic of any FF game.


*pokes head out of G Fuel fort* I-is it safe? Is this day over? So far so good...


I can Animal Crossing too.


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