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#SiegeSaturday also since I know everyone was asking to see it, there's a picture of my G-Fuel stash in the comments. Hope everyone's having a good weekend.


Hope y'all are having a good day.


Microsoft buys FromSoftware and forces all their future games to have an easy/baby mode. #DarksidersGenesis.


🎶🎶🎶 Maybe we could just runaway, maybe we could just runaway. Maybe we could just leave this place for good. Cause we're both misunderstood. 🎶🎶🎶


Hey Torch, your team's looking a bit small at the moment.


Yo have you guys seen this? Some lady in her 70's hurt herself in a Phoenix park and had to be airlifted out. Then this happened. (Also note she's totally ok after this. So it's ok to laugh.)


What's your guy's normal go to shout when you're trying to pass a hard deuce? Ate Chinese food last night and I have a feeling my normal battle cry of "U-FUCKING-WUUUUU" isn't going to cut it. I need advice.


I'm sorry Torchman, what?!


Most frustrating part about playing Dauntless so far.




This one goes out to all of you. Thanks for making this house a home.


Nobody believe Frosty today. He's unhinged.


Has anyone thought about what happens if the fap counter gets above 1000?




#Pettoid this is Archer. We named him that cause we thought he'd be a super spy who loves melon balls and turtlenecks. Not so. Our other boy Willis is in the comments.


Go watch The Bash Brothers experience on Netflix. It's a 30 min video poem made by The Lonely Island. Please do it.


Thanks D-Toid!


Happy Friday everyone! Remember, if you can't love yourself how the helllll you gonna love anybody else?


Hey Dad- I mean uhhh, PatBateman17, are you proud of me?


10 hours into FF12, thoughts? This game's pretty damn boring.


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