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People who bitch about the wanted system in Red Dead haven't played Assassin's Creed Odyssey. One of the most broken bullshit system I've ever seen in a game.


Fucking kill 'em Vinnie.


Had a bunch of fun playing Siege with the bros last night. Thanks for everyone who showed up, even if y'all are the worst. Picture basically sums up the night.


Come watch me, Limo, Renaud and Frosty suck at Siege.


This one goes out to my main Siege man FrostyFlakes. #ILoveIt


So I hear Smash is selling super well. I'm really happy for it and imma let you finish. But know what else sold super well?


SURVIVOR! SURVIVORRRR-OHHH-WOAAAHHHOHHHOHHH #DisturbedDay (if this disturbs you then walk away.)


#CarPornToid my first whip. God I miss this beauty. Details of what happened in the comments (along with pictures!)


Might be a bit too addicted to D-Toid. Better half was trying to tell me a story and she screamed "stop looking at Destructoid!" To which I quickly replied "hang on! DePhoenix is roasting me! I can't let this stand!"


Pro tip for Ass Crud Orgy. If you can do a conquest battle FUCKING DO IT. They're timed and if you wait too long the whole region resets. Found that out the hard way. Pic unrelated.


TIL that a "Smash Bro" is NOT your buddy you beat off with. It's an actual thing, whoops.


#SiegeSaturday my main girl Alibi. Better hope my assault rifle isn't trained on you as you 'round that corner.


I. Fucked. Up.


Deadgar inspired me! What's your #FavoriteThingAboutDToid? Mine has to be the erection I get every time I type those 5 covenant letters. S-I-E-G-E. (Just kidding it's BSing with all of you and how you all make me smile, every fucking day.)


Everyone online is bitching about griefing in Red Dead Online and I'm sitting here like yo real talk guys have you fucking played Siege?


Your move Sounders.


Decorated the tree today.


Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you. The ACTUAL Charlton Heston. Bask in his eternal glory. Ugh he's so sexy.


TOO MUCH VIOLENCE. TOO MUCH SPEED. TOO MUCH MOMENTUM! His name, is Doctor (doctor doctor doctor) dis-re-spect (spect spect spect.)


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