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Since I'm feeling full of love and empathy today, how about an AMA to bring me back down to earth eh? Hit me! (Daddy)


My girl has finally given me the A-Okay to play games with a party and ignore her! So hit me up on Xbox! I play... Siege, and single player games. Tried to get a party in Siege, it's all 13 year olds yelling ESKIEET. So. Toxic. Please play with me.


Beat South Park: The Fractured But Whole a couple days ago. Have to say I was disappointed. Not nearly as crazy as the last one, and the combat system wore out its welcome within the first 5 hours for me. 6/10, average.


I need a minute to be serious. Over the last month my girlfriend has been extremely sick every day and night. After multiple tests docs are still no closer to figuring it out. Just needed to air it out somewhere... This shit is heavy. Thanks D-Toid.


PSA for no one in particular *whistling* You're is short for you are. Your shows that something belongs to "you" or is related to "you" (e.g., your car, your father).


When you're trying to read about video games cause this is a video game website but everyone wants to shove cucumbers up their air conditioners in various vegan-friendly stores #NotMyDtoid


"Your 20's are the best time of your life!" Cleaning a bathroom. Drinking a beer at quarter to 1pm on a Saturday. I guess so?


My E3 response to every showing that wasn't Microsoft.


Is something going on this week/weekend?


Ooktar: "Soul you have to say something to impress me to get into COTW." Me: "A pregnant goldfish is called a twit, much like you are." Checkmate.


Bass made me think about the origin of your username. How did yours come alive? Mine used to be Soulbow Kyro from Tibia, it was a random generator. Then I changed it to Soulbow Saint due to my love for Saints Row.


Since the girlfriend is away for the next couple days, thought I would put myself on the D-Toid market. #tindertoid! Also, no idea how to get it to rotate, just rotate your head. It's easier.


If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it... Does it say Yanny or Laurel?


Best Rainbow Six Siege Operator? Annnndddd... GO!


Bought Rainbow Six Seige over the weekend. Man it's a fun ride. Going to grind those operators out! Also, fellas; is it gay to upvote yourself? You're basically fapping all over yourself and that sounds hella gay to me. #thinking


Had a good chat with the family last night over dinner. They're so supportive of everything I do, it's amazing really. They let me know being 25 is NOT too late to pursue more schooling and quitting a job to further your education is a bright move.


I'm debating if I should get Butt Stuff: Rectumed. I'm really interested in getting my asshole extroverted in true 4K and at 60 thrusties a second. What does everyone else think?


Beat Prey (2017) over the weekend and, well, wow. Feel free to discuss spoilies in the comments with me. Was not expecting to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. That said, fuck the first 5 hours.


Psh, I don't need a PS4. I've got your God of War right here!


Hot take: Childish Gambino's new song is garbage. Just like everything he's made post-Camp. Minus Awaken, My Love! But I don't even consider that to be under the same name as Gambino.


So I'm playing Hellblade, and I've died 10 times on the first boss (Illusion trial.) Am I missing something? Or is this game just as hard as Dark Souls? (I'm really, REALLY bad at Dark Souls.)


Started playing Hellblade over the weekend (Xbox player here, late to the show.) And it's deeply disturbing. I can't play for more than an hour at a time due to me actually yelling at my TV to get the voices out of my head.


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