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So this came out today, and I could NOT be more fucking stoked. BUMP FOR ALL THE EVENING NU-METAL HEADS.


How the fuck did I wind up in a weeb shop. God damnit D-Toid.


So I may or may not be part of a pyramid scheme at this point.


Current status. Also #tattootoid. Anyone else got some sweet ink they wanna show off?


Fuck off D-Toid.


Not really sure I understand all this hype about "Dead Cells". Like, just go clean your shower drain?


So my stat holiday has consisted of drinking G-Fuel to wake up,almost being sideswiped by a clearly drunk dude while driving around town. Now waiting while the love tries on clothing. All in all, not too shabby. How's working suckers?!


Question for all you D-Toider's. Do you care when someone upvotes you? I try not to care, I just say what I want to say. That being said, it makes my heart flutter a bit when someone upvotes me. What's your take?


I propose we make a GoFundMe or whatever shit for Xeo. Guy hustle's harder than anyone I know and he always keeps it real. I would do it myself but I know next to shit about it. Come on D-Toid Community. Let's do some good. Make it, I'll donate.


Just saw a guy on my way to work pulling on a cow's tit. How dairy.


Alright. Which one of you degenerates are responsible for me finding this in our local thrift store.


I'm pretty sure Siege is melding into my real life. Text to the Mrs. Update: She thought it was "rude" to not explain it and now I'm on the couch tonight. Who doesn't know what opfor is?!


As if I needed a reason to be any more extra. This showed up today!


It's my 50th q-post, so I thought I would do something special. I present to you, the D-Toid Dong Dudes. (Or another boy band name. I'm taking suggestions.)


Hey, listen! (In comments cause this shit is way too lit to show.)


I always get so happy when homeoftheblues upvotes me, really makes me smile. Until I realize he literally upvotes everyone cause he's a filthy (extremely sexy) whore like that.


#MagicalMonday. (In comments because D-Toid hates me posting youtube links apparently.)


Mentioning Angie22 was a mistake.


I think I just saw an Angie22 comment. I'm too young here to know what that means, but I do know it's a big fucking deal.


So I went out last night and dropped $200 in maple smelling moolah to purchase the Crew 2 and preorder Red Dead. I actually enjoyed the first Crew, and this one seems like a nice little mindless racer. Plus loot, can't ever pass up loot.


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