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We posting our favorite X tracks eh? Check this one. Used to go so hard in the paint to it #DMXToid


24 hour impressions of the new Xbox. AC Valhalla is like a totally new game. The smoothness is actually making me I'd reckon about 30% faster in everything easily. Downloads are super fast, can't wait for RE 8 on this beast. Also Bill Gates now owns me.


Oh come on what's in the FUCKING BOXXXXX


Someone's impersonating me I hear eh? What's that all aboot.


Slimy gave me an idea, so I took my chump change leftover and bought a stonk in enthusiast gaming. So now that I'm on the board, my first directive is GET RID OF WIDGET BASED CONTESTS.


Got my ticket on the rocketship to the moon. Here we go boys. 🚀🚀🚀💎👐


Cyberpunks patch has been delayed till end of March. Friendly reminder this game will be out for 3 months at that point, and there's still bugged sidequests that prevent 2 achievements from unlocking. Lol. I'm finally feeling burned.


Cool. So my positive covid coworker was allowed back to work today, in the office, with no additional test to prove she's negative since its been 10 days. She can't work from home because she "doesn't know how". Yet I'm still stuck here for another week.


Friendly reminder that this song fucking slaps. Hope everyone's doing well, I see you all. Life update in the comments if you feel like seeing what's up.


Jack Black's playing Claptrap. Eli Roth is quoted saying that Claptrap is the "funniest character in the game". Even as a claptrap supporter, that's a big no from me boss. Now hurry up and announce Mad Moxxi so I can make up my damn mind on this movie!


So they're casting Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis in the new Borderlands movie. Alright, well, since we're not really sticking to character types here, Christina Hendricks for Mad Moxxi please and thank you! (Or I'll take Kat Dennings as a substitute)


This is what happens when you let Chris Carter start buying stocks in GameStop.


So they cast Kevin Hart to play Roland in the borderlands movie that there Eli Roth is directing.... Yeah, my hype keeps going down with each article.


In news that isn't about America (seems hard to remember the rest of world exists recently), has anyone seen this mob trial in Italy? It's fucking bonkers. Link in comments. They built a bunker SPECIFICALLY for this trial. Thinking about you RiffRaff.


3 things I've learned from Ion Fury. 1. It's fun as fuck. 2. It's hard as fuck, and 3. The shotguns range and damage is inconsistent, as fuck.


I looked up "Brett" on Urban Dictionary to try to make a joke, got this instead. Fitting.


Happy New Years D-Toid. Y'all are my socially distanced family. Going to spend the night with the better half, some whiskey, some (ok lots) of blaze, and some Dark Pictures Little Hope.


Well, guess I was really feeling it!


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