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In news that isn't about America (seems hard to remember the rest of world exists recently), has anyone seen this mob trial in Italy? It's fucking bonkers. Link in comments. They built a bunker SPECIFICALLY for this trial. Thinking about you RiffRaff.


3 things I've learned from Ion Fury. 1. It's fun as fuck. 2. It's hard as fuck, and 3. The shotguns range and damage is inconsistent, as fuck.


I looked up "Brett" on Urban Dictionary to try to make a joke, got this instead. Fitting.


Happy New Years D-Toid. Y'all are my socially distanced family. Going to spend the night with the better half, some whiskey, some (ok lots) of blaze, and some Dark Pictures Little Hope.


Well, guess I was really feeling it!


Cyberpunk is everything I wanted and more. Holy moly.




Alright M-M-Morty *belllccchh* I-I know it's your birthday and all, but I'm going to... Going to need you to take your Council opinion and, and stick it WAYYYY up your butt. Like WAYYYY up there Morty, it's the only way! (Happy birthday you beautiful man)


Just saying what up from Canada 🇨🇦🍁, sorry eh?


I can confirm that FrostyFlakes is devilishly handsome and very swell.


Fucking shocked RiffRaff hasn't posted this already, but have some new Aesop Rock. My opinion? Best track yet.


Sorry eh, but is something major happenin'? What's that all aboot? 🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦


#FunkFriday you say? Well then, I'll drop what's been in my earholes for the last week solid.


In memory of Gaj "O shit wuddup" Knight. May his dick rest in pepperoni, for Goofier has never ya yeeted as hard as on this sacred day, my dudes.


Happy Saturday peeps, have this new Night Flight Orchestra song, it pumps 💪💪🤙🤙🤙


So after playing Hades for 3 days and beating the first boss, I've had no desire to go back to it. That's my problem with roguelikes, having to redo the first area everytime is just so drab and boring. Ugh, I really should just stick to shooters.


I'm REALLY on the fence about getting Hades on Switch.. I LOVE Bastion, but HATE roguelikes. Also, how is that viewpoint in hand-held/proped up with a controller view? Some games are garb like that. Help me D-Toid, you're my only hope.


Stick my dick in a circle but I'm not fucking around.


RiffRaff making me proud.


BOGO game strong 💪💪💪


This song has no right being as good and catchy as it is. God damn.


Heads up, the DTOID code only gets you 10% off. Nice try Dennis.


G Fuels got a BOGO sale on until September 9th, just a heads up to all.


I'm currently in Alberta for the first time in my life. Day trip. That's all I wanted to share, have a good Saturday! (Neoturbo I'm coming for you).


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