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*Wakes up, decides to check the D-Toid q-posts. Sees a bunch of Nintendo and animated characters getting brazzer-fied.* Welp, I'm not going to be on here much today I guess. Y'all need Siege-sus.


So my best buds bachelor party is this weekend, woohoo! But then the wedding is next weekend. I somehow have to write a speech about how great he is without turning it into shilling for Siege. Suggestions?


Guys, after being away for 4 days consecutively I bring you the holy grail. I found out The Actual Charlton Heston's real name. I'll supply it to all of you, if you admit that there is only one lord (Tachanka) and that Siege is eternal.


Current status: spending the day hiking to where we scattered the ashes of my girlfriend's Grandfather so we can scatter her Aunt. It's so beautiful, and it's nice to spend quality time with her family (Brother, Mom, Dad, and Grandmother.)


Saw this bad boy at the local thrift shop. Sadly I was with the better half and I couldn't get it. Something about "she doesn't want to have to fish another metallic robot out of my ass." Quitter.


Here's an accurate depiction of how Me, Celica, and Renaud played Siege last night. It was too bad one of the men was Renaud.


So Forza Horizon 4 has made me giggle and squeal with glee on multiple occasions. My god do I ever love this game series, it's so damn therapeutic. Current status:


So now we have me, Celica, Limo, and Renaud all on the Xbox Siege train. The infection has spread. All we need now is one more poor soul for a full squad.


My better half comes home today after being gone for 2 1/2 weeks! We all know what that means, don't we D-Toid ;)


Am I doing this thing right?


Major Tom's Coffee Cups post got me thinking. Is there any game you play when you just need to think? Mine's Diablo 3. I always fiddle when I'm just thinking and that game is perfect to put my thoughts in order.


So in non-siege related news. I beat Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Easily the weakest of the trilogy. Mega disappointed. This is what I get for playing other games I guess. Oh well, back to Siege!


This is when I quit right.


*Wakes up, checks the comments on my Siege blog.* Current status:



(Small disclaimer, I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.) Just like that, I watched my teammates life end before my eyes.  I was watching from outside, on a rappel line as they stacked up on the objective doorway.  "Don't st...


Telltale is seriously fucking with my emotions as they yo-yo back and forth between The Walking Dead being cancelled or not. Also, I have to shit so fucking bad.


Ok sure, Bowsette is the new cool bandwagon to jump on. But have you seen how thicc IQ is?


All work and no play makes Siege a dull boy. EDIT: Celica is a god at making photos. Here's my favorite. Double EDIT: I can't post pics, get in this thread and look at his amazing work!


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