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This is our pixel-art version of Night King (Game of thrones). How about animation?


This game is incredibly fun!! Scream and show your ass!


Today I had to blow on the cartridge of Splatoon 2. Old memories awakened.


Hi everyone, today we’d like to talk you about our pixel art. Our pixel artist, Francesca, made a few sketches and tries to see what kind of style we wanted to have. Which would you have picked?


Do you like Tiny Barbarian? I love it and I hate it.


Tiger Tiger, a mini game inside Xenoblade 2. I really like it. Other minigames inside a big game?


This is Uncle Doc. How about?


Mega Burp! The best power ever!


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For over six years I’ve been dealing with videogames. I created and published a lot of mobile games, but my dream has always been to develop a videogame for consoles, like PlayStation or Xbox. I love platform games and old school pixel-art adventures. I was thirteen when "The Secret of Monkey Island" was published!
Now I'm working on the development of Landflix Odyssey, the first Netflix’s parody videogame.