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 from  flixist

Here's your all-too-rare reminder of what makes America so great.


I'm very drunk, but that doesn't make The Last Dragon any less great.


Guerilla Toss just put out their new album. Super maximum dope.


Ya'll are going to see Mandy tonight, right?

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Review: Mandy

With a trailer that promised surreal, neon-lit landscapes as a backdrop to an unhinged spree of violent revenge, I marked Mandy as the one movie I needed to experience no matter what this year. I had seen Beyond the Black Rainbow almost a d...


So, that Nuka Dark rum is eighty fucking dollars.


With my girlfriend's family. No drinks in sight. Her sister is already throwing an actual-tears fit like a child. Pray for me.


#kittentoid I just had a dream where I cut my cat's head off to eat, but as I boiled it I felt too guilty, so I tossed the head in the garbage disposal, but it wouldn't grind it up, so I had to scoop it out and throw it away with my hand.


Nashville has the most thought provoking street art.


Amna's birthday as well? Mark this as a day in which good mother fuckers are born.


Happy Birthday to GetNekKid! You'll always be the sexiest community member in the eye of my member.

 from  flixist

Review: Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

The Puppet Master series has been consistently running for almost 30 years. With The Littlest Reich, there are now 12 films to the slasher franchise. And with that many sequels comes a precipitous drop in quality and budget down to one fi...


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