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The Heel Turn: Maniac Mario

Grandparents and public television pastors were right. Slipknot turns any god fearing, good old American boy into a sexed-out, murderous, drug-addled monster. Anyone is suceptable to the powers of the devil's music, and with the birth ...


Fighting Games Made Me a Man

Boys and girls, it's that time of year again. The time of flowers, candy, and begrudging oral sex. Valentine's Day. And your boy Vaddy--no wait. No. Who am I? Shit. Anyway, let's go lowdown and dirty in this world of animal sexuality t...


Sometimes I relive the moment that Norm MacDonald was about to win the million, until Regis mother fucking Philbin talked him out of it, and I just get so mad and fuck--JUST SHUT YOUR GODDAMNED MOUTH, REGIS!

 from  flixist

About Kyle Yadloskyone of us since 1:58 PM on 02.06.2018

Formerly community member Vadicta, Kyle Yadlosky is a man capable of recounting every scene from Tommy Boy in detail and perfect order to the morbid surprise of anyone within earshot. This talent is the sign of some childhood trauma, no doubt. He's a lover of splatter, exploitation, and esoteric art films. He's been writing for years for websites such as and across a number of literary journals. He thinks samurais are great and ninjas are shit and will fight anyone who thinks otherwise.