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That new Godzilla movie was made for middle-aged dudes who think their hippy bitch of an ex wife and her new boyfriend are corrupting the kids. Nuclear Godzilla was super cool, though.


New Pharmakon album's out, and it's wonderfully heavy and strange.


There's just something about this image that perfectly sums up Joe Biden's presidential bid.


Dicey Dungeons is in fact a very good time.


Thinking about switching to briefs.


I ate two donuts in a row, and now I'm dead.


Ice cold take: The Evil Within seems way better on the second playthrough when you already know what bullshit to expect.


Ruiner has a style that I just adore, but it's gameplay doesn't click with me at all, and that super sucks.


All I want is a smart phone that also has a slide-out qwerty keyboard.


Dude, this Democratic debate is way gutsier--I can't believe they invited the raving bag lady outside the building onto the stage.


Even Toast is bored as fuck with the Democratic debate.


Surprise! You just gambled away $200 on worthless bullshit! --EA, having a great time


Some days you're member of Queen. Other days you're a Cottonmouth King. Some days you're Emilio Estevez. Other days you're Charlie Shee-ee-ee-eeeeen.


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