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Sleepaway Camp 2 was pretty fun. That's twelve hours terrorized. Now, excuse me as I pass out in my seat and never make it home.


Sugar Hill was every bit as wonderfully over the top as I hoped. And last in the macabre marathon is Sleepaway Camp 2.


Blood Quantum was a super great, well-shot, and ultra-bloody triumph. Keep your eyes peeled for it. Next up is Sugar Hill, which I've wanted to see for some time!


That's The Sender! Pretty meh on it, to be honest. Neat concept and some cool set pieces, but a kind of melodramatic. Next is BLOOD QUANTUM!


Amytiville down! Sleazy and fun but waay too long, especially given the hour. The Sender is next!


Devil Fetus is as wild and wonderful as its title suggests in that very beautiful CAT. III sort of way. Loved it! Next up is Amytiville 2: The Possession!


Fuck yeah! It's that time of year ae, bitches! Twelve hours of Terror!


PSA: Swatch is letting you design your own very Destructoid-friendly watches right now.


The Heath bar doesn't get the respect it deserves.


Tried these bad boys with some folks at work, and I have to admit the zombified ones have a fairly repellent this-doesn't-belong-in-my-mouth type flavor that's stronger than you'd expect from a mainstream candy. And the blue ones taste fantastic.


Okay, so I thought this was stupid meme, because there are only two correct answers--one being objectively correct, the other being a shrug-I-won't-fight-you-about-it sort of deal--but then I saw some horrid takes, and now I need to know who here is dumb.


That new Godzilla movie was made for middle-aged dudes who think their hippy bitch of an ex wife and her new boyfriend are corrupting the kids. Nuclear Godzilla was super cool, though.


New Pharmakon album's out, and it's wonderfully heavy and strange.


There's just something about this image that perfectly sums up Joe Biden's presidential bid.


Dicey Dungeons is in fact a very good time.


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