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Here's a fun challenge: The first few hours returning to Bayonetta 2 after a two week fugue-state playing God of War. The controls are exactly backwards. (And the games share a lot of the same Norse nomenclature.)


5 Ways Super Mario Odyssey is a Souls-Like

Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch has been delayed, but we already have something to tide us over. Here's a piece I wrote back when Super Mario Odyssey was released. Since we have to wait a few more months to take our Switches ...


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I'm a freelance writer based in Toronto, ON, and I'm the voice behind nerdsofacertainage.com. Like the rest of you, I've been playing games my entire life. But I'm old, so... I've played a lot of games.

I don't really focus on the past. I like to stay current, and tend to write about whatever I'm playing that day, week, month... I'm starting to fear 2017 as the year that time stopped. A lifetime worth of quality games were released in 2017.