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Streaming Schedule for the next two weeks

So while I haven't had the wherewithal to work on the games for review (Shadow of War is just boring) I've been doing a lot of streams and theme weeks.   No theme this week though next week will be 3rd person gaming week wit...


A week of D&D Game Streaming

Well across the platforms I put the poll up it was pretty decisive. This week's theme will be D&D Games.   Monday Night will be a return to Phlan as we pick back up on the classic Pool of Radiance   Tuesday Night...


A (short) week of VR gaming

My week (short one as it is) of VR games comes to a close as I won't be around Thursday or Friday night at all.   Elite Dangerous: Beautiful game in VR. I recommend it to anyone with a headset. While I did frustrate the hell...


Delving into the Citadel

Last night our heroes freed a captive human from the goblins of the citadel and found themselves face to face with a small army of goblins outnumbering them more than 2:1. It was close, it was ugly, but everyone came out of it and the ...


Assassins' Creed Odyssey's First Blade

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade (mini review for the episodic DLC) Legacy of the First Blade introduces our Spartan to Darius, the creepy mentor you didn’t know you wanted.  Darius, while not the fi...


What am I Playing

I know I’ve been very slow on reviews of late and I blame an EvilTedyBear for that but I figured I’d give you an update on what I’m playing.  You should have already read my review of Assassin’s Creed Odyss...


The Order of the Kraken Revealed!

The mysterious Order of the Kraken has been revealed as agents of the Beck family of Vra'Tra.  Though now, our heroes have almost completely and systematically dismantled the criminal organization saving five elves and a mysteriou...


Arrival at Morgan's Rock

Cmmdr's Report: 24 April 3305   Shortly after 0100 on I arrived at Morgan's Rock a little battered and quite tired as I pushed the last 1000 ly in rapid succession. I'm cutting my luck and docking here for the night. This wil...


Elite Dangerous: Project Ranger Test Flight Pt 2

  Cmmdr's Log 21 April 3305 At 1:03 GMT on 21 April 3305 I departed Cleve's Hub in Eravate in The Orion, my Asp Explorer. My first waypoint desination was Praea Euq ZB-S b31-4 on my way to Morgan's Rock. It was a quiet run;...


Tonight in Roll20 D&D:

Tonight our heroes were joined by two mysterious companions; one of which betrayed them at the last moment. They have completed their exploration of "The Haunted House" and are now ready to take confront what's left of the Order of the...


Project Ranger in Planning Phase

Cmmdr's Report April 17, 3305 I'm not flying tonight; I'm sitting in my berth in Cleve's Hub trying to determine a plan for Project Range. Looking at the great galactic map I am certain I want to strike the region east of the core, goi...


So What Is This Guy Talking About?

Good Evening folks! It was suggested (and a good suggestion it was) that I give a little bit of an intro into what the heck I'm talking about with "Project Ranger" and what my posts have meant.  its a pretty good question, afteral...


Elite Dangerous: Project Ranger Test Run Pt 1.5

Commander's Report April 13, 3305 Project Ranger Pt 1.5   I've actually been back in the bubble for a couple of days I was out just under 1000 ly but it was very much a success. I discovered several small bodies and a few mor...


Elite Dangerous: Project Ranger

Project Ranger Test Run Pt 1 I am in the middle of nowhere landed safely on the moon of a gas giant. For my first night out I made it approximately 750 ly from Deciat and I've learned two things: Even out In The Black there's a lot to...


Announcing Project Ranger

For Immediate Release: Cmmdr Morning Sun lately from Cleve’s Hub in Eravate has announced his intentions to mirror the Distant Worlds Project in an attempt to map unexplored regions of the Milky Way galaxy.  Beginning on or ...


Crisis of Goals: Elite Dangerous

I am having a crisis of goals in Elite Dangerous.  The unknown calls to me.  Seeing things nobody has ever seen is begging me to grab an Asp Explorer and head out of the bubble.  Then the allure of the shit ton of money ...


What happens when you combine a Quasit, a "Dragonpriest" (starving Troll), and a gatling gun arrow trap? You get tonight's adventure, of course. Our heroes came out of it pretty scratched up but they did come out of it. And gained their first level!


Last night our heroes met the Order of the Kraken. Who are these pirates and assassins? How have they garnered the attention of the The Scythe of Tarkahnnan? What are they doing in the town of Salt Mere? Stay tuned.


Welp...unfortunately the stream didn't work with dick tonight but the game was fun.


Welp...unfortunately the stream didn't work with dick tonight but the game was fun.


Wanna watch a live Roll20 D&D game? Broadcasting tonight starting around 7:00 PM. Come laugh at how awkward I am with combat. https://mixer.com/aurachad74


Got news?  [email protected]


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Picked up SWitcher Definitely not that great for home play, its miles better visually elsewhere, but it looks nice in portable mode and Ill get so much more out of it as a portable Cant exactly bring my laptop to work as


I know that I am incredibly basic for loving this, but I love


I am impressed with how little discussion I can find about River City: Knights of Justice on the

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One of the best things in the Yakuza series is Kiryu trying to stay hip with all the latest Whats your favorite thing about the series?


So my doctor diagnosed me with This is Everything is fineeee


This is a meme that just keeps on


Politicians on both sides of the isle are actually united on something Its genuinely shocking when that happens these


@MonsterDorkster Hello and welcome to my profile!


Had my bag pulled aside at TSA (didnt take out a Switch The agent noticed my Devilman book and commented that he loved Go Nagais The agent was at least 50, so I definitely didnt see that coming

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This is an orgy Id like to see :D Have a sexy Wednesday!



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