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Watch last night's Diablo III action!


For streaming nights join the Felon Discord and join me in the Felon Radio Channel Send me a message and we'll set so you can speak back to me and join in the broadcast! https://discord.gg/mmsjC62


The (Simplified( Lifespan of the Average MMO

The (simplified) lifespan of an MMO Launch with ambitious mechanics and story. (Rich, semi-complicated crafting. Unique skill progression) Initial surge of subscribers plateaus. Rebalancing of skills (nerfing) starts. Subs start to sh...


A little exploration. A little combat. A little grinding: No Man's Sky from November 2


Does anyone have any experience with Twitch over Mixer?


Dead by Daylight: Halloween Edition for Chad's Five Dollar Fridays.


What was your first computer game? Was it a roleplaying game? A text adventure? Mine was The Hobbit circa 1985. Text and RGB graphics and it even came with a copy of the novel.


Dead Island Classic Review

With one of the most ear worm infectious theme song hooks ever 2011’s Dead Island from Techland asks, “Who do you voodoo, bitch?”  I can safely answer that question with “you sure as hell voodooed me!&rdquo...


Hey - with doing a Five Dollar Friday mixer broadcast this week I'm up for answering more questions. Got a question for me? Ask away. I'll answer them during the broadcast!


Since I'll be home I plan on doing a Five Dollar Friday. Though I have no clue what.


I have what seems like a dozen projects swirling around including a review of STO: Age of Discovery, the review of Dead Island, and the early impression of Assassin's Creed Odyssey.


I was a little lower energy than I wanted to be but between my head pounding and a surprise allergy attack I didn't feel like speaking much. Also someone had just pissed me off about 20 minutes in and I was holding my tongue. A lot.


Just finished Dead Island. Took way too long to finish but that's now the game's fault; that was entirely on me. Great game. Stressful in spots but a lot of fun. Tomorrow night is Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I'll be streaming it.


Do you have a question for me? Want to know who I am and why the hell you should listen to me? Ask it and I'll answer it in a a future video or during a live stream on mixer!


Heroes of Baldur's Gate Unite!


Wherein I ramble.


Classic Review: Beyond Good & Evil

This one is gonna garner me some hate mail... Beyond Good & Evil starts with the world of Hyllis under attack from the DomZ. They capitalize it that way, not me. The brave Alpha Sections (??) are trying to defend the world against ...


As long as the universe doesn't dump on me Five Dollar Friday this week will be a do-over of the Baldur's Gate stream.


I am having a game dilemma. I am going to get Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I don't know if I want to grab the digital download and get it tomorrow or wait a week and get the steelbook cause I am old and still dig physical media.


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