On NE: EmuParadise has removed its entire library of retro game ROMs and ISOs
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For anyone awake I am streaming a ST; Bridge Crew solo run right now. Mixer.com/aurachad74


There will be a five dollar friday broadcast tonight at 8:30. No clue what it will be yet. Https://mixer.com/aurachad74


Bought a game online on sale for 20.00 on Friday. The activation code didn't work. Put a ticket in. No response. Game no longer on sale. The lack of customer response isn't making me want to preorder AC Odyssey. #ubsisoft #startrekbridgecrew


Well I was considering five dollar fridaying Star Trek Bridge Crew non VR version but even though Ubisoft took my money and gave me an activation code the code doesn't work.


Going live with STO: Victory is Life @ 8:00 https://mixer.com/aurachad74


Starting 8:00PM EDT on Tuesday I will be streaming the new STO "Victory is Life" expansion.


It took me over two hours to figure it the hell out but I can run the stream now. Windows 10 native streamer sucks. Got me something better. I'll do NWN another night (possibly tomorrow).


Bad news: The resolutions the game supports don't support broadcasting through Mixer. I'll keep trying.


Five Dollar Friday with Neverwinter Nights begins at 8:00 EDT https://mixer.com/aurachad74


For my first Five Dollar Friday I'll be playing the 2002 Neverwinter Nights released by Atari/Bioware. Perhaps I'll even stream it.


Wife suggests I do a Five Dollar Friday where on Fridays I play a cheap or free game and talk about it.


Batman: Arkham Asylum

How to start with a classic game as Batman Arkham Asylum... In case you've been under a rock, Arkham Asylum is a 2009 part RPG, part action game featuring the titular character in the titular location. The game opens with Batman delive...


Question: Did anyone like Aliens: Colonial Marines? Did anyone actually manage to get ANYWHERE in it?


Classic Review: Darksiders

I had to make a decision on playing Darksiders The Warmastered Edition further. I know I'm relatively near the end but due to life happening I have spent four months on this game alone. So I'm going to pause Darksiders and Darksiders I...


Something I have decided I really like about Darksiders. If I hit a part that I just can't get the timing right or figure the exact boss kill sequence and I get frustrated I walk away for a day or so and when I get back I invariably get it on the first t


What do you think? Are video games our modern mythology? Is Commander Shepard an analog for Odysseus?


Classic Review: 007 Nightfire

This is the first review I did well over a year ago.  I'm actually shocked at how incoherent this review was.  They get better, honest. Let's talk a bit about the game I've started with. 007 Nightfire is a 2002 first person s...


Tell me this doesn't look like a System's Alliance Weapon. I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite flamethrower on the citadel... no idea why this posted twice.


Tell me this doesn't look like a System's Alliance Weapon. I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite flamethrower on the citadel.


The Seven Deadly Sins of MMOs

For over 15 years now, MMOs have been a staple of my gaming life, though the first MMO I played was the beta test for Sierra’s The Realm from around 1996. (That game is still live, btw.) I began the world of paid MMOs with Earth ...


I've been playing and reviewing new and classic (primarily classic) video games for about a year and a half. I've got this strange OCD need to beat my games in alphabetic/chronological series order and I'm currently up to Darksiders.


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