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So yeah MHW is totally consuming my life..


How do you join someone online on Monster Hunter World ffs?!


Definitely getting Monster Hunter World for Ps4 so feel free to add me: SmokeAdellic


Switch really needs to port all the Wii U games before I go out and buy a damn Wii U!


The average gamer plays 218 hours..I’m pathetic.


Any other parent gamers on here?


What console do most of y’all game on?


Secret unknown fact about me: I haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn in fear it will make not want to play or finish other open world games.


Trying to limit myself on games due to creating enormous backlogs but can’t decide on Monster Hunter World or Far Cry 5 for my next game?


Hello, I’m new here but seems like a good community so figured I would introduce myself.


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