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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

A game without DLC is like a woman without a pair of breasts, It was supposed to be attached but for some reason, it's not.   Folks Let me take you back in time, A time if you googled 'Kevin Spacey and 14-year-...


Den of Thieves

It's like going in style meets the Expendables Hey! kids, do you like listen to the stories that are ripped from the original content and the people who ripped it, never gave any sort of credit to the creators of the ori...


Early Man - The Pun-est Review

Early Man is also the word that every man hates, when it comes out of a women mouth.   My Early Re-View    I had to watch this movie not because the animation designs reminded me of Shawn the sheep,...


L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

               "A small child trapped inside of a grown man's body."     If you are reading this that means you've played the original game that came out in 2011.Here's a fun fact, The...



"Multiplayer Online Battle Arena has only one rule if your team wants to win, Charge towards the enemy with your lv 25 Spears, staffs and a Teleportation scroll for just in case."   If you are new to this genre of gaming, Th...



PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS "BUY THE PC VERSION IF YOU LIKE GETTING FUCKED BY THE CHINESE HACKERS!"   A last-person-standing formula is not new to the video game world, It's always been there like 'Double Jump' and 'Resp...


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