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After I obtained my vanity plate last week, Bill got jealous and found one for his car.


Instead of keeping children in cages, I propose that we surgically place all refugee children inside of David Cage.


With Donald Trump as President, you get a localized remaster of Metal Wolf Chaos. When I am President, you will have a President that pilots a Metal Wolf.


My husband tries to stay busy, even in retirement.


I applaud King Mswati for such an incredible innovation. I propose that the United States of America be renamed the Apple iStates.


I have long theorized that Bukkake Waffles is actually my husband. I only say this because Bill ejaculates on his own Eggos every Thursday morning.


Putin announces new nuclear weapons and then Disney pushes up the release date of Infinity War, all in one day. I am grateful for this increased chance of seeing the film before the universe melts around me.


I would not have rushed in to face the Florida shooter. I would have sent in a cyborg to kill him.


Wes gave my husband a blowjob in the oval office


When will this administration acknowledge that the strain of influenza plaguing the United States was created by the Umbrella Corporation?


Some days you smash the patriarchy, some days the patriarchy smashes his secretary.


My husband said he wanted to go to the mall today. I was suspicious, because he hates shopping. As soon as we arrived, I understood why.


If I had been elected president, we'd be getting a new sequel to MegaMan X.


As President, I will ensure that our Military has the resources necessary to build a weapon to surpass Metal Gear.


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