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OMG! Future Diary is awesome!!! I didn't know it was a physiological thriller anime!


Does anyone know where you can find english Azure Striker gunvolt 2 Videos? They always play it in Japanese.


Guys! Anyone who has a Ps2 Slim, i need help!!! Ok, so I have the Street Fighter Anniversary collection. I had the game for 5 years now but I turn on the game one day and Street Fighter III doesn't work! The games loads but the VS screen is frozen!


Anybody ever played Kinetica? Classic racing game?


Dio Says ZA WARUUDO!!! "Steam roller falls" MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA!


MPR: Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX

Hey guys! 2018 is approaching us slowly, and to start it off, I am starting a new series of reviews call MPR or My Personal Review. This set of reviews will be for the games that I have on my emulators or even my own PlayStation 2! Thi...


Is it pronounced Baiken as in Buy or as in bay? If so, is it pronounced Bacon?


Another AMA Guys! And I think i'm ready this time! Hit me


Fighting Games: Do Tiers really matter?

Hey guys!  I have a question for all of you. Please be honest. Do you think tiers really matter? Are actually important to play effectively? Or do they just get in the way?  Some people depict tiers to be very confu...


@Madoka Malika Hey! My bro Drifting Deadlock told me about you. He said your a very, loony person. Looks like he was right! Anyway, nice to meet you.


AMA time guys! This is my first one! Come on! Hit me.


Fightcade Awesomeness! Post your Fightcade gameplay video here guys!


Injustice 2 Fighter Pack is coming soon!

We all know how awesome Injustice 2 is right now. Now it is about to get even cooler! This sweet pack will be released on 10th and Hellboy comes with it. So now Hellboy can join the guest character bros of Raiden and Sub-Zero. We ...


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