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Resident Evil 7's real horror lies in its resonance

The storm outside used to haunt you obsessively. Harsh winds clash into the shuddering walls of the Baker residence. You hear an erratic moan from upstairs. Or was that the wind? You don’t know. You’ll never know. It may have be...


I'M ALIVE! Outside of missing 18 inches of bowels and having a small little (pretty intense actually) hemorrhage on a Giant Eagle pharmacy floor, everything is fine. Infusions start soon, but not before the blogging engines. In the meantime, here's a song


A Little (Lotta) Bit About Zachery Bennett

Hello, Destructoid! My name’s Zach Bennett and I’m one of Dtoid’s newer additions to the family. I figured a little introduction is in order before some random, unknown face starts popping up around every corner. This...


About Zach Bennettone of us since 7:31 PM on 10.24.2017

If it's not a controller in Zach's hands, it's a guitar, a cup of coffee, or his head.