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Everyone talking about Monster Hunter and here I am waiting for the PC release.


One of the best SiIva Gunner rips.


No Gods or Kings. Only Man. Playing Bioshock Remastered all on Ultra on my new PC.


You see Ivan. He put 2 scope on gun. He shoot 2 time better. He escape Tarkov better.


A bit late to the party but... Happy New Year!


Skyrim on switch isn't worth it


Bit late to the party but... Merry Christmas to everyone!


No wonder he puked after that part.


Believe or not folks, this is a real video.


We got the new PUBG Desert Map. If anyone even cares about PUBG? Lmao.


The Ginger never fails to crack me up.


Discussion: Is VR viable in the current times or does it still need more work?


So I just started on Blend S. Best girl?


Happy Monday! Hope y'all having a great day or night!


So I just started playing/streaming Doki Doki Literature Club. Sayori is best girl.


We don't have Thanksgiving where I live :c but I am thankful for all youz


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