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E3 09: Tom and Jerry are getting an MMO What?

Yes, you read that headline correctly. In one of the odder news bites to come out of E3 week, it seems that the classic cat and mouse duo will be getting an MMO based around them. The game is being developed by Typhoon Games -- the develope...


E3 09: Nintendo announces Golden Sun DS

One game I’ve always heard people rank pretty high on their DO WANT lists is a sequel to Camelot’s Game Boy Advance RPGs Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. But since their developer, Camelot, has been busy working on golf ...


Faith and a .45 developer goes bankrupt

Way back in January, we heard that Danish developer Deadline Games had put Faith and a .45, its Bonny and Clide styled shooter set in the Great Depression, on hold because a publisher could not be found. It seems that was a portent of thing...


E3 09: Bit Boy!! announced for WiiWare

One of my favorite segments of RetroforceGO! are Colette’s WiiWare reviews, simply because of the ridiculously titled games and the ensuing five-minute long Chad laugh. Unfortunately, developer Bplus seems set to ruin this weekly ritu...


E3 09: Cooking Mama returns to the kitchen this Christmas

You can put the Cooking Mama in the garden, but you can’t keep the cooking out of the Mama … or something like that. 505 Games has just announced that everyone’s’ favorite fiery-eyed denizen of the digital kitchen h...


Windows 7 will automatically find updates for your games

Microsoft has already announced that the next version of their ubiquitous Windows operating system -- dubbed Windows 7 -- will be available in early 2010. It will, if the above image provided by ThinkNext is anything to go by, contain new f...


Far Cry 2's achievements encourage you to make friends

Seeing as how Far Cry 2 tells the story of one man trying to uncover the location of a ruthless arms dealer in strife-filled Africa, it would be easy to imagine the game as a lone-guerrilla sort of experience. That’s clearly not the c...


Portal gets a fan-made prequel in Portal: Prelude

[video]103843:378[/video]What’s this? A Portal mod featuring eight new chapters, nineteen test chambers, forty-eight challenges, six advanced maps, and a brand new storyline just coming out of nowhere? Looks like it. Set as a prequel ...


Crysis Warhead coming to Steam, Multiwinia deal

Valve has just announced that Crytek’s first-person shooters Crysis and Crysis Warhead will be making their way to Steam. Both titles can be pre-purchased this weekend and will be made available for download sometime after Warhead&rsq...


Die before you buy: Left 4 Dead demo confirmed

Most people have probably long since made up their minds about purchasing Left 4 Dead. Valve’s AI scripted, co-op zombie shooter has received a very warm reception from both the gaming press and gamers themselves. There are, of course...


Blood drive used to promote new Dracula adventure game

EA’s stunt of giving away free gasoline to promote Mercenaries 2 is a pretty tough act to follow, but publisher Encore is giving it a shot by partnering with the American Red Cross to organize a blood drive in and around their home tu...


EA's Crysis Warhead PC priced, releasing next week

Back in July, Chris Remo brought us the news that EA would be selling a computer specifically marketed as a reliable way to play the upcoming Crysis Warhead. Aside from a general idea of what it would priced at (600 to 800 dollars) there re...


Former GameStop employee rants Yahtzee style

[video]102954:326[/video]I know that several members of the gaming public have a great deal of malcontent for GameStop and its practices -- employees hassling about reservations and subscriptions, trade in prices that are clearly a rip-off ...


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