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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's like the PS5 all over again but on a much smaller, cuter scale. Are you really sorry, Nintendo? Are you?!


Currently doing the MyNintendo missions to get the Mario pin set. Sharing this pic wasn't necessary but... SUPER MARIO 2 BAYBEEE!


I LOVE Soul Calibur! Just found a Mint looking copy of Soul Blade today. Now all I'm missing are the system specific copies of SC II & IV


More than a little annoyed at the PS5 selling out everywhere but I'm not suprised. Would have been nice if all those email notifications I signed up for actually came through. Oh well. I'm sure more will be made. The question is when.


Since we're talking about Anime openings. They should have used this one for longer. Mainstream yes, but an absolute banger.


Watch a young man display his debilitating addiction to the dreaded Funko Pops he SWORE he'd never get into.


Hey everyone. Thank you so much for the support you guys gave me on my last outing into the youtube-verse. genuinely heartwarming to see such a largely positive place on the internet. This time I'm back with another unboxing of something everyone loves...


I know a lot of you guys don't know me, some of you may recognize me from unfunny comments, but it would mean the world to me if you watched my crappy Streets of Rage 4 video


Just finished Yakuza 2. Excuse me while I cry about Kiryu's story not ending with him and Kaoru raising Haruka together at sunflower.


I'm gonna be pretty pissed if the world ends before Ghosts Of Tsushima comes out...


Glad I’ve experienced this monumental impact Stan Lee has made on the entertainment industry as a whole. Also, I’m really gonna miss those cameos. You know you’re a hardcore fan when your wife texts you “Are you okay?” after she hears the new


Yeah Venom was super cheesy, but I loved it. Not sure why people were upset that he was funny. Does nobody remember his sarcasm and swinging around singing “Strangers in the night?’


The absolute most amount of fun I’ve had getting a platinum. Didn’t get tired of the grind for a second.


Who else misses that chime you get from negative karma in Fallout 3? Colin Moriarty had it coming though.


I was already hyped for anything Sucker Punch would have made but gee. Ghosts of Tsushima looks incredible. Those leaves man. I’m super sold.


The one downside to one of my favorite franchises, Yakuza, becoming mainstream is that now I’m worried about spoilers. Guess I better hurry up and play the game. NB4 (Insert Random Character) dies lol


Are the people getting caught saying the N word on stream not realizing that people will care and be upset at this point? Or is it because they just say it so often they can’t pretend they don’t for 30 mins lol It’s rediculous.


Anybody planning on getting into AngryJoe’s new miniatures game? Regardless of how you feel about him you gotta admit it looks cool. Lol


FINALLY saw Black Panther. I feel silly about how happy I am about a movie. I teared up at the end. Jk. No but seriously I cried lol


Character creation without a face scan is a nightmare for me. Those racial based pre-sets screw me out of getting the right hair and skin tone most of the time. Lol Especially in Bethesda titles. Anybody else experience this?


Why is it that every street-wear brand has an absolutely atrocious website with terrible font and UI? It's like they know these kids will buy no matter how horrible and lazy the presentation is. I've clicked off of store sites so many times for this.


In honor of Black History Month, I present my favorite black character in video games. Sad it's just a color swap lol. Step it up writers! My RedGaurd in Skyrim is a close second.


Marvel V Capcom: Infinite's DLC is all discounted on PSN now that I've dropped all my fun money on FighterZ lol What a coincidence.


Do we NEED base forms of Goku and Vegeta in FighterZ... If so, should we have to pay for them? (Nb4 "U R so entitled" comments, it's just a question)


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