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In honor of Black History Month, I present my favorite black character in video games. Sad it's just a color swap lol. Step it up writers! My RedGaurd in Skyrim is a close second.


Marvel V Capcom: Infinite's DLC is all discounted on PSN now that I've dropped all my fun money on FighterZ lol What a coincidence.


Do we NEED base forms of Goku and Vegeta in FighterZ... If so, should we have to pay for them? (Nb4 "U R so entitled" comments, it's just a question)


Kilik's "New Form" in Soul Calibur 6 looks so awesome. Reminds me of Necali from SFV a little bit. But obviously better cause it's Kilik.


Yes, yes. It’s absolutely horrible it took them 2 years to add it to the game. But I’m loving the Arcade mode in SFV.


Black lightening felt a little too much like Luke Cage for me. It was a little jarring coming off the tail end of The Flash. I think maybe they should reschedule when it airs to avoid unnecessary comparisons as it's not set in the Arrow-verse anyways.


My greatest gatcha gaming achievement. All thanks to Christmas and New Years give outs. It’s been a good time to be a free Dokkan player.


Rian Johnson is trash as a story teller. At least as far as Star Wars is concerned. If it wasn’t Star Wars the movie would have been amazing. Best sci-fi/ action flick of 2017. But this fool ruined the spirit of the entire Star Wars saga.


15 minutes into Skyrim Special edition and I encountered a glitch that wouldn’t ever let me leave Helgen keep. I see the upgrade to current gen didn’t compromise its charm.


Some good news for those affected by the Marvel Heroes Omega fiasco.


My impressions of UFC 3 from the beta aren’t very good at all. It feels floaty like a game with speed hacks and the animations skip terribly. Hopefully this is resolved or I’m out.


This Black Friday weekend could have been worse. Because I definitely needed to own and “complete” Skyrim a 3rd time. Can’t wait to get it again on PlayStation 5 👍🏼 Pic taken with a free iPhone that came with a $250 gift card. Can’t beat fre


UPDATE: Paid content has now been disabled. Seems like every other day Disney ruins some part of their newly purchased franchises. Another one bites the dust at the hands of the murderous Mickey Mouse. R.I.P. Marvel Heroes. Best wishes to Gazillion.


R.I.P. interesting stories about Luke Cage or Miles Morales. Brian Micheal Bendis has left marvel for DC. Good thing I weened myself off of comics after Spider-verse ended. Still sad though.


I was looking at footage of the upcoming Spider-Man game and all of the comments are like "Nobody cares about this Chinese business man!" 1. That's rascist 2. If you don't know or care who Mr. Negative is, you don't deserve new Spider-Man


If Dtoid keeps going down like that everyone's going to get promotions and raises at work.


Put Asura in MvCI and I'll pay for your stupid character and costume passes Capcom.


Good morning! Just in case any of you are like me and care about Marvel Heroes Omega updates on the consoles, I will be consistently if not constantly posting stuff like this.


Some people have all the luck when it comes to RNG. I am not one of those people.


Say what you want about Super, but Goku's new transformation was awesome. Gave me some real Naruto Four Tails vibes.


Why is nobody complaining about the "Costume Passes" for Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite yet? This is pretty bad. Next thing you know we get loot boxes in the next update.


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