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Why can’t people just tell you what they want for Christmas? It’s so cunfuzzling


Why can’t people just tell you what they want for Christmas? It’s so cunfuzzling


Only two days left of school, and then I’m homefree. Time to forget everything I have learned over the last six months.


So I have Stardew Valley on my ps4, is it worth it on switch? Thinking it would be nice to play on the go


Congrats to Nintendo for their various awards this year. You reminded us why we game, and the passion you put into these games is incredible.


The fucking master cycle. Oh my fucking god


Who else is hype for the game awards? Placing my bets on Persona 5, hoe about you guys?


The failure of YouTube rewind 2017

E   YouTube is the worst. This site has been scamming it’s creators out of their money and has the most unfair systems in place so that clickbait and quantity trumps the people who put real work in. Yet I watch videos o...


I’m a bit scared because uncharted 3 started off with a really bad fistfight. Please don’t let this be recurring.


Just finished Uncharted 2 on Crushing difficulty. Much longer than the first, and I had a wonderful time playing it. Every shootout felt different than the last, and with the exception of the final boss(screw that guy) I had fun every second.


Remember how Xenoblade Chronicles 1 was a GameStop exclusive? I had to drive to a completely different state to get my hands on it. Now the only thing limiting me from getting 2 is my wallet. Curse you Nintendo, you can’t release so many good games!!


Good afternoon everyone. Quick question, if any game was ported to the switch, what would you want it to be?


After finishing Drakes Fortune, I enjoyed it thoroughly, even if the controls were a bit finicky while climbing. Story was good, can’t wait to play Among Theives


Playing through the Nathan Drake collection on ps4, any tips I should know as a newcomer


New English trailer for Shin Megami Tensei V. I’m pretty exited, hope it’s as good as p5



Good morning everyone? What’s everyone playing today?


Went and saw Justice League today. Better than I thought it would be, but the Superman Ex Machina ruined it for me


After coming from IFunny, it’s nice to see so many kind people on this site. I’ll be posting every now and then, so stay tuned for some random stuff


A quick list of my games of the year Platformer: Mario Odyssey RPG: Persona 5 Shooter: Wolfenstein The new Collosus Strategy: Xcom war of the chosen Action/ adventure: Breath of the wild Puzzle: Puyo puyo tetris Visual novel: Danganronpa v3 Hav


Just got my first win in fortnite, popped off so hard I stubbed my pinkie toe. I’m so emotional confused


haha, art class is terrific, but my art is horrific.



 Spoilers for danganronpa v3 ahead.   As of late, it has been reported that Spike Chunsoft is starting development on a new danganronpa action title. While it could be something else, it’s easy to assume they are creati...


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