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Haven't been around for a while. Playing lots of csgo and some Fire Emblem fates here and there. Almost have Fates finished up. Took months. Hope everyone has been well. Any ideas for strategy rpg articles I could write up?


Part one of my first lets play. The game is Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. Thanks if you actually check it out. More to come.


So John Dunsworth passed away. His comedy really touched me personally and got me throgh some really hard times. I will cherish the memory of meeting him. We were singing in this picture. I didn't know the song lol <3 he lives on in my heart


What do I have to do to get a spot writing for this site on a semi regular basis? I really like the site and I feel like it's a good medium for me to work with. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


5 Strategy RPGS with unique twists

Stategy rpg games are a strange beast and are one of my favorite genres of games. They have deep stories and engaging gameplay that really make you stop and think. They are however the nichiest of the niche, and if you go down the rab...


I'm having trouble getting photos into a blog I'm writing. Could someone please help me out? I'll give you a cracker.


So I got a drum kit for my birthday last week and I have barely touched it because I've been playing XCOM which I also got last week, and now my mom is a sad panda because she got them for me. #First world problems.


If I could get paid to play and write about tactical rpgs the world would be a better place.


So I finished XCOM Enemy Unknown (vanilla) last night. Great game. Highly addicting. It's nice to get a break from the swords and sorcery of most tactical rpgs (ahem Fire Emblem) for something more modern and graphically intensive. Highly reccomended.


Boss Balance Issues: Strategy RPGs.

Some of my Favorite games are strategy rpgs. These games just scratch a particular itch and I find them very engaging, however there is something I have noticed about them over the course of playing so many of them. The final bosses su...


I desperately need people to talk about video games with. Hardly anyone I know plays video games; and if they do, they have never heard of the games I play. :(


Played a little bit of Corpse Party. Seems interesting, lots of reading though. Like loooots of reading. I wonder if I could beat a fire emblem game in ten days. I'm thinking yes. Now the question is, which one of my backlog should I play? hmmm


Finished up Birthright. Kind of a sad ending really. Looking forward to getting COnquest next week. Dungeon 4 of Etrian Mystery finished. Thinking about playing some Corpse Party tonight. Any suggestions for amazing games I should play?


Played some more Birthright tonight. Only a few chapters left. Cleared the first side dungeon in Etrian Mystery. Becoming intrigued by Shin Megami Tensei. Too many fire emblem games to play first.


I hope Mario is a Character in the next Fire Emblem game.


So I finally convinced my friend to play some Fire Emblem. He gets a smoke each time he beats a level. Whatever it takes right?


Got to Floor 11 in EO III then decided I needed a break. Played birthright off and on all day followed by a marathon session of Etrian Mystery Dungeon. A little Valkyrie Profile Covenent of the Plume thrown in just to try it out. Good times.


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My name is Julian and I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, dating back to the old atari systems in the early 80's. My first rpg was Shadowrun for the Sega Genesis. After it I discovered Secret of Mana, which led me to some of my all time favorites, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6. Other favorites include Earthbound, Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics games, Fire Emblem series, and World of Warcraft, though I no longer play WoW.

Currently Playing: Fire Emblem series, XCOM, basically tactical rpgs all around