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RPG's: Levels and Immersion

Leveling up is probably the most common mechanic for RPG's, some people might even define the genre by it. Sadly such a definition would leave out many classics including Shadowrun, Dungeon Maker, and Zelda. It would also alienate mode...


Lewd Content, Sexism, and Culture Shock

I remember the first time watching anime as a kid and seeing nudity, I was shocked. My first reaction was to avert my eyes, then it was to fast-forward through the scenes. Up until then, whenever movies like 'Dirty Dancing' had a love ...


Intro Blog: Who the Hell are You?

I started gaming on an IBM 486 with a Soundblaster pro and an SVGA graphics card. It was a gift to my family, a pretty expensive one if memory serves. I Played shareware demos of Commander Keen, Cosmos Cosmic Adventure, Gorilla Basic, ...


Localization, the Good, the Bad, and the Memes

Continuing off my last article on how localization, culturalization, and censorship water down the product, lets dig into the grey area, localization. What is Localization? A lot of people confuse translation and localization. The re...


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