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This is a different song from what I've shared yesterday but it has the same good vibes from before. And, yes, I can't still understand a word.


Honestly, I doesn't understand a single line but wth I really love the tune.


You saw me illegally climbing on your roof, what would you do?


It's already December! That means I can already play this one on speakers. #Musictoid


I think some of you have already seen this but...Hi I'm Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop.


Facebook, along with other SNS, never fails to surprise me. And I have the responsibility to share it.


I love you Nintendo but please release the game already here in S.E. Asia.


Still waiting for Senyuu's Season 3.


Tokyo Machine - FIGHT


"The Ultimate Clash Game" lol. Hope that the trailer 100% corresponds to its gameplay. And yes I'm slightly drunk.


Last night, I've started watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) and now I'm regretting that I avoided watching it because of the artwork. (The audio is from the ending theme but more popular because of the To Be Continued meme)


Yeah, I almost forgot that it's Friday the 13th today.


Eurobeat really helps me survive the day. [Manuel - Gas Gas Gas]


... I'll also add @Fuzunga with his old avatar in #Infectoid. (PS. I can't find your old avatar so I tried to recreate it that's why it has a different banjo)


Modding done right.


Monday always hit me like a truck, well every weekdays hit me like a truck but still.


What do you usually do when you're bored?


It's currently late afternoon here but still... Music!


After stopping for a week, to read some books, I've finally finished Dark Souls 2. Dark Souls 3 I'm coming for you next.


I can almost taste it. MVC: Infinte!


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