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What do you guys make of Destiny 2? I'm trying to get into it. I'm pretty lost.


Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice is such a trippy game


Cyberpunk 2077 was super impressive! What did you guys think?


Whose getting Spiderman next month? Y'all excited?!


Do gamers still buy Xbox? If so why? Xbox lacks exclusive games


Assassins creed origin has a lacklustre combat system. I remember it being much better before in AC2


Why is the Mario Kart Deluxe 8 on Nintendo Switch have such limited online capability? Besides the standard race and battle it has nothing to offer which is a shame! Even the leaderboard feature is poor imo.


Guys I need your help! Please fill out this survey! It is in regards to video games of course!Your help would be highly appreciated.Help a fellow gamer


Sorry my last link was not working.the new link is


Saw Alter Bridge perform with Parallax Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall, London on Tuesday! It was a magical experience. Greatest rock band of this modern era! If you haven't checked them out you should! Incredible musicians! The singer is out of this world


What do you think about the new Tomb Raider movie?


So far the feedback has been great on my blog/research! I would request my fellow gamers to check it out in case you missed it! Thank you everyone!


Waiting for Godzilla to rise out of the water....


Guys I would request you to head on over to my blog! :) It is my first blog!


Japanese vs USA video game cover comparison

Hello fellow gamers!! I am doing research for my masters dissertation and I would like you guys to answer a few questions regarding the photos below.  I will highly appreciate if you guys can give me your honest and candid opinion...


Guys is it okay to post a blog asking people questions regarding my dissertation topic? It is to do with video games obviously. It is a part of my research hence I would require your feedback! Please let me know, Thanks!


What's the best fighting arcade game at the moment? I think Mortal Kombat is hands down the King right now! What do you guys think?


Who is planning on buying the new Xbox? Xbox One X? Seems like a total waste of money to me. They would be better off investing on actual games. Sad to see Xbox so far behind.


I hate this time of the year where the game developers don't put out any new games. Looking forward to play the new uncharted DLC when I get back home. Can't wait foe the likes of Days Gone, God of War to release!


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