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Guess I'll be playing through Yakuza 6 this week thanks to Sega's error. I wonder what they're waiting on? Also, I hope the folks that get to play through this also still purchase this. They've got my money via PSN.


For all Xbox One X fans or those interested Microsoft just released a performance or graphics priority mode for 360 enhanced games.


Why don't investigations ever disappear or get checked off after you complete them? Its driving me crazy!!!


Dtoiders looking for deals on systems or anything else go to and use code TY10 to save 10% off ANYTHING.


Just picked up a 1X for $424.15 (no tax and free shipping) with promo code: save15 (case sensitive) over at the AFFES site. Site is normally for active duty military but has now opened up to veterans as well.


Project Scorpio version of the 1X available at Target right now.


For the few that are interested came across a link which shows the Xbox One X's new bootup screen. Not exactly sure if its real according to the thread at GAF.


I've had issues with PSN's slow speeds since I've got my PS4 and didn't know the solution was as simple as shutting down all other applications (PS4). Watched my download go from 3 hours to 25 minutes.


SNES Classic up at Target!


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