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Can't wait until the 29th.


Quick question from a Zelda BoW nub. Should I be running around just doing shrines for hours on end and then tackling Divine Beasts? I'm several hours in and still have 3 hearts getting ready to fight a giant robot elephant.


Anyone else having issues with the Switch not utilizing most their download speed? I can't get it to download more than 30mbps on my 100+ mbps connection. I've tried putting it in DMZ, changing MTU to 1500, and DNS changes.


Ah Yeah! Resident Evil: Code Veronica hit BC today!


The Nintendo Direct finally convinced me to get one of these.


PSA: Amiibo fans Ken, Daisy, and Young Link are up for pre-order via Bestbuy. Upped the price to $15.99 per amiibo though.


#shelfie. What I'm down to after trimming down my physical media collection.


PSA: Never look at your playtime for a game.


Accurate representation of what I'm seeing when I turn on my Xbox right now.


The new update is out for BFV! SMG's got them sweet buffs while my Tommy Gun got its second nerf.


My time with the RE demo. Slid underneath the door and saw how dark that hallway was and then went straight to quitting the game.


BFV is $30 for veterans of BF1. Buy BFV!!!!!!!!!


CDkeys... Everytime I buy something from there I feel like I'm supporting something shady.


To all those with EA Access BFV 10-hour trial is available now!


Rondo of Blood's soundtrack is getting released on vinyl tomorrow at mondotees... Get your wallets ready.


Had no idea Microsoft added MGS HD Collection to BC yesterday. Whoo!!!


Forza Horizon 4 demo most likely hitting tomorrow link below in comments.


Xbox live is down!!! Sigh, download the Yakuza Kiwami 2 demo instead...


Know its an old game but finally managed to get 800+ skill in BF4!!!


For those looking for friendly seas in Sea of Thieves the time is now. Teamed up with 5 other ships for Cursed Sails. Also, it took like 1 1/2 hours to take down the Ancient Isles crew.


BFV will be here soon and wanted to know if there will be an official Destructoid platoon? Is there one for any other Battlefield games?


E3 is almost over and we still don't have a release date for Shenmue 1 & 2!


Loved that Microsoft added a bunch of niche and smaller titles but man was the crowd dead when each one was announced.


Who's ready to shitpost in the Microsoft conference post?


Starting the 8th God of War is $49.99 or $39.99 with GCU at Bestbuy.


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