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Late to the Party: Borderlands 2

I'm disappointed. �A month ago, when I published my post on the first�Borderlands,�I immediately dove into the sequel. �I was immediately impressed. �It seemed as if my cares had been answered by a divine spirit! [img=480x270]https://lh3.g...


Late to the Party: Borderlands

[img=480x320]http://www.destructoid.com//ul/user/4/41086-262558-BORDERLANDSBackCoverjpg-620x.jpg Today I'm starting what I hope will be the start of a regular column, titled "Late to the Party." �Basically the way it works is this: �I, like...


Time to Start My Blog

Seriously. Time to start a blog on a video game site. What shall we talk about? OBVIOUSLY NOT VIDEO GAMES, NERDS. Just kidding, we'll talk about video games. I'm going to try and post weekly on a game I've been playing, writing up the ...


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