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I think my gacha game addictions have gone down a lot these days. Still enjoying Opera Omnia, but unlike how I used to play these games, I'm not nearly as compelled to grind for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon


Ohsnap I accidentally created a blank quickpost. Um... UM... So has anybody else been pulled into the void that is FF Opera Omnia? My current main team is Vivi/Edge/Yuna with their 5* weapons.


Been wrestling with a funk this week, but I finally managed to find a way out of it, and I'm already feeling much better! Even better, I've got a new and unusual idea for a blog I'm working on now thanks to that~


So has anyone else noticed that the control scheme for Persona dancing games is pretty similar, albeit not identical, to that of Samba De Amigo? (Second image for comparison in comments)


Gravity Rush 2's online services are getting extended for half a year!? Nice! Now I'll probably be able to get all of the Dusty Token loot!


Dubs vs Subs: War of the Words

You Flaming Idiots! The Internet is iconic for being a battlefield of opposing opinions. My motto is that as long as they don’t hurt anyone, it’s great to have contrasting thoughts and to respectfully debate them! But we a...


Launching My Patreon With a Side of Ko-Fi!

To say that last month was a clusterfudge for Patreon would be an understatement. I discussed it already in quickposts and blogs, but to summarize what happened and the final result of those happenings… Around Dec. 6th, Patreo...


My body is mostly ready to stop being sick!


Hey ya know those plans I said I'd finalize yesterday and today? Sick is getting worse. Much worse. D:


In between job hunting, getting badly sick, the holidays, and work being extra exhausting in the cold weather, I've not published many blogs recently... but I've got several works in progress! In the meantime, I have plans to finalize today & tommorrow...


New Year's Resolution: Get a job. I mean, I'm already employed part time at the supermarket, but if I could finally either get a second part time job I'd actually enjoy and/or get a full time job to replace the supermarket one, that'd be great!


Review: Tales of the Rays

The mobile market is oversaturated with freemium RPGs. The foundations of the gashapon model, while not inherently malicious, are capable of sliding off the slippery slope so easily that it’s been exploited by countless companie...


Romancing SaGa 2 remake comes out today... but I'm on a budget... but it's 10 days until Christmas... but I'm gonna get so many other games... but HYPE... D:


Huh... Patreon's actually backpedaling on their fee change! I need to reconsider whether I still would like to join the platform as a creator or not, but if nothing else, I'm relieved and glad for the countless creators already on there.


I've decided to nix becoming a Patreon creator and instead wait for alternative platforms, but there's still no such option open to meyet... but there IS Ko-Fi. I could maybe set up rewards similar to my Patreon plans based on Ko-Fi payments. Thoughts?


Still not feeling 100%, but doing much better today! I should celebrate by catching up with the MonHun Beta...


Coughing fits are keeping me up all night. This has been going on for a week. Was at its worst last night. Going to doctor again today. Hoping for more good news than bad news by the time the visit is over.


Super Mario Retrospective: A Sporty Look

You could say my hat is off to you Within a handful of years after his debut, Mario exploded into the most popular video game franchise of his time… mostly because he’s responsible for the explosion of the video game indu...


Since Destructoid had a bad case of the hiccups at the time, bump for my blog from last week? It's where I give some belated Thanksgiving thanks, as well as share my plans for the new year!


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I’m a longtime gamer who enjoys to write, to entertain, to inform, and to overanalyze the little things. Transparency and honesty are my foremost virtues in anything I do. I joined the Destructoid team to pursue work applying the skills I love to practice for a hobby I love to explore.

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