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Platformers make up many of my fondest gaming memories, ranging from oldies like Super Mario Sunshine to newbies like A Hat in Time and Rayman Legends. There are many things I love about them, such as speedrunning through obstacle cour...


Been getting back into Disgaea 5. A bit overwhelmed by how much there is to keep up with after a year-ish hiatus, but it feels good to chip away at the story again.


Weird question. Do you feel more rested/rejuvenated or tired at the end of a good, long session of gaming?


Happy Occamsday! May your toothbrushes stay electric!


Chat with friends is making me consider getting into Tera on PS4. It's also making me salty about class/race restrictions that grossly favor one race at the expense of others. Why do Elin have like 3 unique classes and Aman get none


Playing video games is pretty awesome, but have you considered WRITING about playing video games? The bloggers here sure have and it's awesome


One of the reasons I love video games is experiencing ridiculous fantasies such as watching television all day alongside a Pikachu. I'm still not sure what Game Freak was thinking. Nor am I sure why I bought that game as a kid.


Everyone's excited about God of War/Yakuza 6 and I'm just looking at my backlog thinking about whether I should add them onto it. I'd rather play the new GoW than any of the others, but Yakuza I should get into one of the older ones first I think.


I can't remember the last time I keep coming back to play a game I 100%'d just to have more fun. Is this addiction or is Hat just that much fun help me Bass


Now that we've had the freedom of the weekend stripped from us, I've been thinking... how do your gaming habits differ between weekends/days off and weekdays/workdays? Any types of games you play more on some days than others?


A Hat in Time's rifts are fun to speedrun! I might just start tackling these stages as a casual speedrunner and track my personal bests...?


Anyone remember Grand Kingdom for PS4 and Vita? I was really into it for a while, but it didn't keep me hooked for long. Still want to revisit it sometime, but I have a feeling the servers aren't so lively these days. Might start over...?


I was excited for the MHWorld Spring Blossom event when it was announced, but I kept forgetting to play it, and now I barely have the time to get anything from it. Oops.


So... does the new God of War have some kind of sequel hook/teaser, or does it rely on past GoW lore, or something? Because from the review, I get the impression that it's not a complete story, yet somehow REALLY good nonetheless. That sounds like a feat!


Is Spyro a collectathon? Asking for a friend


I seem to be developing an unhealthy habit of searching for freemium mobile games, trying them out for a little bit, then uninstalling them. I'm torn in between wanting a little idle time-killer, and not wanting to lose much time to such a game. Save me.


Since I've been gushing so much about Hat in Time lately, here's a little criticism; the PS4 port has a few HUD glitches, half the framerate, and no smooch button. Nitpicks, but I can only hope some of this is fixed in a future update.


I swear even when I think I stumbled across mild spoilers, A Hat in Time finds a way to throw me for a loop


I've already 50% completed Hat in Time? Shouldn't be too surprised, indie game and all, but geez. At least it's so much fun that I can see myself going back to old missions just for the sake of it!


I love how A Hat in Time is stuffed with dialogue, design choices, etc. that pretty much look like they exist because the devs wanted to have fun and it's also fun for the player.


Protip: If you don't want to regret your purchases, try setting a tighter budget. You'll think more about how much you REALLY want things and impulse buy less. It's helped me avoid a lot of hype bait over the past year!


Picked up A Hat in Time and Minit today. After knocking a few big games off my backlog recently, it'll be good to dive into a few indies!


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