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Today I'm heading to a Christmas dinner party after work! Does anyone else have any special holiday plans?


In case you almost forgot like I did because we're growing up and life is happening all around us, Christmas is in five days. Hope you have a merry one!


You ever play a game and get to that one moment you REALLY wanna gush about because it felt so great and surprised you so much, yet you can't because it'd be a big spoiler and ruin part of what made it so great for you? Yeah. That happens.


Still a bit sluggish to unlock everyone in Smash, but I'm getting there! Less than 5 left... yeah, I'm getting there...


Just watched into the Spider-Verse with my sis. I rarely get excited for movies, but never have I gone from "this'll be pretty good!" to "AAAAAAAAAAA" by the end.


Petition to make Lifelight our national anthem.


Personally, I get a lot of the one-sided Smash Spirit enemy effects such as poison or fog. It emulates the enemy using those "abilities" against you. But aquatic enemies stopping you from swimming just seems... I get the connection, but also, why?


Been taking my time unlocking fighters in Smash. Currently sitting at around 25ish. I know I expected this, but geeeeeez there's a lot of World of Light to punch. I dig it.


I just bought World of Light! Pretty cool that it comes with a free offline Smash minigame.


My blasphemous guesstimate: P5 is not coming to Switch. I suspect that Joker is mostly in Smash because Nintendo wants to have more crazy (and great) third party reps. And I am quite fine with that if that ends up being true. Switch port would be good tho




How to get me attached to a party member -- First, you make that party member a bug, and then that's it. Making them a cyborg with magical prowess is extra credit.


Thinking about picking up Dissidia NT again sometime this week. Does anyone here still play that?


Finished Yakuza Kiwami. There's a lot to be said about this game's ending that has probably already been said, so I just wanna gush about one specific thing in the comments to this post. Spoilers, obviously.


Cosmic Star Heroine has been scratching that sci-fi/fantasy hybrid itch Phantasy Star gave me. Be aware of my habits to hype up games I've gotten into, but this is on PSN's Flash Sale for less than $5. The first few chapters impressed me a lot!


Holy space cats, Gravity Rush 2 is $5.99 on the PSN Flash Sale. SIX DOLLARS. I highly suggest grabbing it if you don't have it already.


Ah... sorry, last minute change of plans from my previous Quickpost. Not everyone'll be able to make it for the trip. I'm staying home with 'em. A tiny bit of a letdown, but maybe I could use more of a staycation in this case anyways.


Gonna head out of town for a couple of days with family tonight! Please don't implode anyone while I'm gone.


Have you ever trial-and-error'd a trial-and-error-driven game you enjoy so many times that you eventually just Googled the solution? I did that with the derby minigame in Yakuza Kiwami yesterday. I like it, but I was just wasting so much time by the end.


I'm not entirely sure why but one of my favorite jokes is using Discord reactions to spell out an obvious message, except someone else interrupts the message and turns it into nonsense.


So, I'm mostly here to talk about vidyas, but it's always fun to share other hobbies with the community, and I've noticed our artists sharing their awesome work. I'm no artist, but I commission often. How do ya'll feel bout me sharing those now n again?


Pokemon's single-player battles are aging poorly

I’ve grown increasingly exhausted of Pokémon with each generation, despite feeling the games are improving overall. From Gold through Pearl, I had unyielding optimism to "catch ‘em all" and excessively grind my team up fo...


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