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A little late, but I somehow caught the Direct without being spoiled after logging on at home! Except for Chocobo Everybuddy. Which I wish I had seen live but I'm quite okay with that because AHHHHHHHHHHH CHOCOBO EVERYBUDDY


I want to be REALLY excited for A Hat in Time's DLC, but... being a PS4 player, I'm a bit off-put by the fact that everything I find about the DLC in the game's FAQ page suggests that it's not coming to PS4, at least not yet.


Doing what I shoulda done earlier and DLing the Fist of the North Star LP demo.


Bad news: I was so addicted to Spider-Man I didn't get around to playing the other game I meant to play this weekend. The good news: I played a lot of Spider-Man. I'm in addiction mode. Take everything I gush with a grain of salt but I fudging looooove it


Hmm... decisions decisions. I plan on getting Spider-Man, I wanna pick that up soon. But I also recently developed a desire to play Dungeon Fighter Online again, for the first in a long time. Hopefully I'll have time for both this weekend?


Happiest of birthdays to Dere! You make me enjoy toilet humor. That's a serious accomplishment, buddy.


So, when do ya'll expect Sakurai to reveal the big new mode in Smash? I'm thinking tomorrow's Direct, though some are insisting it's too soon. I feel 3 months before release is late enough, why not?


I was interested in Insomniac's Spider-Man, but I wasn't planning on buying it. I am now.


This is kinda out of nowhere, but seeing all of these Persona Q2 trailers makes me realize it's gonna have a LOT of characters I can't fit into my party. A part of me is hoping for a party expansion to 6 slots, but that seems pretty much impossible.


Enjoying the most ridiculous crossovers in gacha games

Crossovers are a simple but straightforward way to create fun. Ever since we were kids, many of us have fantasized about what Favorite Character X might do if they met Favorite Character Y, or entered Favorite World Z, or fought Favorite ...


Happy birthday to Retrofraction! You've always been fun to chat with, always a pleasure to see your name around!


I used to often say I enjoy "respectful debate", but I think I chose those words poorly. I enjoy discussing opposing viewpoints, not arguing to win. It feels like "debates" these days are more about coercion techniques than actually discussing a point...


So, about that Dragalia Lost direct last night... Switch port when?


Nitnendo's showing off their new IP in an hour. Normally I'm much more excited for new Ninty IPs, but given this one is (A) a collab and (B) a mobile game? I'm more curious than anything else. Optimistically so, but still with a hint of caution.


Random question of the random time interval: If you could form an RPG party out of any three non-RPG characters, who would they be and why?


I'm glad to see peeps enjoying Dragon Days! Dragon Quest has a special place in my heart, and I hope that somehow, we're doing our part to help future games in the series get localized. It's heartwarming to see others share our passion for these games.


How Dragon Quest Swords got me into Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest has been one of my favorite RPG series for about a decade. Simple, idealistic fairy tales resonated with me in my childhood the same way colorful, idealistic shonen anime worlds did in my college years, so it’s little won...


AMAtoid is a thing now, is it? Alrighty then... ask me anything. ANYTHING, I DARE YOU (but not where this image came from, that I'll answer in the comments)


The thing I enjoy most about big-name gacha games is the ridiculous crossovers that ensue. Obligatory "never spend with the expectation of getting X character" warning, but... fudging, Lara Croft is in a Final Fantasy game w/ Cloud and etc. That's wild.


I am back from vacation and I am ready for video game


I'll be out on vacation from the 20th thru the 23rd. I may be around on Discord, but in the meantime, I've got a lot of time at the water park ahead of me in the near future...!


Reminder: Hollow Knight's Godmaster DLC comes out in a week. I've not played in a week. I'm gonna be SUPER rusty ain't I


Random question of the random time interval: Have you ever played a game you feel "eh" or "okay" with mostly because you really enjoyed being able to play as a certain character?


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