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Kingdom Hearts III's Disney worlds, ranked

Before we start, I want to make it clear right out of the gate this post discusses various plot elements from Kingdom Hearts III. Specifically, the Disney arcs. Since a part of this involves inferring the relevance these have on later ...


Oh my... that Silksong trailer. You know, giving it more thought, I SHOULD have expected a Metroidvania's expansion (well, sequel now) to add new areas, but this is FAR more than I expected. I am quite fine with HK becoming a series. Gimme more bug lore.


Nintendo Direct impressions -- a handful of neat things throughout, but Astral Chain stole the show IMO. Gimme more of that Platinum goodness.


Kingdom Hearts III was actually a Tangled advertisement campaign this whole time. And I think it worked, cuz I keep thinking about watching it ever since I beat the Kingdom of Corona.


Dragalia Lost's limited-time events burned me out hard

It says a lot about the weary nature of gacha games that I’ve stepped back on my relatively idealistic outlook towards them in such little time. I was already wary of them even while trying to remain relatively optimist...


Normally I don't take video game mechanic logic so literally, but it's starting to weird me out a bit how Sora is so excited to use leftover takeout meat as cuisine ingredients.


I finally did it. I achieved immunity to Kingdom Hearts III spoilers without being exposed to spoilers in the first place.


Nearing the end of all of the trailer revealed worlds in KH3. As of this moment, Monstropolis is my favorite, with San Fransokyo and Toy Box neck and neck for second, but I got a lot of revisiting and completion to do when I have the time to go back!


Kingdom Hearts III's shortcut menu upgrade is great

Like the action RPG junkie I am, I hyped myself up for Kingdom Hearts III on gameplay trailers full of spectacle-based eye candy. And despite everything happening on screen, I was fixated on three dots next to the combat shortcut ...


Getting sick when your job requires you to work outside in extremely cold weather is a cruddy combo. Take care of yourselves, ya'll!


"The plural of Chris is Destructoid Writing Staff" -- CJ Andriessen, 2019


It's Community Manager Appreciation day! Our community managers mean a lot to me, and have done a lot to help me do as much as I have for Destructoid. This hug goes out to all of you guys working so hard to make the community more awesome.


My work schedule is very unpredictable, but somehow I work every day next week EXCEPT for Tuesday. It seems even destiny wants me to be hyped for KH3.


Fridge thought -- Dragon Quest has had killer robots as random encounters for most of the series, but there's never any other reference to advanced technology in the series to my knowledge?


Punched Ni No Kuni 2's final boss in the face last night! I have the impression it was a bit rushed, but all in all it was an enjoyable and satisfying final chapter. I'd love to jump right into the free DLC quest, but now's a good time to take a break...


I don't see people talk about base-building elements in RPGs often, so I'm curious... am I an odd one out for being so fascinated by that sort of thing? I mean, as much as I enjoy it, I admit it usually doesn't make gameplay much more dynamic...


Hope you all had a good weekend! I spent much of it playing through Ni No Kuni 2. I just might finish it before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out? Depends on how much sidequesting I do.


Reminder that Kingdom Hearts 2 came out after Half Life 2 and we're still getting KH3 first.


Still enjoying NNK2, but I just nailed down my big problem with it. There are just... so many enemy reskins. As in, I think I've gone a third or so of the game without encountering a normal enemy that wasn't a reskin of an older one? It gets repetitive.


Ni No Kuni 2's main story chapters feel a lot shorter after unlocking the kingdom. I just put off progression on one of them until resolving a bunch of sidequesting for days, and when I got back to it, I finished the entire chapter's main quest in 1 hour?


Since I never mentioned it when I asked what RPGs ya'll prefer... I usually prefer hack-and-slashy RPGs myself! Partially because I play most turn-RPGs similarly, so I like action to engage me. But I enjoy a good turn-RPG that makes me think like CSH!


Random question of the day -- Do you prefer action RPGs, or turn based RPGs? And why?


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