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Reflecting on Gems of War, I'm starting to think a reason I get addicted to progress-driven F2P games is the intertwining of power fantasy fulfillment with power creep? Not quite good game design, but one thing making the other feel better? Thoughts?


Gravity Rush 2 Dusty Token grinding tips

Back in January, players were lamenting the impending closure of Gravity Rush 2’s online servers. Everyone rushed to complete their Dusty Token grinds before their exclusive rewards, including cosmetics and equipable Talismans, would ...


Recently tried to play Mario Kart 8 DX with a pal. Unfortunately we kept getting disconnected from each other for unknown reasons. I want to be optimistic for Nintendo's paid online, but Nintendo is making that very difficult...


Why am I compelled to talk about Spinnah literally every time I see Granblue Fantasy these days

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After getting it from PSPlus, Trials Fusion has its hooks deeper in me than I expected. Guess my momentum-y platformer itch needed scratching in a different way than usual!


Just wrapped up a silly cblog I've wanted to share for a long time! But because E3 is still hot out of the oven, it's scheduled for next Saturday. Hope you'll enjoy that slice of weirdness once it goes live...!


Oh dear... torn in between how to use my gaming budget this month. Hollow Knight just came out on Switch. Yakuza 0 is super cheap right now. I want to get Mario Tennis Aces ASAP, but only if a lot of friends are also getting it ASAP. Decisions...


Now that the E3 dust has settled, I think I can safely conclude the revealed game I'm looking forward to most is probably Killer Queen Black. Which I'm glad is happening, but I'm surprised I didn't see any bigger first-party new game reveals.


Super Mario Party has an online minigame mode

I never thought we'd see the day, but according to Nintendo's E3 Treehouse stream, we're finally getting a Mario Party game with online play... sort of. The Treehouse briefly discussed one of Super Mario Party's modes, Mariothon, in which p...


Only just now noticed that Fortnite on Switch is BR only, no Save the World. I'm not really sure why I feel slightly surprised by this.


Cooled down from Smash hype. I'm still very interested in all the additions we saw, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for at least one new mode. There's 6 months, there's time for more big announcements...


on second thought liveblogging a Ninty3 reaction is a dumb idea. Which was kinda the point I was going for but I don't even think it's going to be dumb fun in retrospect. I'll have a lot to say about it anyway, I'm sure...!


Hmmm... you know what? I think I'm gonna do something silly and fun today. I'll make a cblog containing my live reactions to Nintendo's E3 presentation today! But I have business shortly after it, so it may or may not go live until much later tonight.


Gotta be honest, I was expecting to just feel "meh" to "okay" about yesterday's conferences, but I actually enjoyed them a good bit! Let's see whether today's will keep that momentum or drop the ball, this is when the ones I'm hopeful for start...


As per E3 tradition I am preparing to devour multiple bowls of ice cream for the upcoming Big Three presentations


Reminder that XCOM 2 is available on PSPlus and ya'll should download it! Oh and E3 begins today I guess.


For a while I was worried that I'd be busy during Nintendo's E3 presentation. Thankfully, looks like my schedule will be clear!


I can't believe E3 conferences begin in three days. "But EA's conference starts on the 9th". Yeah, but the conferences begin in three days.


Reminder: Gravity Rush 2's servers go down next month. Get yer tokens. Get yer loots. Get yer pictures of Kat.


At times I wonder if I'm too much of a hype man? Getting enthusiastic for games is somewhat I love to do for its own sake, but I've noticed I'll often express excitement for games I know don't have room in my budget, even if I would play them otherwise.


Terra Battle 2 gets the axe in North America

Mistwalker announced that Terra Battle 2, the sequel to its hit freemium mobile RPG Terra Battle, isn't meeting expectations in North America. Terra Battle 2 and its microtransactions are already no longer available for download/purcha...


Remember when I said I might play Pokemon Quest a tiny bit every day? Me neither, apparently, because it just occurred to me that it's a very forgettable game. I wonder what GF is thinking, making so many F2P games but supporting so few after launch?


That Mario Tennis weekend... I loved a lot about it. But the lag made it way harder than it should have been to enjoy it. It's odd, because I'm confident I'll love the full game, but it also leads me to expect the worst out of Nintendo's paid online.


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