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Starting today, I have a whole week off from my day job... and then my NEW day job starts the week after that. It's gonna be an interesting 9 days~


Nintendo Switch exclusives we expect to see at E3 2019

E3 is nearly upon us again and a lot has changed since 2018, but one thing remains the same: the internet’s unquenching thirst for Nintendo Directs. I revel in this season of speculation and anticipation, so much that last year I...


Here's your daily reminder that single player games have never stopped being popular, we just love to keep putting new single player AAA successes on pedestals to rub it in EA's face.


My addiction to Path of Exile grows. I hunger for more loot... for more power...


It just occurred to me how we use "hack and slash" to refer to both Diablo-likes and Dynasty Warriors-likes. What common thread between them makes them apt to share a name? Maybe RPG combat where you murder foes by hundreds, but that feels like a stretch.


Happy birthday Mike Sounders! You will always be my favorite Gundam to suplex in honorable combat. (Sauce is DA user Dragonith)


Been dipping my toes into Path of Exile on PS4. I like what I'm playing, I like what's ahead of me... perhaps this is the kind of grind I've been looking for, but that's how I often feel when starting a new F2P RPG. I guess I'll see~


Despite my article from the other month, I've fallen back into Dragalia heck. The new event type mixes things up enough to be interesting and fun again, but I think I can feel the burnout creeping up. But I may be in for the long haul if I stay moderate?


It's upsetting that the Sonic movie hasn't been delayed for the redesign. Who would be disappointed in a delay? It's far more disappointing knowing that the animators are going to be forced to crunch for a movie that nobody wants to watch unironically.


I don't have a stake in the PC platform ordeal, but I've been skeptical of Epic. Why claim that you'd tone down your aggressive strategy only after your competitor matches one of your advantages (developer sales shares)? That logic sounds... "off" to me.


My town's Internet has been unreliable for the past several days, but thankfully it seeeeems like things are back in order? Probably?


Lately any time I read anything about working conditions in the game industry, my gut reaction is to be relieved I didn't pursue my childhood dream of being a game developer. That is a strange kind of screwed up. Creative industries deserve better.


So, I'm having second thoughts about that cblog series I teased the other day. Right now I don't think I'd enjoy it like I thought I would, even though I just wanted to make it for fun. Will explain in comments.


I need to learn to stop eating ice cream if I want to be productive later that same day.


What is your favorite game that you've never played?

In an economy lush with information and scarce in disposable income, I often grow attached to games by observing them rather than playing them. We have access to online videos, walkthroughs, wikis, blogs, fan fiction, and so many more sourc...


This screen's a bit outdated, but I'm feeling too lazy to update it tonight. I think Chapter 2 and 7 are very close ties for my favorites in gameplay, including their B-sides!


So I'm thinking of starting a new cblog series, just for fun in my off time. The kind of thing I'd love to discuss with interested peeps, but which I don't think belongs on the FP. No promises on when it'll come, but maybe by the end of the month~?


Been using my long weekend to blaze a trail through Celeste! Finished the story with strawberries to spare, but there's still so much more to do. It's a strong contender for 2019's Best Games of 2018, if I do that again!


A monotonous retail job could make for a rad rhythm game

Most career-based games set out to either emulate a job to a T or build upon their most interesting tasks. For instance, American Truck Simulator sets out to simulate a delivery truck driver's experience as accurately as possible. Game Dev ...


Think I'm gonna treat myself by FINALLY grabbing one of the indie games on my "to get" list. Wargroove's been on my mind for a long time, but I can't help but feel I might've forgotten something else I wanted... maybe Celeste? Any recommendations?


Bad news, guys. Starting late May, my articles will be less frequent because I got a nEW FULL-TIME JOB OFFER HECK YEAH!


If a video game doesn't have any visuals, and it's just a blank screen but there's still gameplay going on, is it still a video game?


You ever spend a weekend doing whatever you feel like, and still feel constantly tired during the whole thing?


Dating sims are the most hilarious April Fools' game genre

My favorite kind of April Fools’ joke is where developers create mock-ups for products so ridiculous they’ll probably never exist. It's even better when they actually release that product and it ends up being great! In the video...


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