On PCI: A leak suggests cool new Fortnite skins are coming soon
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Reminder: Hollow Knight's Godmaster DLC comes out in a week. I've not played in a week. I'm gonna be SUPER rusty ain't I


Random question of the random time interval: Have you ever played a game you feel "eh" or "okay" with mostly because you really enjoyed being able to play as a certain character?


Proposal: The anime trope where you beat up your enemy and then make them a trusted ally should be called "Frienderizing".


The more I play through Disgaea 5, the more I realize how boring the story is. There's just a whole lot of "imply by telling, but never show anything" moments. I'm still enjoying the gameplay, but I wonder what changed from the earlier games' writing...?


I've abstained from preordering games, but I recently made an exception for Slime Rancher because the PC version has already been received so well. I'm curious where everyone else draws the line on preorders?


How Guacamelee stands out in the metroidvania crowd

This August is a real treat for metroidvania fans. We already have a handful of great new releases like Dead Cells, Hollow Knight's next expansion is on the horizon, and Guacamelee 2 is just around the corner. It’s always a thril...


These days my mobile game trips are much more infrequent, but I happened to stumble across an oddity called Chimera Recollect. Might be my new fun little time waster? I'll let ya'll know how I feel about it once I'm over my initial curiosity phase.


So... the search for a full time job begins again. I was laid off due to staff emergencies and limited resources. I may get the job back once they restablize, but I can't slack for the new job search. Least I have some more experience and references now.


Happy Friday, everyone! Sounds like in between the Behemoth and PC release, everyone's enjoying Monster Hunter... been way too long since I hunted with PS4 pals. I should fix that this weekend.


Maybe if I keep up my current rate of progress I'll reach Disgaea 5's postgame around the day I retire


It seems so recently to me that Yakuza was "that okay looking series Sega wasn't localizing over here" and now I'm used to it being fudging everywhere. And I'm so, so glad it's everywhere now. SOMEDAY I'll make room in my budget to pick up 0 or Kiwami...


Ever since I revealed my full name here I've gotten a handful of comments every so often noting my last name. It never really seemed like an unusual name to me growing up cuz nobody ever commented on it before. Was I just that shy of a kid...?


It's been sitting on my backlog a few years too long, but Warriors Orochi 3's story mode is finally finished! The real ending. Really.


Playing Warriors Orochi 3 again. I feel as if I'm more aggressive than I'm expected to be in Gauntlet Mode, because the miasma scales up difficulty WAY faster and higher than I keep expecting it to. Is it just me?


Playing Warriors All-Stars again. Still a weak Musou game, but the premise still comes across as something I want much more of. I like ridiculous crossovers, I like furry protagonists. Is it wrong to hope for a sequel? One that fixes the big problems?


I'm both cool with and tired of online-exclusive unlocks

Last week, Gravity Rush 2’s online servers came to a postponed yet premature end. While its asynchronous game modes were far from its main focus, they were meaningful enough for their early closure to spark a very vocal backlash. The ...


I'm really rusty on Monster Hunter World. This weekend I want to get a bit back into it. Maybe I'll finally play with the Palico Patrol like I should have earlier...?


I have a bad habit of not keeping track of future releases I'm excited for... I forgot that Dragon Quest XI comes out this September!


As much as I love Hollow Knight, a question for those who have played multiple playthroughs: Have you finished Steel Soul Mode with 100% completion and if so are you a professional speedrunner or something?


Gonna have a lot less time for games soon... my new full time job as a programmer starts tomorrow! Feeling nervous and excited and all sorts of things, but I'm looking forward to it! Not feeling anxious over money should help with writing, too!


How reliable is the Switch's online?

Nintendo is one of the few AAA companies that still understands the value of local multiplayer, and that’s fantastic. Other companies should follow in its footsteps there. Nintendo also has built a reputation for having less reliable ...


A pal recently got a whole bunch of extra FFTCG cards, so he sent them over to me. Not even sure if I'll ever play though, I'm just thinking of maybe collecting the cards. Has anyone else here ever done that, collect TCGs mostly for the cards/art?


Haven't done any backlog clearing in a while... perhaps I should change that this weekend. I keep putting off Dissidia NT, but I'd like to play enough to wrap up the story mode.


I still need to play the second Octopath demo. Downloaded it the other day. Thinking of making Therion my first protagonist...


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