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Recently I've been developing a hankering for Chibi-Robo. I loved the first game, but unfortunately I only rented it -- never owned. Anyone here got Photo Finder from the eShop? I hear it's pretty divisive, curious how the community here feels 'bout it.


Update from the weekend: my foot is doing MUCH better now. I'm still treating it carefully with ice and etc just in case, but I'm simply relieved that it's been nowhere as serious as I first feared!


Foot started hurting last night, so I got an X-Ray this morning. Nothing's broken, must be a sprain. Gonna treat this foot carefully, I wanna top off my HP ASAP!


Why City Trial is the most memorable part of Kirby Air Ride

On this day 15 years ago, Kirby’s racing spinoff -- now a cult classic among GameCube owners -- hit store shelves in North America. Despite being based around familiar conventions, there hasn’t been anything quite like it since....


That Street Fighter input lag news reminded me... I've not touched SFV since the Arcade Edition update. I played it just barely with pals when it came out. Maybe I should give 'em a poke and try to get a match just to see how I feel about the new version?


Every now and then I see people compare, or at least vaguely liken, Insomniac's Spider-Man to Gravity Rush and Kat. It's a bit of a stretch, but I can see some parallels, so I'm curious -- which of the two do you prefer and why?


MMOs would benefit from more playable furries

Ever since I started blogging on Destructoid, I’ve not bothered to keep it a secret that I’m part of the furry fandom. I mean, yeah, it’s weird to say I like pretending to be a giant moth man with extraneous kaiju-like fea...


This morning I panicked and rushed to an elementary school where neither me nor any of my family goes, forgetting that Election Day is November 6th and not October 6th.


Oohhhh boy. Dragalia's showing that Granblue influence. The raids are infinitely better than GB's and I'm happy to play them so much, but dear lord, the loot grind never ends. Never. Never. Never...


I never thought I'd be so happy to have waited to grab a Yakuza game until today's surprise. November's gonna be a great month!


Been so occupied with Draglia I forgot that Valthirian Arc came out! I need to save room in my budget for Smash now, so I wasn't going to grab it right away... but... given Smash is coming out around Christmas anyway... hm...


For some reason, Dragalia's 3* Dark characters are extremely likely to latch onto me compared to everyone else. They tend to be some of the weirder folks in the roster, maybe that's why?


I enjoy being optimistic, but at times I wonder whether I'm using that optimism properly. I want to inspire happiness, not be complacent with bad conditions. Heck, I want to punch bad conditions in the face BECAUSE I'm happy about related things!


Go figure that I want dragons more than anything else in Dragalia and I keep not rolling dragons higher than 3*. Thankfully, game is plenty of fun! But this is most definitely an example of why I've sworn off ever spending money for gacha rolls.


Dragalia Lost is now on my phone. The eternal grind begins. While I still can, I just want you all to know... I love you.


The more I reflect on the state of Telltale games the more I realize how few of us want The Walking Dead finished before the laid off staff gets paid. I think that lawsuit is gonna make us all a lot happier than those unnamed investors are...


PSA: If you used the 7 day trial for Switch Online, remember that it will automatically renew you for a $4 1-month sub unless you change it! Be sure to check your eShop info if you'd rather cancel or have the more efficient $20 per year plan.


Pssst... I have a new community blog going up tomorrow! It's a lengthy self-reflection regarding my conflicting opinions on a certain controversial game design practice. Another one. Feels good to finally sort out those thoughts...


Approaching the end of my Spider-Man playthrough, and it looks like it'll be my first Platinum trophy in a while! But first I need to ace a few more Challenges so I can finish all the suits...


I finished Labyrinth of Refrain's Switch demo over the weekend. Forgot it comes out tomorrow! It's a weird little dungeon crawler that hits a lot of my gameplay sweet spots. But I'm trying to be stingier, so I'll wait for a sale to grab it.


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