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Hollow Knight fan creates custom anime opening and I dig it

Over the past several years, I've become exponentially more prone to gushing over rad insect characters and rad fan art. Team Cherry's Hollow Knight supplied me with an entire nest of the former, and the (probably objective) fact that it's ...


When life gives ya lemons, ya gotta make lemonade. Right now my lemonade is "playing Yakuza Kiwami two weeks earlier than I thought I'd have the time to" flavor.


I consider it a pleasant surprise that Kirby is getting DLC including a new level the week after I wrote a piece implying that I don't expect Kirby to get new level DLC


So... I'm back early from my trip. The new job didn't work out. If you like reading personal rants, I won't post any here, but maybe keep an eye on my Twitter. But preemptive tl;dr, I'm okay.


Looking back on a year of Super Mario Odyssey updates

Growing up with a passionate hobby is weird. In my childhood, I had all the time in the world to replay Super Mario Sunshine over and over again. As an adult, I squeezed in enough time and energy to 100% complete Super Mario Odyssey once, a...


Tomorrow's the day I leave for my training trip! I won't be able to comment on the site as much for a few weeks, but you can always give me a poke on Discord and I can respond... whenever I can!


Okay so I now have a VERY strong reason to buy Smash whether or not I'll buy the online.


Happy International Cosplay Night! This is a gift a friend of mine drew for me! See the comments for a link to his DA page, I'll add another with a link to this pic itself once he uploads it. PRAISE THE LÄMP!


Time is weird. It's hard to believe that October is already almost over and I didn't even get any Halloween candy to hoard to ourselves cuz of our not-so-friendly neighborhood. Makes me miss trick-or-treating and giving out candy to other treaters...


So, a bit more information about a previous QPost... I got a new full time job! So starting the 4th, I'll be out of town training for a few weeks. Prolly won't be writing much during that time. I feel even more anxious yet excited than I did before...!


Finally tried out a demo of the new Hitman today. I see why it's so well liked... might be much more up my alley than any previous stealth game, too. I'll keep a close eye on that sequel...


Seeing my pals dive into Maplestory 2 gives me nostalgia... so I caved and also DL'd. I'm PLANNING to only play infrequently so as to not overwhelm my schedule with red leaves, but my word only goes as far as my actions do. Please hold me accountable.


I won't be around town in a couple of weeks because of... good reasons. Adulted a bit to prepare for that. Tomorrow should be a good day to actually play games while I can!


So I did a careless thing and forgot that Lethal League Blaze doesn't release on PS4 at the same time as PC. That kinda shoots my plans for punching baseballs today out the window... maybe I'll give the PSN store a look and see what else I forgot recently


Current Status: Freaking out over the fact that Wargroove had Starbound's Florans ever since last year's trailer and I NEVER noticed until I lurked the wiki like what the heck guess I know what my first ever Advance Wars game is gonna be now


The Yakuza team could make a pretty rad Chibi-Robo game

After Star Fox Zero flopped, I feared that Nintendo was going to leave the beloved space shooter series in the dust. So when I saw that Star Fox would have a major cameo in Ubisoft's Starlink, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a far cr...


I've noticed I have a tendency to get hyped for so many different games I end up not buying because my gaming budget is so strict these days. Now I'm hyped for Lethal League Blaze. I REALLY wanted to get the original, forgot, but now Blaze is coming aaAAA


Recently I've been developing a hankering for Chibi-Robo. I loved the first game, but unfortunately I only rented it -- never owned. Anyone here got Photo Finder from the eShop? I hear it's pretty divisive, curious how the community here feels 'bout it.


Update from the weekend: my foot is doing MUCH better now. I'm still treating it carefully with ice and etc just in case, but I'm simply relieved that it's been nowhere as serious as I first feared!


Foot started hurting last night, so I got an X-Ray this morning. Nothing's broken, must be a sprain. Gonna treat this foot carefully, I wanna top off my HP ASAP!


Why City Trial is the most memorable part of Kirby Air Ride

On this day 15 years ago, Kirby’s racing spinoff -- now a cult classic among GameCube owners -- hit store shelves in North America. Despite being based around familiar conventions, there hasn’t been anything quite like it since....


That Street Fighter input lag news reminded me... I've not touched SFV since the Arcade Edition update. I played it just barely with pals when it came out. Maybe I should give 'em a poke and try to get a match just to see how I feel about the new version?


Every now and then I see people compare, or at least vaguely liken, Insomniac's Spider-Man to Gravity Rush and Kat. It's a bit of a stretch, but I can see some parallels, so I'm curious -- which of the two do you prefer and why?


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