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If Kirby can fly then why does he lose a life if he falls below the bottom of the screen?


Balloon poppers of Destructoid! I challenge you!


Maybe one day I'll stop bouncing between so many freemium mobile games and stick to one or a few in the long term. In the meantime, I wonder if anyone here has found any such one/few games to stick to?


Curious about something. Have you ever bought a game not because you expected it to be good, but because you just wanted to enjoy one or a few particular concepts it uses?


I haven't forgotten, Nintendo. I'm still waiting to competitively pop balloons in Super Mario Odyssey. I'm waitinggggg


Why Pokemon's evil teams rarely take over the whole story

Pokémon players want to be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is their real test, and to train them is their cause. I mean, if you buy a Pokémon game, you can probably assume that’s why you wanted to buy ...


You know that trope where video game characters play a video game? Has there ever been a time where the characters inside that little game play an even SMALLER game inside of itself?


"I'm so close to breaking my FFRK addiction, I just need to wait 5 more days for the Kingdom Hearts collab..." I lied to myself, lying on the floor with hands twitching over my phone.


So, for curiosity's sake, I quickly scrambled together a list of Wii U games and whether or not they have a Switch counterpart. Hoo boy... there's still a handful of great Wii U exclusives, but that list is getting REALLY short...


How can fighting game players memorize so much moveset data? Kudos to you all, but man, it always baffles me how you make so many split-second decisions from so much information...!


Why physics matter so much to Sonic games

Speed is considered the key trait of Sonic’s gameplay. The thrill of blazing through landscapes and the challenge to quickly complete stages is almost always a selling point for his games. This past decade, his speed has been amped up...


If the general consensus is that Nomura is a better monster designer than a human character designer, why hasn't he directed an RPG where the protagonists are monsters?


Shower thoughts about Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep spoilers ------------------------ If the X-Blade needs hearts of pure light/darkness but Ventus's and Vanitas's count, and Vanitas is just Ven's darkness, why do you need more than one person to make it?


Every time I see a Kingdom Hearts III trailer I become 10 years old again.


Hey, random question. Why do we buy video games that we don't even play? I know I've got a handful of Steam games I've never cracked open...


I forgot that Super Mario Odyssey's Balloon World update was announced to come out this month. Guys I'm so excited to pop balloons


It feels weird transitioning on this site from my weird looking "Cedi" persona to my weird yet normal-ish looking real self. Not that I mind, but I wonder who else here has gone through that same feeling at any point?


Show and tell: Subtlety and bluntness in storytelling

One of the most important rules in storytelling is to show, not tell. Actions speak louder than words because it’s more convincing to see somebody act out a storyline than to have them face the camera and recite every letter of their ...


Have to change my avatar because of exciting news! I've joined the official Destructoid Contributor team! Expect my first feature Soon™. In the meantime, I want to thank EVERYBODY. Couldn't have gotten here without ya'll!


I think my gacha game addictions have gone down a lot these days. Still enjoying Opera Omnia, but unlike how I used to play these games, I'm not nearly as compelled to grind for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon


Ohsnap I accidentally created a blank quickpost. Um... UM... So has anybody else been pulled into the void that is FF Opera Omnia? My current main team is Vivi/Edge/Yuna with their 5* weapons.


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I'm a Contributor who used to go by the screen name Cedi! Obligatory disclaimer; I backed Kirbopher/Chris Niosi's TOME RPG on Kickstarter.

My favorite games are Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Rayman Legends, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Bayonetta 2, Jamestown+, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Hyrule Warriors, and Guacamelee: STCE.

I’m a longtime gamer who enjoys to write, to entertain, to inform, and to overanalyze the little things. Transparency and honesty are my foremost virtues in anything I do. I joined the Destructoid team to pursue work applying the skills I love to practice for a hobby I love to explore.

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