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Oh. Well... I'm still looking forward to the base FE Warriors game, but if the news is true, pretty sure I'm not touching the DLC.


Schooled: How I Learned to Love RPGs

RPGs are a fascinating genre of games. Their biggest draws to the genre's fans involve a lot of reading, doing math, and sometimes bawling uncontrollably. Things that many kids don’t like doing, but somehow, they’ve captiva...


Cedi's Favorite Games By Genre

Inspired by my fellow insect Greenhornet214, and this blog he wrote, I thought I’d take a crack at listing off some of my favorite video games throughout the years and describing what makes them my favorites. But I'm taking a dif...


Splatoon 2 is almost 2 months old and Salmon Run still isn't available 24/7. Why???


Nitnendo Direct in a few hours! I'll be working during that time, but does anyone have any particular hopes out of it?


I got my files back thanks to an old backup. Confident I have everything important on my computer again.


You know an automatic backup is good when it deletes most of your Documents folder instead of preserving it. Guess what I'm never using againnnnnnnn


My Most Wanted Dynasty Warriors Crossovers

Hyrule Warriors. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. One Piece: Pirate Warriors. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. Fire Emblem Warriors. Dynasty Warriors Gundam. Regardless of the “love it or hate it” nature of Dynast...


Wait a second... Uncharted: The Lost Legacy came out already? I feel like it was only just announced. Then again, I never followed that series especially closely...


I should rephrase my prior question. For Dynasty Warriors fans, what announcements make or break your interest in any given Warriors game? Roster? Modes? Battle mechanics? Or something else?


Question for all of you Dynasty Warriors fans. What gets you more excited for a brand new Warriors game; new roster additions, or new game mechanics?


I thought my blog the other day would have helped me overcome my mixed feelings towards FEWarriors, but Elise's reveal just kinda made them resurface. Yet I still feel confident I'll enjoy the game as a whole, roster gripes aside.


Welp, I sure never saw this coming. Thanks Sonic Twitter.


Been playing some Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate to curb my appetite for All Stars. 24 hours... only 24 of them to go.


Feel like I've been stressing out a lot over stuff lately. I need to use today to chill out... and the following week, need to work hard at a lot of things.


Warriors All Stars is juuuuust around the corner. You can do it Cedi. You can survive four more days...


Are We Worrying Too Much Over Fire Emblem Warriors?

The promotional material and news leading up to the release of Fire Emblem Warriors have given me mixed feelings. A stew of conflicting hopes and worries stronger than any other pre-release ramp-up I can remember feeling in recent hist...


Is it weird that one of my favorite things to do in video games is "train up a wide, varied roster of RPG characters"? Like I'm leveling up a tiny personal army or something


Back from vacation! Was good~


Unpopular Opinion: Gacha games (Puzzle and Dragons, FE Heroes, Granblue Fantasy, etc.) are made BETTER for communities because of the random draws.


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