DeS: Epic Games announces 2019 Fortnite World Cup
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A pal recently got a whole bunch of extra FFTCG cards, so he sent them over to me. Not even sure if I'll ever play though, I'm just thinking of maybe collecting the cards. Has anyone else here ever done that, collect TCGs mostly for the cards/art?


Haven't done any backlog clearing in a while... perhaps I should change that this weekend. I keep putting off Dissidia NT, but I'd like to play enough to wrap up the story mode.


I still need to play the second Octopath demo. Downloaded it the other day. Thinking of making Therion my first protagonist...


Yeap, sounds about right. A few days after I finish Hollow Knight, the next expansion gets its release date. I'm ready for more bugs.


Now is not a great time for me to get addicted to another mobile game so why did I download Soccer Spirits?


So, uh... scratch my statement yesterday. Turns out there's a hidden challenge in Hollow Knight that was added in the DLC and doesn't count towards completion. Good thing today's a Sunday...


Hollow Knight is finished, 107%. I'd love to immediately attempt Steel Soul Mode, but I think I've no-life'd it enough this past week! I'll leave it be until the next expansion...


Thinking one of these days I might buy a Shadowrun book from the local game store. Not sure if I'll ever play it, but I'm fascinated by the game/world and I'd love to have the tools to one day play it. Plus good late night reading away from computer.


Random question: When playing a Metroidvania or something similar blindly, do you prefer to finish your first playthrough at any% or 100% completion?


The Super Mario Retrospective finale is still underway. In the process of writing it, I double checked the connotation of this word. I see I must never use this word again.


Bootleg stuff on Twitter is a black hole please save me


Worried I might be getting addicted to wiki diving again. Not good for someone who's getting close to the end of a game but still has many more secrets to find... gotta have more self control!


I'm still trying to wrap my head around how Hollow Knight's art can somehow be both cute and creepy at the same time. Perhaps because of how small the buggos are? Oversized emotive eyes, but the eyes are all pitch black...?


You can now make Master Chief fight Crono in Card Sagas Wars

Approximately two weeks ago the massive sprite-based crossover fangame Card Sagas Wars spontaneously re-emerged with a public release. As of July 1, CSW has released and received two content updates. Developers Ahruon and Orkimedes reiterat...


Getting to Hollow Knight's endgame. Loving it the whole way, but now I'm torn in between it and Guacamelee for my favorite Metroidvania spot. They're extremely different, Guacamelee is more high-energy fun while HK has more mystery & exploration.


Hot take: Hollow Knight is a better Dark Souls game than Cuphead or Crash Bandicoot.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday! It was a pretty calm one. Spent a lot of it on Hollow Knight and chilling with friends/family.


After exploring the first two areas of Hollow Knight I can say it is indeed, as rumors reported, about bugs. 10/10 game of last year


I finally started Hollow Knight last night, and it looks like I'm in for the bug based action game I've always wanted.


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