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Since I never mentioned it when I asked what RPGs ya'll prefer... I usually prefer hack-and-slashy RPGs myself! Partially because I play most turn-RPGs similarly, so I like action to engage me. But I enjoy a good turn-RPG that makes me think like CSH!


Random question of the day -- Do you prefer action RPGs, or turn based RPGs? And why?


Hey, Shibboletho. Yeah, you. You're fairly rad. Enjoy this day of birth!


Every time you play an RPG or etc. and get a status ailment that stops you from moving, do you always mash buttons madly? Even if there's no indication that it does anything? Even if you know for a fact it does nothing?


The Wii's eShop closing reminds me... I only have so little time to grab Sin & Punishment 2 before it disappears, presumably forever. And I loved the original, so I feel I owe it to myself to get it. Really dumb that there's an invisible time limit at all


Took me long enough to finally crack open Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and I sure ain't disappointed with the opening couple of hours. It's every bit of cheesy action fun I hoped for with a lot of immediately interesting changes and improvements over the first.


How's the first week of the new year treating you all? Didn't implode yet, I hope?


You know what other leitmotif I got stuck in my head right now? Ni No Kuni's. NNK2's world map and home base keep hammering it in, but it's so adventurous and optimistic and the notes swing up and down so much and I'm kinda a sucker for music like that.


I usually gush about high-energy tracks in games, but I rarely give love to calmer themes. You know which one of those sticks out to me? Grape Garden in Return to Dreamland. It's backed by a fast tempo, but the main melody is just so peaceful.


Ni No Kuni II has its claws in me deep. I haven't even played Dragon Quest Heroes II yet... which is fine by me, means my Xmas haul will last me all the longer!


Happy New Year to everyone, especially our birthday boy Soulbow!


Started playing The Last Remnant Remastered. It's just as weird as I hoped it would be.


Weird random question of the day: If you could somehow have infinite time to play a game until you 100% completed it, what would that game be? Not exactly your #1 game, but a huge game you like that you wish you could 100%. Like Hyrule Warriors for me.


I noticed something while playing through Ni No Kuni 2... how often do you rush through a game's early hours to reach a major new gameplay mechanic that you knew about before playing? Because I rushed myself to unlock NNK2's kingdom builder in Chapter 4.


Fridge thoughts -- humor where you say some misspelling of "Christmas" instead of actually saying Christmas is common, but humorous misspeaking of other holidays usually uses synonyms for their names instead of mispronouncing the original names.


My Christmas haul gave my PS4 a LOT to help it pass the time until Kingdom Hearts 3... 'spose the best place to start is Ni No Kuni 2!


Hovermale's best games of 2018 from 2017

This year was a good yet weird period of gaming for me, for many reasons. The weirdest one is that I’ve tightened my personal gaming budget so much that I’ve barely played any of this year’s brand new games, including seve...


Now that I have World of Light completed... I think I'm going to give just one month of Switch Online a try soon. I have low expectations from my free trial, but I've been surprised by some footage, so I may as well see how Smash specifically performs?


Today I'm heading to a Christmas dinner party after work! Does anyone else have any special holiday plans?


In case you almost forgot like I did because we're growing up and life is happening all around us, Christmas is in five days. Hope you have a merry one!


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